Provincial Freeman (Toronto and Chatham, ON: Mary Ann Shadd Cary (October 9, 1823 – June 5, 1893)), December 9, 1854, p. 4 (2024)

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slaves in canada a degree of auenlion bas of late been directed to the condition of thetugitive slaves resident in canada but comparatively little intbrmatton rabbtrlrthrtmior arabbiteutibto about sixteea or eignteeuplecesmd a quar ter of a pound of bacon sliced season in proportion to aiae and if for a numerous aantly add ten potitoes and four onions feed and half a pint of water boil for two hpars or according lo size boiled rice may he added instead of potatoes well inter- joi the meat with the vegetables or rice egc plasti peel the frnit and cut ithemr into thin slices boil in salt and water uauite tesder drain oltthe water and arhl sweet milk crumb in toasted bread and aering gen dyradd butter pepper k and break in three or four fresh eggs take up before the eggs cook hard and you will have a dish almost equal to stewed oysters to fry egg plants tbey should be peeled cut into thin alirca narkoilffl thpn rlinnpd in hat- terwhicb has been highly seasoned and fried jsbattex orjard 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the entire number of fugilivesin canada may be estimated at from thirty thousand to unyfivc thousand of wbxun from three to jive thousand have annually escaped since the passing of the kireitive slave law oa their arrival at toronto and other places along the canadian- lrontier alongaboundaryof 6ome-seven- hundrcdmilcs they are usually destitnte of every thing having generally tied stealthily and with um making uioch piep a flight t undergo numeruus privations on their painful and wearisome journey being in constant peril by the way not only throngh the slave states but through the northern or aominallyfree at any point if overtaken or discovered or eyen snspecved tbey miy be dragged before the courts htiuupub7a ijiuch ouiltuial t piucno scul tmu iu endure a bondage of which the ordinary rigndrs are always increased in the caw offogitivesnto ojh a awarningumtherahence member shall be is 3d atrv- the object of the ladie committee jqallbe to prepare arlicleajor an annual szit to be held in toronto hamilton london chatham and other hirge cities and towns at which auxiliaries may be formed also to ieviee other measures for promoting the o object savlbjriimvtttjn wi rhriflnhseh hfawll bntjlria wlllianl buck torn mar- olarkfrrtlfc tenaesaee u ia knowa that t wasrecsntly in ih sutecjril oo ihtawaytocanada i hu presumed that he his reached west and rtia presumed that he his reached the province any inftrmatioo irori him willbe thauilrfnlly received at this place johnhall st catharines c w sept lstt85l- pbospectus for 1865 i tub iii n 1854 trpriikf anangemal ism qidokort and xtt r oa newytlkboseoirrandlother atlanti0 cities buatflojbocmstkr albany inrt thenrvestern stater oautattima tub hails the steamer peerless commencing on the 25th inst leaves at tjam from yonge street vfhatt for niagara aueenston and lewhston connecting with the under mentioned lines as noted at niagara fmls suspension bridge with the new york central r passlngjbrough rochester and albany amrarriviugfnew york at sodoct next morning at the falls vrnhthe buffalo r r arriving in buffalo at s oclock at buffalo with ihf steamers gkitng west also with the railroads ronnlngwest 1- through ticket to the above places can be procured ambeibeeof thenew yortcenlral r r r arnold agent a few doors east of the american hotelporoftnepoiseroo board the boat j b gordon aarnt toronto march 185t- 7b if rvuigani c prtitmcial-frtanant- art vf auxiliirysoderict mayberlbrmed in each town city of village in which parties may be found to take as their basis theconsuiu- rjoo of this society provided that they at their option make such local arrangements as he tecnllarities of the rase require aatvhv t uflu uf the s shall be elected annually and at each annual meeting one or more persons shall be empowered to assist in forming auxiliaries and in whatever way the interests of the society may demand