England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (2024)

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Meanwhile on ITV Gareth Southgate speaks to the BBC Thank goodness for Guehi The table Harry Kane speaks to the BBC Richards and Ferdinand carry on criticising Kane Jason Burt’s post-match verdict Alan Shearer’s verdict Who would have thought it? The solution? Kyle Walker speaks to the BBC Carra’s view Full time: England 1 Denmark 1 90+3 min: England 1 Denmark 1 90+1 min: England 1 Denmark 1 90 min: England 1 Denmark 1 88 min: England 1 Denmark 1 86 min: England 1 Denmark 1 83 min: England 1 Denmark 1 81 min: England 1 Denmark 1 78 min: England 1 Denmark 1 76 min: England 1 Denmark 1 75 min: England 1 Denmark 1 74 min: England 1 Denmark 1 71 min: England 1 Denmark 1 69 min: England 1 Denmark 1 66 min: England 1 Denmark 1 66 min: England 1 Denmark 1 64 min: England 1 Denmark 1 61 min: England 1 Denmark 1 59 min: England 1 Denmark 1 57 min: England 1 Denmark 1 55 min: England 1 Denmark 1 54 min: England 1 Denmark 1 53 min: England 1 Denmark 1 51 min: England 1 Denmark 1 49 min: England 1 Denmark 1 47 min: England 1 Denmark 1 46 min: England 1 Denmark 1 Ferdinand and Richards Pitch watch Points of view Our football correspondent’s thoughts Carra’s half-time verdict Lineker, Ferdinand and Richards bemoan lack of aggression Half-time: England 1 Denmark 1 45+1 min: England 1 Denmark 1 44 min: England 1 Denmark 1 42 min: England 1 Denmark 1 Carra’s view 40 min: England 1 Denmark 1 37 min: England 1 Denmark 1 GOAL! 30 min: England 1 Denmark 0 27 min: England 1 Denmark 0 Meanwhile in England 24 min: England 1 Denmark 0 Carra’s view 21 min: England 1 Denmark 0 GOAL! 16 min: England 0 Denmark 0 14 min: England 0 Denmark 0 12 min: England 0 Denmark 0 10 min: England 0 Denmark 0 8 min: England 0 Denmark 0 6 min: England 0 Denmark 0 5 min: England 0 Denmark 0 3 min: England 0 Denmark 0 1 min: England 0 Denmark 0 Kasper Schmeichel wins the toss National anthem time Out come the teams Prince of Wales chats to the King of Denmark Meanwhile in the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet heartland Denmark’s unusual warm-up Telegraph Football newsletter Watch out Carra’s view Gareth Southgate talks to BBC1 Style watch – Thom Gibbs on the sartorial choices Win lose or draw? Predict the score Having a wager? Team verdict On the field Brothers in arms on opposing sides Those teams in black and white England are unchanged Denmark team news Team news incoming Bore draw? Drumming for Denmark Meanwhile in Munich As revealed by Mike McGrath last night That Euros semi-final three years on ‘It’s never coming home!’ Good afternoon Slovenia vs Serbia Long-range goals Team guide: Denmark Who is the star player? How do they play? Chances of victory Kit rankings Guide to the venues Travel nightmares in Germany Predicted England line-up Terror threat Serbia threaten to quit Euro 2024? How to get the best out of Bellingham and Foden Euro predictor Fixtures and results Different Foden in an England shirt Team-by-team guide No more cliques? Exclusive: Euro 2024 match shirts auctioned for thousands Foden defends himself Update from the United Kingdom Football Policing Unit Roof open or closed? Harnessing negative energy Sticking with the same team? Denmark supporters blast out Hey Jude and serve free beer to England fans Everyone tuning in to watch England FAQs

Meanwhile on ITV

Roy Keane and Ian Wright put Trent Alexander-Arnold under scrutiny:

"He's not up to it" - Roy Keane 🗣️
"He needs movement up front" - @IanWright0 🗣️

Ian and Roy give their opinions on Trent Alexander-Arnold's midfield role for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿#Euro2024 | #DENENG pic.twitter.com/rK6tuCgQrU

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) June 20, 2024

While Gary Neville dissects Declan Rice:

"When he goes to receive the ball deep, I think he's quite basic at that" - 🔈 @GNev2

Is Declan Rice being held back by playing the number 6 role for England? 🤔#Euro2024 | #DENENG pic.twitter.com/9l1YOukUWr

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) June 20, 2024

Gareth Southgate speaks to the BBC

It was clearly not what we would have hoped [from the performance]. We’re not using the ball well enough and have to accept you’re going to suffer as we have tonight.

No [I’m not telling them to drop deep]. We’ve played quite a few teams with three at the back and it’s not easy to get pressure on them but we definitely have to do that. It’s been part of the problem but not keeping the ball has also been part of the problem.

I wanted to get Conor on. We needed some energy and pressing and Conor does that very well. [Trent] has delivered what we thought he would. It is an experiment. We know we don’t have a replacement for a Kalvin Phillips but we’re trying different things.

[Why take Kane off?] We needed energy. We’ve had a short turnaround so needed fresh legs to press. At that stage of the game Harry’s only had one 90 minutes in over a month so that was the decision we took.

There’s a huge amount of work [to do]. We have to stay tight. We understand people are disappointed with the performances and rightly so. We have to get better.

Thank goodness for Guehi

Here are the player ratings. Look away now Messrs Rice and Kane.

The table

Here's how the Group C table looks after today's draw with Denmark.

Next up: Slovenia on Tuesday! pic.twitter.com/9mbVSl4ns5

— England (@England) June 20, 2024

Harry Kane speaks to the BBC

Look, there are no easy games at major tournaments and I think that’s being shown. There are levels we can reach, with and without the ball, but it’s a sign of a good team that you can get results when you’re not playing well. We’re top of the group and we’ve all but qualified. There’ll be loads of noise and a bit of disappointment at home, but we experienced this when we drew with Scotland in the last Euros. It’s a time to stay calm, reflect and try to improve. Step by step, we’ll get there.

We’re struggling with and without the ball. The pressing in both games hasn’t been quite right, and with the ball we haven’t been good enough – that’s from top to bottom, from me to Picks. It was tough out there with the heat and the pitch. It wasn’t our greatest game but we got away with a draw.

