California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (2024)

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (1)

California Low Performing Schools

County District Sschool


Alameda City Unified Chipman Middle

Woodstock Elementary

Longfellow Elementary

Encinal High

Washington Elementary

Berkeley Unified Franklin Elementary

Parks (Rosa) Environmental Science Magne

Thousand Oaks Elementary

Emery Unified Emery Middle

Emery High

Hayward Unified Glassbrook Elementary

Burbank Elementary

Tennyson High

Eden Gardens Elementary

Lorin A. Eden Elementary

King (Martin Luther Jr) Middle

Strobridge Elementary

Treeview Elementary

Palma Ceia Elementary

Park Elementary

Eldridge Elementary

Fairview Elementary

Markham Elementary

Hayward High

Mt. Eden High

Bowman Elementary

Cherryland Elementary

Southgate Elementary

Ruus Elementary

Tyrrell Elementary

Winton Middle

Chavez (Cesar) Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (2)

County District SschoolHayward Unified Hayward Project Elem

Shepherd Elementary

Harder Elementary

Muir (John) Elementary

Longwood Elementary

Livermore Valley Unified Marylin Avenue Elementary

Mountain House Elem Mountain House Elementary

New Haven Unified Barnard-White Middle

Emanuele (Guy Jr.) Elementary

Newark Unified Schilling (August) Elementary

Graham (James A.) Elementary

Newark Junior High

Milani (Louis) Elementary

Crossroads High (Alter.)

Oakland Unified Piedmont Avenue Elementary

Westlake Middle

Carter Middle

Havenscourt Middle

King Estates Middle

Madison Middle

King (Martin Luther Jr.) Elementary

Burbank Elementary

Skyline Senior High

Laurel Elementary

Santa Fe Elementary

Sequoia Elementary

Harte (Bret) Middle

Claremont Middle

Prescott Elementary

Roosevelt Middle

Arts (Alternative)

Glenview Elementary

Emerson Elementary

La Escuelita Elementary

Oakland Senior High

Hawthorne Year-Round Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (3)

County District SschoolOakland Unified Golden Gate Elementary

Garfield Year-Round Elementary

Fruitvale Elementary

Franklin Year-Round Elementary

Far West (Cont.)

Street Academy (Alter)

East Bay Conservation Corps Charter

Castlemont Senior High

Toler Heights Elementary

McClymonds Senior High

Jefferson Year-Round Elementary

Oakland Technical Senior High

Allendale Elementary

Bella Vista Elementary

Brookfield Village Elementary

Burckhalter Elementary

Cole Elementary

Foster Middle

Cox Elementary

Sherman (Elisabeth) Elementary

Fremont Senior High

Maxwell Park Elementary

Lowell Middle

Hoover Elementary

Simmons (Calvin) Middle

Frick Middle

Elmhurst Middle

Whittier Elementary

Webster Academy (K-6)

Washington Elementary

Sobrante Park Elementary

Highland Elementary

Parker Elementary

Mann (Horace) Elementary

Markham Elementary

Manzanita Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (4)

County District SschoolOakland Unified Longfellow Elementary

Lockwood Elementary

Lazear Elementary

Lakeview Elementary

Lafayette Elementary

Swett (John) Elementary

Marshall Elementary

Brewer (Edna) Middle

Oakland Charter Academy

San Leandro Unified Jefferson Elementary

Wilson Elementary

San Leandro High

Washington Elementary

San Lorenzo Unified Edendale Middle

San Lorenzo High

Hillside Elementary

Hesperian Elementary

Colonial Acres Elementary

Grant Elementary

Del Rey Elementary

Lorenzo Manor Elementary


Amador County Unified Ione Elementary


Bangor Union Elementary Bangor Elementary

Biggs Unified Biggs Elementary

Biggs Middle

Chico Unified Parkview Elementary

Nord Elementary

Rosedale Elementary

Chapman Elementary

Citrus Avenue Elementary

Partridge (Jay E.) Elementary

McManus (John A.) Elementary

Feather Falls Union Elem Feather Falls Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (5)