aar- viii the ladirrf gwrmiuee shall meaevryjviondajening be purpose of making up articles useful and elegant and to them shall be entrusted the details of their plans t is upended to be eaten ft- fep- rafjw lion girard the lion hunter of the french colony in africa gives the following fiaaiatiea of the damage done to the arabs in the province of coastantine by lions the li ilda nay b com to average thirtyflrt weara tbeajmualdeatrncaon of bone mnfesj cattle abeep and camels by a ainjle animal will amount in value to six thbusaad frkdca therefore each lion costs this arabs two hundred thousand francs the thirty lions which are supposed to be now within the pofince and which will be replaced by othenfroca tanis or morocco when exter- aubaterl cost yearly one hundred and eighty thorns nrl iraacs in the country under the dominioa of france each arab ieys an annual tribute of five francs to the goverment and fifty francs to the lions sale of crown lands caowk ltams dipiarhejrr qiwew 4u angutt 1854 notice is hereby given that the undermentioned lands act apart jor 8caool parposes under the statute is vict eh sool in the township of eiau in the coanty of pgath tjcwill be open tbf saieaj actual settlers upon application to js 8bibjuwkadbireat stratford on and afj ter the tenth otnext month on the tbl- lowiog term viz tu be t per a blalatea equal annual lmuimenu withinter- cutlauratiiiialnieaua authority to enler upon ibeiand aetna cvu patios to be unrnediata and continnoaa the- land to be cleared at the rale of two acres annnaly tor each hundred acres during the first fire year a dweluag at least sixteen feet by tighteen 10 be erected the timber to be reserved until the land ha bean paid tor in full and patented and tnjasaa4emtoaugtiieral timber duty thereaf ter axjoisjwaot pccuon not sjuugnable with er pafrhiaai the sale and license of occupa- tjoai tabeciome null and void in case of neglect or taobljlwrf any oftae condition the settler to beayj to obtain a pat upon complying wjui illfr fn net taore than two huh- dred acre lobe sold to any one ptraon oa these tat caw i lo fltme i0 acres each 72 51 xv i lo5ac8to3 incaboqilooeach o 1 to 6 in 8 loaehnc abont 109 eaee st tdo 1 iotae about 100 acres each 5th do 1 to 36 inc- 6th do 1 to 35 inc 7afeeo ltokiac 04r 1985 iae 9rh do lto 35 inc 10th do lto 35 inc per iwci isa th 14th do i ftartie irshdojfijs do do 36 114 do 36133 do 36119 do 36 109 do 36189 also crown lands in the subject totbe same conditicau of aad term of payment at i6d laeaasmt 100 acre each 36 137 do 36140 do do ao 17lh dd italsine dp 18th do 1 tom trmn 67 to 8ff aerer 36 123 36140 s6j46 36 151 m 150 36 157 -tewr- i jff tcaarb del iiii jtrihtmekt qwte imjufy 1854 tfgfveo that tae upderisealioai for school purposes pnder the gtataas liyk tjojjta be cfooniy of huron wlfltailvsaetoactnjusa ppon ap- riteatwldthe juriitit agent joam xsttmtt atafaaatoonverlehrbn and after the ahirtyfixst fitepy- ui fis ten equal annual inaulments with lnter- eat the tust walmentw be paid upon receiving skoppe the land actual oecuna- afjua aadcontintiooi the land to i rats of two acres ansuauy tor eryduiiog ihe first five ycaraa at lsbatietn teet by- etghtten ttnvaruhejaarrd until lb f patftin foil and patented and tio any general tlrriw daty aetaf- j tlon ol bodily and mental prostration which renders them incapable of immediate efforts and makes them objects of compassionate interest being strangers destitute of the commonest necessaries and itrsome instances suffering from temporary illness and over fatigue ther require a helping band the amislavery society o canada and a ladies society at toronto pro vide these refngees with food clothing tebls or whatever meyrerujrentil they prmure em ployment and can support themselves this fflriynmij a considerable expendi- ture which these societies are not in a position to meet to the extent to which their aid is needed it is not only an interestiag fact bat one which should be emphatically dwelt opon that the re fugee fugitives require only temporary assistance labour of every kind is in great demand kd the society being kept