When the teams drop a few players deeper we’re not sure who’s supposed to be pressing. In the second half we tried to change it a bit with me and Jude playing in front of their two midfielders and then trying to get up. But it was difficult: credit to Denmark, they’re a really good side.

Richards and Ferdinand carry on criticising Kane

They think that Watkins is better suited to the young players’ talents. I don’t see how you can drop him. It’s a tactical thing not an age or talent thing.

Jason Burt’s post-match verdict

Alan Shearer’s verdict

Alan Shearer, the BBC pundit and former England captain, did not pull his puncheson commentarytonight after accusing England of lacking energy and guile during the match. Here are his best takes:

  1. England are all over the place, you can tell. Slow, lethargic, passing from one side of the pitch to the other but they are going nowhere with it. There’s no runners, no movement
  2. The way England are pressing at the moment makes me think they haven’t worked on it at all. When the forwards press, the midfield are stood 20 yards behind them, which is not enough. You can’t just go in twos and threes, you need to do all of the team together or nothing.
  3. In truth, Denmark were the better team and deserved to win. We get a point but there are a lot of improvements to be made.
  4. It was not good enough. It is tournament football and it is our job to dissect what has gone wrong and there is plenty to look at that there. Where do you start? No energy, no guile. I would not say lack of effort but there is so much more to come from those players.

Who would have thought it?

54 - No player created more chances (3) or played more line-breaking passes in the final third (5) for England against Denmark than Trent Alexander-Arnold, despite him being subbed off in the 54th minute. Question. pic.twitter.com/o1vKS3AUVj

— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) June 20, 2024

The solution?

As proposed by Rio Ferdinand and Micah Richards: Move Bellingham to No8, drop Alexander-Arnold, switch Foden to No10 and bring Gordon or Palmer in on the left. Alan Shearer thinks Gordon would be vital, using his pace to help Kane.

Kyle Walker speaks to the BBC

It’s tournament football. this is a good Denmark team. We’re top of the group. We’ve not lost. We’ve conceded one goal from outside the box. Let’s try to take a positive.

[The manager] wants us to play attacking football. Sometimes in tournament football, you have to manage the game. It’s like the Champions League: you don’t just turn up and take three points. We know we can do better, but we’re top of the group.

The players will know as individuals that we have another gear but we haven’t lost a game. People want us to come and steamroll teams by three or four goals but that’s not the game anymore.

Carra’s view

Euro 2024 has been a brilliant tournament so far, but England have now played in the two worst games.

Full time: England 1 Denmark 1

England top the group by two points but that was an alarming performance. They look well and truly cooked physically and mentally frazzled. The twin English diseases – an inability to think independently on their feet and giving the ball away – are back with a vengeance. Tactically that was garbage, too.

90+3 min: England 1 Denmark 1

A glimpse of hope when Eze dribbles up the left and works the ball inside but Christensen is there before Bowen and that’s that.

90+1 min: England 1 Denmark 1

England fans are booing the ball going backwards. But England have had almost no control for 80 minutes.

90 min: England 1 Denmark 1

There’s going to be three minutes of stoppage time.

Interesting now for England. A draw is not a terrible result and they would remain in control of the group. But they would also face fierce criticism and so are going for the win – as are Denmark, to be fair. Gareth Southgate showed his intent with his attacking changes and they have brought much more energy to the team who are finally pressing Denmark. But they look vulnerable, still. This could go either way. A defeat and Southgate will be targeted, a win and he will be lauded for his changes. A draw? He can still expect to be criticised.

88 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Pickford will take the free-kick from where Guehi was fouled just inside their half. He rolls it sideways to Walker who lumps it five yards out of play.

From 25 minutes in at Gelsenkirchen England have been on an alarming trajectory.

86 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Guehi wins a header in the centre-circle as England finally adopt a higher line.

83 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Guehi teeters between being the architect of England’s downfall and their saviour. He loses the ball on the left of England’s defence but makes a splendid recovery tackle and then England try to shoot themselves in the foot from the corner as, first, they allow Christiansen have a dig on goal, and then Hojbjerg to have another shot from 20 yards that whistles past the right post with Pickford stranded.

England have been terrible. And their shot count compared with Denmark’s has been pathetic.

81 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Norgaard ⇢ Eriksen

Skov Olsen ⇢ Hjulmand.

78 min: England 1 Denmark 1

England are looking more dangerous for the substitutions but there is still far too much space between Rice/Gallagher and their forwards.

Eze loses the ball in tricky position for England’s defence for a second time but the lino buys his collapse and waves his flag to signal that he has been fouled even though a replay shows barely any contact.

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (1)

76 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Referee stops an England break for a perceived foul by Bowen as he challenged for a bouncing ball that stops an England counter. Hojbjerg is fed from the free-kick on halfway and scuds a daisycutter of a shot that Pickford again has to save.

75 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Gareth Southgate has changed his front three. Clearly he feels England have not had enough of an attacking threat. Even so it is difficult to remember Kane being subbed at such a delicate stage of such an important game. Maybe Southgate feels he has to show none of his players are untouchable especially when the team is not performing well.

74 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Mistake from Eze sends Eriksen away but Gallagher helps his mate out to hold up play sufficiently to get a few numbers back but it takes Pickford to dive headlong and save Hojbjerg’s rasping shot. Bowen is fouled by Maehle as he tries to work the parry away.

I’m pleased with those subs. England must freshen up from the bench with four or five subs. Too many players look shattered.

71 min: England 1 Denmark 1

England are trying to inject some urgency but Denmark retreat into a compact 5-3-2 until Bellingham gets on the ball 40 yards out and rolls it down the inside-right and into the box. Watkins has made the run in behind and shoots but Schmeichel races out and starfishes like his old man to block.

England corner … and Denmark head it out and break.

69 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Poulsen ⇢ Hojlund.

Southgate goes bold:

Watkins ⇢ Kane

Eze ⇢ Foden

Bowen ⇢ Saka.

66 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Denmark corner after a bizarre error from Rice, slicing it behind. Pickford reads Damsgaard’s dipping shot perfectly.

66 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Shearer is astutely analysing Kane’s shortcomings in this match, saying he hasn’t once tried to stretch the defence, citing Bobby Robson’s advice when he kept drooping short. ‘You have to mix it up.’

64 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Denmark knock a hopeful pass forward that Rice traps on his chest but can’t control after it bounces as Eriksen closes him down to tow it away and shoot from 20 yards, sending it swerving over the bar.

