Kaley Cuoco Welcomes New Addition to Family: 'We Have 3 Babies!!' (2024)


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9:48 AM PDT, June 26, 2024

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey’s family is growing!

The Big Bang Theory star recently took to Instagram to share the heartwarming news of a new addition to her family -- a charming puppy named Dahlia, affectionately nicknamed Dolly.

The 38-year-old actress posted a delightful compilation of videos showcasing Dolly joyfully playing with the entire family.

Cuoco captioned the post, "We have 3 babies!! Meet Dahlia aka Dolly, our newest pack member. We ♥️ her so much. Dolly is the sweetest, most zen cane corso mix — we'll definitely do a DNA test to find out more! Better believe we'll make up for her rough start with an amazing life🫶🐶. She’s been the best addition to ours already."

In her post, Cuoco expressed immense gratitude to the animal rescue organization I Stand With My Pack for saving Dolly, and to Courtney J Davis for providing her with excellent care. Cuoco also took a moment to address the previous owners who had neglected Dolly, ensuring them that the puppy is now safe and loved in her new home.

"Thank you to the wonderful @istandwithmypack for saving her🤍 and thank you @courtneyjdavis for taking such good care of her!💘 PS to the monsters who had her before, thank you!! She’s safe now with us ♥️ consider rescuing your next family member. You won’t regret it! 🐾" Cuoco wrote.

The addition of Dolly comes two months after Cuoco shared that she and Pelphrey's dog, Blue, had died.

"💙 BLUE💙 I have cried harder over the loss of this gorgeous creature than I have in a long time. We have had to put down three dogs in the last year and this one has made me reflect …I’m crying for @tommypelphrey …. The relationship he had with Blue was so special. They were quite the duo. Traveling the country as a team… job to job then driving home to California where we all settled as a family together!" the actress wrote.

"Honestly my first year with Blue was rough to say the least. He didn’t love me the way he loved Tom. I had never experienced this before. All dogs love me! I could tell he was wondering why I was still here? lol Tom was his, and he didn’t want to share. Then I finally understood because I felt the same way about Tom. My love is so deep for him sometimes I didn’t want to share him with the world either. After some time Blue finally realized we were a family and we were all sticking together. Something changed. He was amazing. Protective of me and the rest of our pup crew, always on guard. I felt so safe home alone with him and when anyone came to the door I would put Blue on the leash and have him sit right next to me. No one dared mess with us!" she added.

Cuoco's message came with a photo dump filled with pictures of Blue, who was a German Shepard, with her and Pelphrey, and in solo shots looking out to the mountains. Showing just how much he was loved, the Big Bang Theory alum included a picture of her and her partner wearing Christmas sweaters with his face on them.

The Flight Attendant star's message to her late pup continued with a reflection of how much he loved her and Pelphrey's daughter, Matilda.

"Matilda came and Blue turned to mush like the rest of us. He was so gentle with her and kind. She was obsessed with his one squeaky toy, always stealing it from him. He would patiently wait till she dropped it then scoop it back up for himself and quietly walk away," she wrote. "He was the quiet mascot of our home but Tom was and will always be his one and only. They saved each other. I think this hit deep because I felt their relationship was similar to me and Norman’s. I know that love and pain and many have felt this too! We are so lucky to be loved by animals. They are gifts from above and we have been given the honor to cherish them on this earth. To be their voices. To teach our children how to treat them and how to love them."

Cuoco ended her message with one final round of thanks for Blue.

"Blue, it was an honor to be your second favorite human down here on earth. I can’t wait for you to meet Norman, Sasha, Kingy, and Dumps. Oh the adventures you will have!💙💙💙💙💙," she wrote.

Blue's death came almost a month after Cuoco shared that the family said goodbye to their beloved dog, King. In the candid post, the actress shared that the first dog that she and Pelphrey rescued together died just a year and a half after they rescued him.

Last May, Cuoco and Pelphrey lost another one of their dogs, Dumpy, whose death followed her beloved dog, Norman, who died in 2021.

Speaking to ET last year, Cuoco explained that her dog brand, Oh Norman!, was inspired by her late pet.

"I am a girl who loves dogs," Cuoco said. "I know what people want, I know what I want for my dog -- that's all I can go by and also to be able to have this company in Norman's name, the dog that totally changed my life, and that each portion of each sale goes towards animal rescue is what I've dreamed of forever. So that's where we're at and it just felt like the right time, I could put the right products out there, hopefully make it as affordable as possible, and save as many dogs as I can."



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