duly informed of the parties who are in want of labourers they sel dom fail td procure employment on advantageous terms in no instance wuhiu the last year aod a half bas the society been called upon lo extend re lief for more than six days except in cases of sick ness the fund sought to be raised is therefore not intended to be set aside to maintain able- bodied men in idleness for an indefinite period but to enable the canadian society to respond to the large claims made upon it to supply the more immediate and pressing demands of the fugitives on their arrival and until they have sufficiently recovered from fatigue to avail themselves of the advantages of abundant employment and food good wages cheap land equal liberty and im partial laws and the privilege and rights which are common lo other classes of canadian canaiilkimthe nearest of the british colonic to the united states the stronghold of slavery 1tisofoamilrtipciajceexout provement and elevation of raesenegro refugees because of the influence direct aod reflex which would thereby be brought to bear upon a meriean slavery the mack settler of canada are nearly all of thank farifrres from slavery their im provement would be a triumphant rebuke lo those who once held them as chatties aad to those who hold that the slave requires lo he prepared for freedom for they woold exhibit the spectacle of a people just escaped from the galling yoke com peting as free men successtblly and honourably with other labour further aa there exist in canada some o the prejudices ag c aad as iherjrcetieasire improvement ol the colon red arr ita monthly meeting-of-members- bolh male and female shall be assembled for the purpose of promoting the literary objects spectied by recitaiiansof original pieces reading debates ccc twice in the year at the semiannualand annual meetings pa ties shall be solicited to ad dress the society art x this conslitutioq can be altered at the annual meeting by a vole of a majority of members present and the addition of the votes from aiinlliiry noelep shall be held for the lime being plan of the american dustbiaisghool ln- great western railway fkoi w15ds0i to loagm falts of trains on andafter mondayitheylth sept 1854 taitns will run as follows going east mall train leaves london at ooam 830 103 10j0 100 pm 745 am 1150 300 pm 4745 hamilion at arrives atsuspension bridge n f aaw bxpreas leaves windsor at london at hamiltpilat arrives ai suspension bridgen f nlghtsxpress lcavesjwjliasocarzz ojuk london at 1100 hamilton at 205 am arrives at suspension bridge n f 350 am a passenger car will be attached to freight trains leaving windsor at 330 p m london establishedvaugust b 1891 weekly ejmmbttlto80000d 90000 hhe long peaid df oei tkirty4kree rvors during which the isatoriay exxiz pat has been emadilsootl and its present im mense circulation are guarantees lo ait who may subscribe to it that they will receive a full return for their money our arrangements so 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following list the postage will bo prepaid by them at the newyotk office sr this arrangement of prepaying postage in vance fifty per cent it tared to the purch au4ett containing utd should be posip pjwtoapfehy of wrmfaft- 1 pwhwofda ttuarflxi three hundred csseai treated with water wlthcl praeuee m wateotire timeli to knowfa piiieste a new theory 1 demonstrartoo of tbeadvanragiisof dropalhic system curiigofs its utter inal with apptrjdlx eonufnldg the hjuro dletand rule for bathing bynsnasu j manual r wotkemwcingdesrpfidtr6ftod mode of bathing the hvgienle sjad otmime teftecu of air kterqite ojc4hing diat walerptlnkiag dtcj tor- descriptions of l dlieaies ana the remedies rryd8tawwcefj watercufe alntiariaft ed 6 cents cdttbt phytriolbgy ajplltkitb the preservation orhealtu abu the lnitfrert- tnent of physlateiwd metithl edfleauba with notes by otb eowter weasr chronic diseases especiallr thle nervotw olseiscvbtwimtea byskuch ftorn thegerman 30mob i ji digestion physiology o goa- 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butions we shall endeavour to keep up our usual