61 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Yellow card for Gallagher for arriving late and from the side after Christensen had played the ball upfield.

There is some irony that Alexander-Arnold was subbed after playing the best pass of the match to Saka. But it’s also ironic that he gets more chances to play those passes when he is at right back. Everything moves so much quicker in midfield - the physical demand is greater - and the substitution had to be made. It wasn’t working with Trent in midfield.

59 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Saka and Foden are attempting to mould the game to their wills and pushing high. Saka this time slaloming through the area on the right and then shooting wide of the far post when the whip didn’t bend his shot quickly enough. Seconds later he flies down that wing again and centres … just behind Kane and in front of Gallagher.

57 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Double Denmrak substitution:

Bah ⇢ Kristiansen

Dansgaard ⇢ Wind.

Gallagher saves the day for England when Denmark counter, his vigilance in the box nicking the ball away from Hojlund from a scrappy, deflected, right-wing cross. Rice completes the clearance.

55 min: England 1 Denmark 1

For the third time Foden cuts in from the right on to his left but this time puts his laces through it rather than his instep, beating Schmeichel for pace as the ball crashes into the foot of the right post. Saka follows it in but is forced off the ball as he tries to hook in the rebound.

First change from Gareth Southgate and it is one I would have made at half-time. Surprised he did not because it was pretty obvious that it was not working in central midfield for Trent Alexander-Arnold. He has just not played enough games in there and has been replaced by Conor Gallagher who, surely, will force England further up the pitch with his pressing and his energy. England desperately need both. It is tough on Alexander-Arnold who will be criticised but he is not a central midfielder and cannot learn the job during a tournament.

54 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Southgate has seen enough from his malfunctioning midfield:

Gallagher ⇢ Alexander-Arnold.

53 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Better from Saka as he chases a long, bouncing ball into the right of the box and challenges Christensen for a header as Schemichel races out. He beats the former Chelsea defender to the header but plonks it into the side netting from a tight angle as Schmeichel wipes out Christensen.

51 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Denmark slow England down with their defensive positioning and let Rice have a pot shot from 30 yards. It’s on target but lacks bite, the sting taken out of it by a deflection.

49 min: England 1 Denmark 1

At last Alexander-Arnold seizes the initiative and drives 30 yards upfield but his pass is behind Foden and England lose their momentum.

47 min: England 1 Denmark 1

The vim with which Hojbjerg is snapping into tackle ought to be a lesson for England. Nothing similar from Rice or Alexander-Arnold so far.

The latter almost opens up his own defence with a left-foot pass that ricochets to safety off Hjulmand. He was trying to force something as he had no obvious targets for a forward pass.

46 min: England 1 Denmark 1

No changes at half-time. As Shearer says the defence needs to push up and force the other so and so’s up the pitch. Maehle catches England out down the right and crosses. Wind traps it, shields it but can’t get a shot away and England mop up but not very convincingly.

Ferdinand and Richards

Want Kane to be substituted and Watkins brought on to stretch the defenders and allow Saka and Foden to press coherently as a front three.

Pitch watch

Several ground-staffare currently carrying out running repairs to the pitch after it cut up badly in the first half. There have been some suggestions online that the roof being closed has not helped thesurface. It certainly feels humid in here.

Points of view

Our football correspondent’s thoughts

It has been a frustrating, ragged and alarming first-half from England. As against Serbia they started brightly. As against Serbia, they scored an early goal. As against Serbia they dropped off and lost control. Except it has happened even more quickly against Denmark who deservedly cancelled out Harry Kane’s goal with a long-range strike from Victor Kristiansen. Why did it happen? Unfortunately it looks like the experiment of pairing Trent Alexander-Arnold with Declan Rice in the centre of midfield is just not working. Both are dropping too deep and allowing the Danish midfield too much space. England need to get up the pitch and press. It would be no surprise if Alexander-Arnold is replaced by Conor Gallagher at half-time. It is not his fault. He is not a midfielder and, if England manage to win, it would be good to see him used at right-back in the final group game against Slovenia. But we are a long way from being able to say that. Big second-half needed from England.

Carra’s half-time verdict

My big worry watching this and for the rest of the tournament? England look absolutely knackered. They can’t get close to the ball. The surest sign of fatigue is dropping deep. Declan Rice is having to cover so much ground. No-one can convince me this is a strategy. There is no way Gareth Southgate is ordering the team to drop back like that after going one-up. No chance.

Lineker, Ferdinand and Richards bemoan lack of aggression

‘They have the players to press but the dilemma is that Harry Kane is so good at scoring by dropping off.’

Half-time: England 1 Denmark 1

Denmark are playing well but England have git this tactically wrong. They are far too deep and there is no outlet. Rice was screaming at his forwards to get up the field but when the captain keeps dropping back it seems he takes no notice.

45+1 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Just the one minute of stoppage time by virtue of Walker being whisked off to change his boots when he sprained his ankle rather than stopping play too long.

Foden has a crack after England switch from right to left and back again. Once again he opens his body and aims for the top left from the inside-right channel and once again he flays it high, wide and hideous.

44 min: England 1 Denmark 1

England are far too deep and there’s no outlet. Counterintuitively, given the numbers England are getting back, there is space for Denmark to shoot just outside the box and Hojbjerg unleashes, stinging Pickford’s palms as he pats it down.

42 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Better from England as Foden again gets on the ball and just overcooks his lofted diagonal for Saka who had bobbed behind Christensen.

Carra’s view

Rice and Trent are too deep when Denmark have the ball. They have got to get up and press the Danish midfielders. They are so worried what’s behind them but it means they can’t get the ball back.

40 min: England 1 Denmark 1

After some rapid exchanges of possession in this scrappy game, Foden peels in off the left to shoot, weakly at Schmeichel. Kane wanted the lay-off and lets Foden know.

37 min: England 1 Denmark 1

Every one of England’s front four retreat, forcing the whole side to drop back, ceding space and inviting another shot from Hjulmand which is blocked out for a corner. Eriksen clips the corner long to Andersen beyond the back post and he loops his header on to the roof of the net.

England are wobbling here. They look rattled. They need a voice, some leadership to get them back up the pitch.

