Kaley Cuoco’s Daughter Tildy Was Fearless on the Farm Meeting Goats, Ducks, & Horses (2024)

A perfect summer weekend for Kaley Cuoco’s daughter Matilda “Tildy” Carmine involves hanging out on the family’s farm. The 14-month-old looked adorable as she fearlessly met goats, ducks, and horses in the cutest new photos and videos.

“Tildy and da shmooshy 🥹 🥹,” Cuoco captioned one photo on her Instagram story. Her daughter is dressed in a splash of summer colors, including lime green shorts, a sky-blue t-shirt, and a pink hat. She walks up to a miniature horse all by herself in the snap.

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In another photo, she’s in a padlock surrounded by goats (and another miniature horse). Three goats of varying sizes stand still to look at their little visitor, and a tall goat stands right next to Tildy staring down at her. She looks up at the animal with the biggest smile on her face, clearly not scared at all. “Hello goat,” The Big Bang Theory alum captioned this one.

Next up: ducks! Tildy walks with her dad Tom Pelphrey to an area filled with ducks. She waddles after them, giggling with every step as she tries to catch up to the cute animals, while Pelphrey follows holding a worn stuffed bunny in his hands. The camera moves to show the ducks are in the same gate as the goats and miniature horses, but this doesn’t deter Tildy from running after them. It’s adorable to see how comfortable and happy these animals make her!

Kaley Cuoco shares adorable snapshots of her daughter, Matilda "Tildy" Carmine, embracing the tenniscore trend in a Ralph Lauren dress. https://t.co/EZkVnSogzY

— SheKnows (@SheKnows) May 2, 2024

Later, the Ozark star carries his daughter to the stable, where she reaches out to pet a horse. “Poker giving love!” Cuoco captioned it.

The next one is a selfie with the Based on a True Story star and her daughter. They smile in front of a brown horse, whose head is resting on Tildy’s. “Cody trying to steal Tildy’s hat,” she wrote.

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They took a break from the animals to play in some water. Cuoco shared a photo of Tildy all wet as she sat on the ground in some shade. “It was hot so we played in the fountain,” Cuoco explained, adding in another photo “then played baseball w grandpa.” This one shows Tildy reaching over to touch a baseball her grandpa is holding out to her. See? The perfect summer day!

Kaley Cuoco's daughter is a lil confident princess in this video! https://t.co/7pkgwmYIgJ

— SheKnows (@SheKnows) June 11, 2024

Cuoco summarized their adventures at the end. The last photo showed Cuoco reaching out to grab Tildy’s hand from where she was playing in the water on the porch, with a couple of the family’s dogs nearby. “’Twas a magical day,” she wrote.

Tildy has been hanging out at her mom’s farm since she was a newborn. When Tildy was one-month-old, Cuoco shared pictures of her daughter meeting goats, writing, “All the littles are very interested in the human little haha.”

At the same visit, she posted a selfie of her and the baby girl with animals in the background, writing that Tildy was “born a farm girl!”

Kaley Cuoco’s Daughter Tildy Was Fearless on the Farm Meeting Goats, Ducks, & Horses (4)

Last month, the Oh Norman! founder opened up about farm life in an interview with PEOPLE. Cuoco has donkeys, chickens, goats, cows, pigs, and horses at the family’s menagerie, with plenty of dogs at home. “Obviously I rescue dogs, and everyone knows that about me, but I’ve really expanded to farm animals and even Thoroughbreds and horses off the track,” Cuoco told the outlet. “Really anything with four legs is welcome here. We don’t turn anyone away. It’s become this magical place.”

She added that she is fostering Tildy’s love of animals here. “I’ve introduced her to every single horse. She has a pony here that is waiting for her when she is big enough to ride,”Cuoco revealed. “But no matter if she ends up riding or not, it’s a great place for a kid to learn responsibility, having chores, taking care of the animals and seeing how they live together.”

From casual riders to professional equestrians, these celebrity kids are obsessed with horses.

Kaley Cuoco’s Daughter Tildy Was Fearless on the Farm Meeting Goats, Ducks, & Horses (2024)
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