hamilton- at 400 p mr md ll t shspensinnbridgeatiluopm going west jlltbxpress leaves suspension bridgen7f iltonal 100m 1250pnnr the undersigned the committee on manual labour school appointed by the national coun cil oflhe colored people in offering a plan for the organization of the school beg leave to state 1st that the jscoim of the school which is ithirrm-humlred-miles-of-tlmaown-of-inyejai-wlnofior- erio pennsyltania will be selected a soon as three thousand dollars are paid in the school building and worjk shop will be commenced as soon as ten thousand dollars are paltfin and the school commenced as soon aa fifteen thousand dollar are paid in and that in nto case will a contract be made beyond the sum of money ac tually paid in the site of the school will be at least two hundred acres of land one hundred and fifty of which shall for ever be used as a farm for agricultural instruction 3nd in accordance with a vote of the roches ter convention the teachers are to be selected for and pupils admitted into the school without ref erence to sex ar complexion 3rd special provision will be made to make this from the beginning an industrial school for females as well as males a prominent principle of conduct will be lo aid in providing lor the female sex methods and means of enjoying an independent and honorable livelihood 7 paldsmox dououus comnutlee m momuu labour bcjmtl 200 415 550 415 7j5 john d prck amo o beaux john jones jdrbok j mccumx sairrn population is gradually undermining and destroy tn lliia fillin nff fpi aftnrile a pral tical demonstration not only of the equal capacity of the negro for aelfadvancement where he has a proper incentive to labour- but of the unreason ableness of the prejudice agalast him lastly his social elevation by his own industry and enter prise is even now irimuphantly proving ibe nines of the slave for freedom the righteous ness and the practicability of immediate emanci pation in so far as the slaves themselves are concerned and the perfect capability uf the negro lo live and to advance under the same government and upon terms of political and social equality with the anglo raise or any other of theooa trrastjkxr george william alexander eso hoir sichetiblts rev james sherman and samttel hormanfisher eso j cohamrkk ap8isy- pellatt etkl k p g f white esq rev t james rev j c gallaway a m james 8picer esa rev george smith rev th08 binney robert por8ter eso b n kowlert ebol joseph soul eso u a chambrovzow eso w jones it was moved iijf the rev x- wmberey rec tor otdditipiton ecooded t the rev georg ymmmzt that the best- thairwof hls metbefie 1 the title shall be tat ahsbicusi indus- tbul school 3 the foundation fund shall be thirty thou sand dollars a y i 3 twenty thousand dollars shall be in stock ofaooo shares at ten dollars per ebare 4 ten thousand dollars shall be in donations to basolicited from the friends of the cause 5 the shares shall be payable ten per cent at the time of subscribing and tett per cent every firstda o ju october j an a p thereafier 6 thesehool shall be organized and con- ducted entirely by a board of fifteen trustees 7 six of these trustees shall be the commit tee on manuel labour school appointed by the national council of the peoplt of color and dine orthe trustees shall be elected by the stoclt- ebnlers when three thousand dollars shall have been paid in by ihemi the stockholders and an nually thereafter each share of slock shall count as one vote at all sorb elections and stockholder may vote by proxy on affidavit made and acknowledged befouacoumissioucr of deeds a for every branoa of literature taught there shall be one branch of handicraft also taught in the behoof b eachpupil shall occupy one half his time xooaohar -330- arrives at windsor 745 mu train leaves suspensitn bridge n f hamilton at arrives at london night bxtiresa leaves suspension bridge n fat 1100 pm hamilton- at loopm london at 430 aiwlndsor- a45 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Provincial Freeman (Toronto and Chatham, ON: Mary Ann Shadd Cary (October 9, 1823 – June 5, 1893)), December 9, 1854, p. 4 (2024)