Really, really poor from England since Harry Kane’s goal. They have let Denmark in and that will only fuel the debate over whether they can actually control games. Unfortunately they appear to be obsessing about the state of the pitch rather than the state of Denmark who have responded superbly and fully deserve their goal. Bizarrely it only seems to be England players who are trying to replace divots on the pitch rather than just getting on with it. It may be a small point but the Danes appear far less bothered.


England 1 Denmark 1 (Hjulmand) England nod off and invite the shot. It started with an England throw to Kane who gets an assist for the goal with a hospital crossfield to the Sporting midfielder. He takes a touch or two and since no one closes him down he RSVPs the invitation by rifling it into the bottom right corner, Pickford seeing it late.

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (2)
England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (3)
England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (4)

30 min: England 1 Denmark 0

Guehi to the rescue again when Wind tries to get a shot off. Both slide on the unstable turf but he makes a vital touch to deflect Wind’s effort on to the roof of the net. Minor panic evident in Pickford’s footwork as he scrambled backwards to watch it go over.

27 min: England 1 Denmark 0

England free-kick 40 yards out and they look for Guehi’s run round the back on the right but the ball sails away from his attempt to catch it with right leg extended like Nureyev. His studs scrape it out for a goal-kick.

Back come Denmark and they go down the right. Bellingham tries to shepherd the ball out for a goal-kick but is muscled over and then Eriksen, in those small spaces, uses his control to fashion a pass for Hojlund via a deflection of Pickford. But before the striker can stab it back on goal, Alexander-Arnold bustles in to prod it back to Pickford.

Meanwhile in England

Ian Holloway has got himself involved in a fan park down in Brighton and the former Premier League manager’s celebration of choice to Harry Kane’s opener? A good old traditional fist pump with his pint staying firmly in hand.

England 1-0 up - fans are besides themselves. And yes - that's Ian Holloway celebrating with the fans pic.twitter.com/T9QR8flRTM

— Patrick Barlow (@PBarlowJourno) June 20, 2024

24 min: England 1 Denmark 0

Denmark have has their best spell of possession since conceding and send over a deep cross from the right for Wind who is tightly marked by Stones and can only deflect it straight at Pickford rather than use his neck muscles to impart any power.

England are 1-0 with another early goal. Now what will happen? Erik ten Hag has led the criticism of Gareth Southgate in such situations – claiming he is happy for his team to sit back and try and win the game “through moments”. Southgate himself has said they need to show more control when they are in front and failed to do so against Serbia. He used the word control again before this game. So here is the perfect opportunity to silence a few critics and build a bit more confidence. They need to capitalise on the goal and not allow Denmark back in.

Carra’s view

The power and pace of Walker is frightening. He’s playing as a more conventional full back - as we saw in the first minute when he overlapped Saka. It’s great for Kane to get off the mark as he’ll be desperate to be top goal scorer as well as wanting to lead his country to success.

21 min: England 1 Denmark 0

Hojbjerg and Rice are converging at pace and the turf gives way when Hojbjerg tries to stop, making him slip and catch Rice with his studs. Looked filthy out of context but it wasn’t his fault and Rice is OK. No Arsenal player would ever want a Spurs player to be sent off …


Denmark 0-1 England (Kane) Walker blindsides the dawdling Kristiansen on the outside, nicks the ball away and enters the box before looking for the pull-back which he gets wrong. No matter though as it deflects off Christensen and Maehle and sits up invitingly for Kane who steers a left-foot shot from about seven yards past Schmeichel.

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (5)

16 min: England 0 Denmark 0

Shot from Kane with his left after a tenacious high pressing contribution from Rice. Kane pounces on the scraps from Rice’s tackle and jinks, looking for an opening that never revealed itself so had to try go through Andersen who made a decent block.

There is certainly some concern about the state of the pitch. Twice Kyle Walker has lost his footing while players have misjudged passes with the ball running away from them. The ball also seems to not be rolling true. The surface was not heavily watered before the game which is usually a sign there might be a problem with it cutting up. Given the decision to close the roof, because of fears over a storm, it begs the question as to whether the pitch is in a fit condition. Walker has decided to change his boots having sat down on the turf. The fear was he was injured and it is one to watch.

14 min: England 0 Denmark 0

Shot from Foden as he ghosts into a central No 10 position. England had worked the ball over from the left through Bellingham and Trippier to Walker who tapped it to his City team-mate. Foden tacked in from inside-right to the edge of the D, opened his body and wrapped a side-foot shot the wrong side of the left post. Rising too.

12 min: England 0 Denmark 0

Guehi makes another fine intervention to stop Hojlund racing through but the flag goes up anyway. The concern, though, is that he also slipped. This pitch looks treacherous.

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (6)

10 min: England 0 Denmark 0

Walker has rolled his left ankle when the turf gave way beneath him as he planted his foot. He is OK but changes his yellow boots to longer studs. All that rain yesterday has made the grass unstable.

Foden already playing a different role - more like a conventional left winger to push Danish right wing back further back. That creates more space for Harry Kane to drop deep.

8 min: England 0 Denmark 0

Long ball up to Saka skips off the turf and Schmeichel gobbles it up. But as Alan Shearer says, England’s ability to mix it up and use Alexander-Arnold’s range of passing adds a different dimension to their attacking play.

Kyle Walker has gone down off the ball.

6 min: England 0 Denmark 0

Eriksen is sticking pretty much to that pocket between Rice/Alexander-Arnold and the centre-backs. He is attempting to play in the hole and is good enough to make England pay unless someone takes responsibility for him.

5 min: England 0 Denmark 0

Walker slices a pass out for a throw-in, much to the glee of the Denmark fans who serenade him with the traditional ‘Aaaaaaaaah’ of delighted mockery. From the throw Kristiansen lifts a cross into the box and Guehi heads it powerfully away and then intercepts Hjulmand’s attempted pass to Hojlund in the box. My, he reads the game well.

3 min: England 0 Denmark 0

Walker on the overlap flying down the right is sent to the byline by Saka’s in to out left-foot pass but he slips as he crosses and can only stab it towards Vestergaard who boots it clear,

‘Phil Foden’s on fire’ is echoing around the Waldstadion.

1 min: England 0 Denmark 0

England kick off and move the ball upfield quickly but can’t make it stick and Denmark quickly shift it up top for Hojlund running in behind Stones who recovers, forcing the Manchester United striker to lay it off to Hojbjerg who scuffs a tame, low shot straight at Pickford.