County District SschoolGolden Feather Elem Concow Elementary

Spring Valley Elementary

Gridley Unified Gridley High

Wilson Elementary

Sycamore Middle

Manzanita Elementary Manzanita Elementary

Oroville City Elementary Wyandotte Avenue Elementary

Stanford Avenue Elementary

Central Middle

Oakdale Heights Elementary

Oroville Union High Oroville High

Challenge Charter High

Las Plumas High

Palermo Union Elementary Helen M. Wilcox Elementary

Palermo Elementary

Honcut Elementary

Pioneer Union Elementary Berry Creek Elementary

Thermalito Elementary Sierra Avenue Elementary

Poplar Avenue Elementary

Nelson Avenue Middle


Calaveras Unified Valley Springs Elementary

West Point Elementary

Lind (Jenny) Elementary

San Andreas Elementary

Sierra Hills Education Center (Alter)


Colusa Unified Burchfield (James M.) Primary

Colusa Alternative Home

Colusa High

Egling (George T.) Middle

Maxwell Unified Maxwell High

Maxwell Elementary

Pierce Joint Unified Johnson (Lloyd G.) Jr. High

Grand Island Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (6)

County District SschoolPierce Joint Unified Pierce High

Arbuckle Elementary

Williams Unified Williams High

Williams Elementary

Contra Costa

Antioch Unified Fremont Elementary

Marsh Elementary

Antioch Middle

Turner Elementary

Sutter Elementary

Kimball Elementary

Antioch High

Brentwood Union Elem. Garin Elementary

Brentwood Elementary

John Swett Unified Hillcrest Elementary

Swett (John) High

Martinez Unified Las Juntas Elementary

Mt. Diablo Unified Bel Air Elementary

Cambridge Elementary

Glenbrook Middle

Ygnacio Valley High

Rio Vista Elementary

Ygnacio Valley Elementary

Riverview Middle

Mt. Diablo High

Sun Terrace Elementary

Oak Grove Middle

Meadow Homes Elementary

Fair Oaks Elementary

Shore Acres Elementary

Oakley Union Elementary Gehringer Elementary

Pittsburg Unified Hillview Junior High

Heights Elementary

Willow Cove Elementary

Pittsburg Senior High

Highlands Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (7)

County District SschoolPittsburg Unified Parkside Elementary

Central Junior High

West Contra Costa Unified Ford Elementary

Washington Elementary

Helms Middle

Seaview Elementary

Portola Junior High

Tara Hills Elementary

Murphy Elementary

Fairmont Elementary

El Sobrante Elementary

Collins Elementary

Castro Elementary

El Cerrito Senior High

Crespi Junior High

Bayview Elementary

De Anza Senior High

Kennedy High

Lake Elementary

Richmond High

Downer (Edward M.) Elementary

Coronado Elementary

Highland Elementary

Grant Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Riverside Elementary

Montalvin Manor Elementary

Stege Elementary

King Elementary

Peres Elementary

Wilson Elementary

Adams Middle

Nystrom Elementary

Verde Elementary

Del Norte

Del Norte County Unified Margaret Keating Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (8)

County District SschoolDel Norte County Unified Joe Hamilton Elementary

Smith River Elementary

Bess Maxwell Elementary

El Dorado

El Dorado Union High Pondorado Alternative Center

Indian Diggings Elem Indian Diggings Elementary

Lake Tahoe Unified Bijou Community (Elem)

Al Tahoe Elementary

Pioneer Union Elementary Grizzly Pines Elementary

Silver Fork Elementary Silver Fork Elementary


Burrel Union Elementary Burrel Elementary

Caruthers Unified Caruthers High

Caruthers Elementary

Central Unified Teague Elementary

Central High East Campus

Madison Elementary

El Capitan Elementary

Biola-Pershing Elementary

Clovis Unified Gateway High (Cont.)

Enterprise Alternative (Ind. St.)