What was the purpose of The Provincial Freeman? ›

The Provincial Freeman was published from 1853 to 1857, first in Windsor, then in Toronto and Chatham. Published weekly, it advocated equality, integration and self-education for black people in Canada and the United States.

What did Mary Ann Shadd write about in her newspaper? ›

Mary Shadd established the newspaper Provincial Freeman in 1853, which was published weekly in southern Ontario. it advocated equality, integration, and self-education for black people in Canada and the United States.

Why establish this paper by Mary Ann Shadd Cary? ›

Mary Ann Shadd Cary's editorial “Why Establish This Paper” persuades and promotes her cause to establish her newspaper by using many different rhetorical strategies. The rhetorical techniques or strategies she uses are the use of personification, anaphora, and pathos.

What is Mary Ann Shadd Cary legacy? ›

“Mary Ann Shadd Cary was an extraordinary woman who made notable contributions to many fields, including the abolitionist movement, early newspaper publishing, Black education, and gender equality,” an official with CCUNESCO said.

Why is Mary Ann Shadd important to Canadian history? ›

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Mary Ann Shadd became a prominent activist in the Underground Railroad refugee communities of Upper Canada during the 1850s. Arriving in 1851, she taught refugee children and urged skilled Blacks to seek haven in Canada from the increasingly dangerous conditions in the United States.

When did Mary Ann Shadd start the Provincial Freeman? ›

On March 24, 1853, Mary Ann Shadd Cary published the first edition of The Provincial Freeman, Canada's first anti-slavery newspaper, making her the first Black woman in North America to edit and publish a newspaper.

What can we learn from Mary Ann Shadd Cary? ›

Shadd dedicated her life to the people in her community. She fought for freedom, equality, women's rights and fair treatment for people of all races. She was truly an advocate for the people and for her activism, she was designated a Personal of National Historic Significance in Canada.

How did Mary Ann Shadd Cary fight for freedom? ›

In 1853, Shadd founded Canada's first-antislavery newspaper, The Provincial Freeman. She was the first Black woman in North American to run a newspaper. The weekly publication encouraged blacks to flee America for their freedom.

How did Mary Ann Shadd Cary change the world? ›

Shadd Cary was the first woman to publish and circulate a newspaper in Canada, The Provincial Freeman — which was also the first Black woman-owned paper to circulate in the United States. An activist, publisher, lawyer, teacher, and journalist, Shadd Cary fought actively for freedom as a material and political reality.

What is personal information about Mary Ann Shadd? ›

Mary Ann Camberton Shadd Cary, educator, publisher, lawyer, abolitionist (born 9 October 1823 in Wilmington, Delaware; died 5 June 1893 in Washington, D.C.). Mary Ann Shadd became the first Black woman in North America to publish and edit a newspaper, The Provincial Freeman.

When did Mary Ann Shadd open her school? ›

Believing that she could help these black emigrants, in the fall of 1851 Shadd moved to Windsor, where she opened a school with the support of the American Missionary Association. Although her relations with other black leaders in Canada were initially friendly, she was soon embroiled in a feud with Henry Walton Bibb*.

What did Carrie best do? ›

Carrie Best was a black activist and writer who owned a newspaper called “The Clarion” which she used to publicize cases of inequality. Carrie Best was an important person whose actions took a step towards the end of discrimination and the beginning of equality for African Canadians (Graham).

What did John Freeman do? ›

In 1844, John Freeman, a free black, purchased land in Indianapolis. By 1853, he owned land in this area worth $6, 000. In June 1853, a slaveholder claimed Freeman was his runaway slave. Freeman spent nine weeks in jail; he hired lawyers; claim was dismissed.

Which two anti-slavery newspapers were founded in Canada during the 1850s? ›

The first, called The Voice of the Fugitive, was established in 1851 by Henry and Mary Bibb in Windsor, Ontario and reported on the Underground Railroad. The second was founded by Mary Ann and Isaac Shadd in 1853 and was called The Provincial Freeman.

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