Kasper Schmeichel wins the toss

And switches ends, so England will now attack from left to right. But first a minute’s applause for Gerhard Aigner, the former Uefa general secretary, who died today. They’re booing that as well.

National anthem time

God Save the King is lustily sung by players and fans. England fans, of course, boo the start of the Denmark anthem. Stay classy …

Out come the teams

England have donned their navy shorts to contrast with Denmark’s white as the Dynamite are the designated home team.

Prince of Wales chats to the King of Denmark

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (7)

Meanwhile in the Auf Wiedersehen, Pet heartland

A middling but lively crowd gathered here in Düsseldorf, 230km away (feels churlish not to adopt the European standard) from where England are playing but still the base for a lot of British fans. That means there are as many Scots here as English which might present some public order difficulties if tempers flare. Most inflammatory things I’ve seen so far in the cobbled fanzone are some songs about Diego Maradona and a bloke from Dundee wearing a Denmark shirt.

Wrong to assume the worst, I’ve not seen any hint of trouble from England supporters yet. Feels much more good natured than the last Euros with significant travelling fans. The England fans in France in 2016 behaved far worse in my experience. Always helpful when the team are winning I guess.

In fact the edgiest stuff here is politically motivated. Little that can be fully repeated due to the swears, but lots of flags and banners which are in line with yesterday’s Telegraph poll forecasting electoral wipeout for the Tories.

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (8)

Denmark’s unusual warm-up

Denmark clearly think that set-pieces will be a key against England. It is unusual for a team to go into detailed routines during the pre-match warm up but they have just done that with Christian Eriksen delivering corners. Maybe Gareth Southgate should have taken a leaf out of Jürgen Klopp’s book to see what the Danes were planning. The now former Liverpool manager always stood in the centre-circle before kick-off watching the opposition get ready. It was an unusual tactic, probably more to do with trying to psyche out the opposition than gleaning any great information.

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (9)

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Watch out

Police are investigating a complaint that Ivan Toney’s father had his watch stolen during the weekend ofEngland’s European Championship opener against Serbia.

Telegraph Sport has learnt a criminal investigation has been launched into the alleged theft following the filing of a complaint with Dusseldorf police.

Ivan Toney Snr first raised the matter with the Hotel Melia Dusseldorf, where several families of England players had been staying during the country’s 1-0 over Serbia in nearby Gelsenkirchen on Sunday night.

Toney, who is at his first major international tournament, was an unused substitute during the game.

The FA declined to comment, while Dusseldorf police said a criminal complaint has been filed and the criminal investigation department is investigating it.

Carra’s view

There was no way Gareth Southgate could change the team after one game. It would have been daft and looked like panic. It was good at times against Serbia. Obviously, it could be and needs to be a lot better. But the more the players play and train together in this system, the more it should improve. Now we want to see a step up. Having said all that, this is tournament football, not the start of a 38 game season where you can wait to see gradual improvements week by week. If there are still obvious problems with the team balance and performance after tonight, the calls for changes will be louder and more justified.

Gareth Southgate talks to BBC1

[You will win the group if you win tonight] Yes but we’ve got to take care of things today. It’s about performing well.

We needed to check all the players [after Sunday] but we wanted continuity as that breeds confidence in the group. We did some things very well on Sunday but there are things we want to do better at. There are players on the bench who are training very well and we will need fresh legs tonight.

[Still no Luke Shaw?] Not having a left-footed left-back alters [the balance] but Kieran Trippier did a good job for us and was an important part [of beating Serbia]. He’s a good footballer and he has to adapt.

Style watch – Thom Gibbs on the sartorial choices

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (10)

Win lose or draw? Predict the score

Having a wager?

England face a Denmark side who they haven’t beaten in 90 minutes in their last three encounters. Despite making hard work of Serbia, Southgate’s team seem in good spirits and you can get behind them with these Euros free bets.

Team verdict

The team news is in and, as my colleague Matt Law revealed, England are unchanged. It would have been a surprise had Gareth Southgate changed his line-up after the 1-0 win over Serbia but that does not mean certain players are not under pressure. Primary among those is Trent Alexander-Arnold in the centre of midfield who is facing competition from Conor Gallagher. Southgate could do with a strong display from the left-side of his team – Kieran Trippier at full-back and further forward, Phil Foden – to quieten some of the criticism. That said if England beat Denmark there could be wholesale changes for the final group game against Slovenia in Cologne next Tuesday as they will have already won the group. It is a great incentive for Southgate to get the job done today.

On the field

The England players have been out on the pitch, soaking up the atmosphere and trying to see their families in the crowd. The last to leave is Ivan Toney who stood on half-way having a conversation with Denmark’s fitness coach. The links between Brentford and Denmark all well-known – not least with head coach Thomas Frank and club captain Christian Norgaard. What is less well-known is that the Premier League’s head of athletic performance works for the Danes and is an Englishman – Chris Haslam. Meanwhile Serbia’s last-gasp equalising goal in their game against Slovenia – being shown on the big screens – has just led to a huge roar from the Danish fans. What does it mean? It helps Denmark but if England win then they will win Group C.

Brothers in arms on opposing sides

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (11)

Those teams in black and white

Denmark (3-4-1-2) Schmeichel (Nice); Vestergaard (Leicester), Christensen (Barcelona), Andersen (Crystal Palace); Maehle (Wolfsburg), Hojbjerg (Spurs), Hjulmand (Sporting Lisbon), Kristiansen (Bologna/Leicester); Eriksen (Man Utd); Hojlund (Man Utd), Wind (Wolfsburg).

England (4-2-3-1) Pickford (Everton); Walker (Man City), Stones (Man City), Guehi (Crystal Palace), Trippier (Newcastle); Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool), Rice (Arsenal); Saka (Arsenal), Bellingham (Real Madrid), Foden (Man City); Kane (Bayern Munich).

Referee Artur Dias (Portugal).

England are unchanged

An unchanged XI to face Denmark! 💪 pic.twitter.com/XOOr7rSQ8x

— England (@England) June 20, 2024

Denmark team news

Scratch that. In fact, they make one change, Wolfsburg’s Joakim Maehle comes in for the right-back Alexander Bah of Benfica:

Team news incoming

England went 10 minutes early on Sunday and although one might say they went 24 hours early in that Matt Law had the starting XI last night, official confirmation of an unchanged line-up should come through in about five minutes.

As for Denmark, we’re also expecting the same XI, which will be disappointing news for the Brentford trio Mathias Jensen, Mikel Damsgaard and Christian Norgaard who started on the bench for the draw with Slovenia.

Bore draw?

So, a little bit of intel from the Denmark camp where coach Kasper Hjulmand is surprisingly under increasing pressure. The fitness of the players – rather as with England and Hjulmand’s friend Gareth Southgate – has been an issue with complaints over the coach’s tactics and style of play (sound familiar?) The expectation is that Denmark will sit back and defend and would regard a draw with England as a good result ahead of their final group game against Serbia. It means that England will probably have to make all the running. In saying that a draw would not be a terrible result for them – but it would not quieten the debate over Southgate, his team selection and approach.

Drumming for Denmark

Fanmarch i Frankfurt 🇩🇰#herrelandsholdet pic.twitter.com/quTqaZBtiC

— Fodboldlandsholdene 🇩🇰 (@dbulandshold) June 20, 2024

Meanwhile in Munich

Slovenia have taken the lad with 20 minutes to go against Serbia. You can follow the latest action here

As revealed by Mike McGrath last night

The Waldstadion roof will remain closed for this afternoon’s match:

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (12)

That Euros semi-final three years on

If you would like to read a report of England’s victory over Denmark you can do so here and wallow in the glory conveyed by Jason Burt and some blogging drongo

Odd to reflect how influential Kalvin Phillips, Mason Mount and Raheem Sterling were in that campaign, and Jesse Lingard, Dele Alli and Ashley Young were in Russia three years before. And that Marcus Rashford has never been an integral part of an England tournament team and yet has 60 caps, 34 of them off the bench. He is only 26 so has a decent chance of three more sub appearances to match Jermain Defoe’s record.

‘It’s never coming home!’

"England, England, it's never coming home" 🎶

Danish fans clearly expressing their feelings before the match against England 😅 pic.twitter.com/X3RKgfYRkd

— Football on TNT Sports (@footballontnt) June 20, 2024

Good afternoon

Rob Bagchi here, taking over the blog from Kieran. Shall we have a brief pivot to football and the last time these two sides met? Ah yes, I remember it well. It was in the semi-final of Euro 2020 and England were indebted to their player of the tournament, Raheem Sterling, and their captain in extra-time:

An unforgettable moment when @HKane scored this. ❤️‍🔥

Last time out against Denmark... at #EURO2020! pic.twitter.com/B045YO3jwW

— England (@England) June 20, 2024

Slovenia vs Serbia

The other game in Group C is taking place in Munich and you can follow our live blog here.

Long-range goals

We have already seen a number of goals from outside the box and we are not even a week into the tournament. Sam Dean and Mike McGrath have been taking a look at why, including balls made from sugar cane.

Team guide: Denmark

Who is the star player?

Rasmus Hojlund. After years without a star striker, Denmark (and Manchester United) believe they finally have one in the 21-year-old Dane. He has proved his potential in the Premier League and the stage is set for him to do the same in Germany.

How do they play?

Denmark used nearly every formation in the book throughout qualifying from a 5-3-2 to a 4-3-3 as Hjulmand tweaked his tactical set-up based on their opponent. However, while the formation may change, the style does not with them carrying out a death by a thousand passes plan of attack.

Chances of victory

Their stern defence, quality in midfield and raw attack should see them through the group but the likelihood of meeting Italy or Spain in knockout stages means their hopes of replicating 1992 are slim. Round of 16.

Kit rankings

With 24 teams at Euro 2024, there are 48 kits in total and we have a round-up of the best and worst designs for this summer’s tournament.

Guide to the venues

England take on Denmark in Frankfurt this afternoon and we have everything you need to know about not just the Frankfurt Arena but also the other nine venues at Euro 2024.

Travel nightmares in Germany

After England’s win over Serbia on Sunday night, many England fans had huge travel problems in Gelsenkirchen. Germany’s host nation’s railway system has been described as being in ‘permanent crisis’ and our very own Thom Gibbs has spent the day riding trains around Germany, describing it as a ‘nightmare’.

Predicted England line-up

Predicted England team (4-2-3-1): Pickford; Walker, Stones, Guehi, Trippier; Rice, Alexander-Arnold; Saka, Bellingham, Foden; Kane. https://t.co/SuuAlBuMQW

— Matt Law (@Matt_Law_DT) June 20, 2024

Terror threat

A suspected Islamic State sleeper agent has been arrested in Germany just a day after security officials warned of potential terror threats at Euro 2024. Iraqi detainee “Mahmoud A” was taken into custody on Wednesday in the town of Esslingen on the outskirts of Stuttgart to be questioned on suspicion of preparing an attack on behalf of the group.

Investigators say he arrived in Germany in October 2022, despite having been affiliated with the terror group since 2016. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said of the the arrest: “Our security authorities are extremely vigilant, follow every tip-off and strike hard to protect our country.”

Thomas Haldenwang, head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV), said that the terror threat has surged in recent months amid Arab tensions over Israeli attacks in Gaza. Yesterday’s arrest took place hours before Germany played Hungary in their second Euro 2024 match in Stuttgart and a day after Thomas Haldenwang, head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, said that the terror threat has surged following the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Mr Haldenwang said that Germany had become a prime target for extremist groups and that the threat from “radicalised lone wolves with no clear ties to terrorist organisations” also posed a significant threat.

Local media quoted police as saying there was no concrete plan for an attack. They said the man supported the Islamic State since 2016 and he came to Germany in 2022.

He is said to have been “fundamentally prepared to carry out an attack for the terrorist group IS” but did not have a plan or “a specific goal.” The arrest was not linked to any plannedattack on the Euros.

Serbia threaten to quit Euro 2024?

News has broken this morning that Serbia, who are in Group C alongside England, have threatened to quit Euro 2024 hours before their game against Slovenia after accusing Croatia and Albania fans of chanting “Kill, kill, kill the Serb” yesterday. Ben Rumsby has all the latest as the Head of the Serbian FA has said they will refuse to remain in the tournament unless the Croatian and Albanian FAs are punished.

How to get the best out of Bellingham and Foden

In the aftermath of England’s victory over Serbia, some people have been asking if Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden can play in the same team. Chris Bascombe has been taking a closer look at Gareth Southgate’s options to get the best out of both of them.

Euro predictor

Do you think you can predict every group-stage game and who will go all the way and win Euro 2024? Well, here is your chance with our Euro predictor.

Fixtures and results

You can keep up-to-date with all games, the group stage standings and the knockout stages with our dedicated fixtures, results and groups page so that you do not miss a beat.

Different Foden in an England shirt

Phil Foden is expected to keep his place in the England team today against Denmark, but his performance against Serbia drew criticism. The freshly crowned Football of the Year scored 19 Premier League goals and registered eight assists, yet was a peripheral figure against Serbia. Daniel Zeqiri looks into why the Manchester City version of Foden is not seen for England.

Team-by-team guide

Who is Denmark’s star player? How do Albania set up? Who is in the Portugal squad? We have you covered with our team-by-team guide to help you with everything you need to know about every single one of the 24 teams at Euro 2024.

No more cliques?

Historically it has been well-documented how in England camp in years gone by how club rivalries were difficult to shake. However, it is all-change now with a lot of strong bonds being formed. These friendships are a far cry from the ‘pretend relationships’ of the past, as Matt Law explains.

Exclusive: Euro 2024 match shirts auctioned for thousands

Match shirts worn by players at the European Championship are being auctioned online within days of each game, Telegraph Sport can reveal. Signed tops donned by some of football’s biggest stars at its second biggest tournament are attracting bids worth thousands of pounds on the website of MatchWornShirt.

The company appears to have access to shirts worn by, or “issued” to, players from almost half the teams at Euro 2024, including Scotland. One worn by John McGinn from their opening 5-1 defeat to Germany fetched almost £2,000 upon being auctioned, while one donned by Luka Modric in Croatia’s 3-0 loss to Spain went for more than £6,200.

England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (13)

Those numbers are set to be dwarfed by a top that was not even worn by Toni Kroos in what is his final tournament for Germany. With three days of the auction remaining, a shirt “issued” to, and signed by, him for the Scotland game had attracted a bid in excess of £8,600.

Amsterdam-based MatchWornShirts has entered into partnerships with a series of club and national teams to auction off shirts and other match memorabilia. They do not currently include England but the Football Association refused to rule out a tie-up in future.

MatchWornShirt has been approached for comment.

Foden defends himself

In the aftermath of England’s win over Serbia in their opening match of the tournament, Phil Foden’s performance was criticised and people have asked whether he can play in the same starting XI as Jude Bellingham, who scored England’s winning goal against Serbia. The Manchester City man has responded, insisting he can play alongside Bellingham.

Update from the United Kingdom Football Policing Unit

Around 2,000 England fans were in the main city square in Frankfurt last night (June 19) and no major issues were reported. This is indicative of what we have seen across Germany so far, with the vast majority of England fans behaving extremely well. Three England fans were arrested by German Police (one for bottle throwing, one for abusing a UK police officer and one for throwing a missile at police and being in possession of drugs).

Roof open or closed?

There is a distinct possibility that today’s match will be played under a closed roof. Thunderstorms and torrential rain are forecast and Uefa will decide today whether to close the roof or keep it open. Mike McGrath has the very latest from Frankfurt.

Harnessing negative energy

Gareth Southgate is attempting to turn outsiders’ negativity about the England team’s performance and players’ bewilderment at criticism into a motivational spark. Jason Burt and Mike McGrath have taken a look at Southgate’s role as a ‘psychologist’ for England.

Sticking with the same team?

It is expected that Gareth Southgate will stick with the same starting XI in Frankfurt this afternoon against Denmark that started the 1-0 win over Serbia in their opening game on Sunday. Matt Law has the very latest from the England camp.

Denmark supporters blast out Hey Jude and serve free beer to England fans

English fans were serenaded with Hey Jude and given free beers on the streets of Frankfurt as they met the world’s friendliest fans. Serving up the cheapest pints in Germany, Denmark fans marked their arrival with England anthems as they descended on Römerberg Square ahead of the clash with the Three Lions.

First there was the Goldschmidt family band of two twin brothers and their father from Copenhagen who carrying a guitar, giant tuba and accordion approached a bar shyly, before serenading initially confused fans with Hey Jude. Then there was the red and white Volvo bus that arrived in Frankfurt’s historic market square that began blasting out Three Lions on loudspeakers before several Danes hoisted the St George’s Cross up a flagpole.

Called the Roliganbussen, a 30-year-old Volvo B10M that’s been refitted with five berths, several tables and a bar. The name of the bus comes after the word Rolig which translates as quiet or calm.

“It started back when there was all this hooliganism and fighting. Danes started doing the opposite: Rooligans. Rooli means cheerful, or calm in Danish,” Erik Bro, 55, a consultant from Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, said. “The main thing is making a good mood between the English and the Danish.”

Packed with 15 kegs of Danish beer, the bus was the idea of a group of friends if they made it to the Euros. Within 15 minutes of the team qualifying they had found a bus which now has a rooftop garden, complete with hammock, which has space for between 30 and 50 people who are welcomed wherever Denmark go.

“Whenever we are out on the bus our opponent’s flag will also be on our bus as well,” Mr Bro added. “We invite opponents in for a beer. The rule is that if a Dane comes with an English fan under his arm, then they will both have a free pint.”

As he offered The Telegraph a pint of Carlsberg on board, he added: “We are probably the friendliest fans in the world.”

Now the Danish King Frederik X has been invited to join them and as the bus toured around Frankfurt the fans said they would love to have Prince William join them when he watches the England game.

The Danes added that “many” England fans had enjoyed their hospitality and as the latest round of their thirsty opponents made their way off the bus, he asked if they were sure they wanted to leave. “Just a half more?,” Mr Bro asked before discovering the keg had run dry.

Everyone tuning in to watch England

Bosses have been warned to expect millions of employees to work from home or call in sick today to watch England take on Denmark in the Euros. HR chiefs are predicting what has been dubbed “Slope-off Thursday”, with the 5pm kick-off prompting many football fans to avoid going into the office or take annual leave.

Some 14 million more of the nation’s workforce are predicted to work from home and a further three million have already decided to take the day off as a holiday, according to BrightHR, which monitors absence among more than a million employees across more than 50,000 UK companies. Holiday rates are up 123 per cent for Thursday and 148 per cent for the following day, the company said.

Meanwhile, a third of England’s workforce are expected to clock off early to make it to the pub in time for kick-off, or watch from their desks on company time, costing the economy a predicted £208 million based on Office of National Statistics (ONS) daily productivity data trends.

Alan Price, the chief executive of BrightHR, told the Telegraph: “With the match kicking off at 5pm, it looks like ‘Slope-off Thursday’ with staff ducking out early to get to the pub in time.

“Some will claim they’ve fallen sick during the day so they can watch the game, many more will work from home so they don’t miss it, and holiday requests are up sharply as well. Productivity will also take a nosedive among staff stuck at work and following the match.

“The game will cost the economy big time. Just one hour’s lost work across millions of employees costs well into the millions. The best advice for bosses to keep staff on side is to let them watch the game at work and make up lost working time later.”

As supporters pack into pubs on Thursday evening, the hospitality industry is expecting a significant boost in sales, with the BBPA estimating an extra five million pints to be sunk by Britons - worth an extra £24 million in sales for businesses.

“The Euros are already providing a huge uplift in extra trade for pubs as football fans know that there is no better place to watch live than down their local,” Emma McClarkin, the Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, said.

“For this England v Denmark the latest BBPA figure show that between four to five million extra pints will be enjoyed worth up to a potential £24 million for the sector.”

TV viewing records are also set to be broken on Thursday, with 15 million BBC viewers, the biggest tea-time TV ratings of the year, expected across BBC One and iPlayer, analysis of previous tournaments’ England audiences shows.

“England daytime games have surprisingly high ratings. People will make the effort to watch, taking time off work, and kids will make sure they are home from school in time,” TV ratings provider Overnights.tv said.

  • England to give Trent Alexander-Arnold and Foden chance to silence doubters against Denmark
  • Southgate holds England team meeting to warn players of intense scrutiny
  • Heavy rain could force England's clash with Denmark to be played under roof
  • The making of Rasmus Hojlund: From basem*nt football to £72m Man Utd star
  • Denmark scouting report for England: Everything starts and finishes with Eriksen
England look easy prey for first decent team they meet at Euro 2024 (2024)


Who has England played in the Euros 2024? ›

They may not have played at their very best level, but England still comfortably topped Group C, remaining unbeaten against Serbia, Denmark and Slovenia.

Who might England play in the Euros? ›

Having won Group C, England will play Slovakia in the last 16. If England win in the last 16, they will play either Switzerland or Italy in the quarter-finals, with the Netherlands, Romania, Austria and Turkey also on that side of the draw.

Will Ronaldo play in Euro 2024? ›

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal will play in the UEFA Euro 2024 round of 16 despite their shocking loss to Georgia in the group stage finale. Their two previous wins were enough for Roberto Martinez's side to advance.

How many teams will play Euro 2024? ›

The group stage is over and the 24 teams that started UEFA EURO 2024 have been whittled down to 16.

Who is predicted to win Euro 2024? ›

2 more rows
1 day ago

Who is playing in the Euros today, 2024? ›

UEFA EURO 2024 round of 16 fixtures
  • Saturday 29 June. Switzerland vs Italy (Berlin, 18:00) Germany vs Denmark (Dortmund, 21:00)
  • Sunday 30 June. England vs Slovakia (Gelsenkirchen, 18:00) ...
  • Monday 1 July. France vs Belgium (Düsseldorf, 18:00) ...
  • Tuesday 2 July. Romania vs Netherlands (Munich, 18:00)
2 days ago

Who could England face at Euro 2024? ›

Assuming England win their last-16 and quarter-final matches, the national side will face either Romania, the Netherlands, Austria or Turkey on Wednesday 10 July at 8pm (UK time).

Who do England play if they finish first? ›

Possible route if England win their group:

Round of 16: Slovakia. Quarter-final: Italy. Semi-final: France. Final: Portugal/Germany.

Who does England have in the next round? ›

England will play Slovakia in the UEFA EURO 2024 Round of 16 on Sunday 30 June, kicking-off at 5pm BST.

Is Portugal eliminated from the Euro 2024? ›

Georgia shock Portugal and make history

In the biggest shock of Euro 2024 so far (at least, according to FIFA world rankings), Georgia defeated Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal 2-0 to secure a place in the knockout stages in what is their major tournament debut.

How many goals has Ronaldo scored in Euro 2024? ›

Ronaldo has also extended his record of appearing in the most games in the tournament to a total of 28, but is yet to enhance his record 14 goals in the competition.

Who will Portugal face in round of 16? ›

⚽ Portugal vs Slovenia

As they gear up to face Slovenia in the last 16, most fans would pick Portugal as the clear favourites, but a quick look at history and the form guide might suggest otherwise. Portugal have faced Slovenia only once – losing 2-0 to them in a friendly in March 2024.

Which teams have been eliminated from Euro 2024? ›

Which teams have already been eliminated from Euro 2024?
  • Croatia.
  • Albania.
  • Serbia.
  • Poland.
  • Scotland.

Which stadiums are being used for Euro 2024? ›

Round of 16
StadiumFixtureDate (local time)
Olympiastadion BerlinSwitzerland – Italy29/06/2024 18:00
BVB Stadion DortmundGermany – Denmark29/06/2024 21:00
Arena AufSchalkeEngland – Slovakia30/06/2024 18:00
Cologne StadiumSpain – Georgia30/06/2024 21:00
4 more rows

Who will England play in the quarter finals of the Euro 2024? ›

Euro 2024: Knockout stage draw
DateFixtureKick-off time
Friday 5 July45 - Spain/ Georgia vs Germany / Denmark5pm BST
Friday 5 July46 - Portugal/ Slovenia vs France / Belgium8pm BST
Saturday July 648 - England / Slovakia vs Switzerland / Italy5pm BST
15 more rows
2 days ago

Is Portugal out of the euro in 2024? ›

Portugal is advancing to the Euro 2024 knockout stage despite being on the wrong side of the biggest upset in the history of the tournament on Wednesday.

How many teams are left in the Euros? ›

As of 5pm, Saturday 29th June, 16 teams remain in the competition. The list below will be whittled down to just eight by the quarter-finals.

Are Italy still in the Euros in 2024? ›

Champions Italy take on Switzerland in the Euro 2024 last 16 on Saturday after making it through the group phase by the skin of their teeth.

Where is England playing Slovakia? ›

England take on Slovakia in the Euro 2024 Round of 16 with kick off at 5pm BST on Sunday 30 June. Here's how you can follow all the action live from Arena AufSchalke and watch highlights from the match across the BBC.

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