Coalinga/Huron Unified Huron Middle

Dawson (Nell) Elementary

Bishop (Henry F.) Elementary

Coalinga Middle

Sunset Elementary

Huron Elementary

Coalinga High

Firebaugh-Las Deltas Join Firebaugh High

Firebaugh Middle

Bailey (Hazel M.) Primary

Mills (Arthur E.) Intermediate

Fowler Unified Malaga Elementary

Fowler High

Fremont Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (9)

County District SschoolFowler Unified Sutter (John) Middle

Fresno Co. Off. of Educ. Bethune Elementary

Fresno Unified Herbert Hoover High

Jefferson Elementary

Kirk Elementary

Lane Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Roeding Elementary

Edison High

Holland Elementary

Kratt Elementary

Thomas Elementary

Vinland Elementary

Ahwahnee Middle

Lawless Elementary

Lowell Elementary

Ewing Elementary

Muir Elementary

Pyle Elementary

Duncan (Erma) Polytechnical High

Aynesworth Elementary

Ericson Elementary

Easterby Elementary

Del Mar Elementary

Dailey Elementary

Columbia Elementary

Centennial Elementary

Carver Academy (Middle)

Calwa Elementary

Jackson Elementary

Birney Elementary

Homan Elementary

Addams Elementary

Roosevelt High

McLane High

Fresno High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (10)

County District SschoolFresno Unified Sunnyside High

School of Unlimited Learning

Fremont Elementary

Heaton Elementary

Norseman Elementary

Burroughs Elementary

Sunset Elementary

Kings Canyon Middle

Sequoia Middle

Wawona Middle

Tioga Middle

Rowell Elementary

Slater Elementary

Fort Miller Preparatory Middle

King Elementary

Yosemite Middle

Ayer Elementary

Hidalgo (Miguel) Elementary

Balderas (Ezekiel) Elementary

Anthony (Susan B.) Elementary

Storey (Edith B.) Elementary

Leavenworth (Ann B.) Elementary

Southeast Middle

Mayfair Elementary

Turner Elementary

Tehipite Middle

Scandinavian Middle

Viking Elementary

Webster Elementary

Wilson Elementary

Wishon Elementary

Wolters Elementary

Cooper Middle

Winchell Elementary

Golden Plains Unified Tranquillity Elementary

San Joaquin Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (11)

County District SschoolGolden Plains Unified Helm Elementary

Cantua Elementary

Tranquillity High

Kerman Unified Sun Empire Elementary

Kerman-Floyd Elementary

Kerman Middle

Kerman High

Kings Canyon Unified Citrus Middle

Sheridan Elementary

General Grant Middle

Lincoln Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Dunlap Elementary

Reedley High

McCord Elementary

Laton Joint Unified Laton High

Laton Elementary

Conejo Middle

Mendota Unified McCabe Elementary

Mendota High

McCabe Junior High

Washington Elementary

Monroe Elementary Monroe Elementary

Orange Center Elementary Orange Center Elementary

Parlier Unified Parlier High

Brletic (Mathew J.) Elementary

Martinez (John C.) Elem

Parlier Junior High

Chavez (Cesar E.) Elementary

Raisin City Elementary Raisin City Elementary

Riverdale Jt. Unified Riverdale High

Fipps Primary

Riverdale Elementary

Sanger Unified Madison Elementary

Del Rey Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (12)

County District SschoolSanger Unified Lincoln Elementary

Washington Academic Middle

Wilson Elementary

Sanger High

Centerville Elementary

Fairmont Elementary

Jackson Elementary

Lone Star Elementary

Selma Unified White (Eric) Elementary

Wilson (Woodrow) Elementary

Indianola Elementary

Terry Elementary

Lincoln (Abraham) Middle

Selma High

Washington Colony Elem Washington Colony Elementary

Washington Union High Easton Continuation High

Washington High

West Fresno Elementary West Fresno Elementary

West Fresno Middle

Westside Elementary Westside Elementary


Glenn Co. Off. of Educ. Glenn County Juvenile Court

Hamilton Union Elem Hamilton Elementary

Hamilton Union High Hamilton Union High

Orland Joint Unified Fairview Elementary

Price Intermediate

Orland High

Princeton Joint Unified Princeton Elementary

Princeton Junior-Senior High

Stony Creek Joint Unif. Elk Creek Junior-Senior High

Indian Valley Elementary

Elk Creek Elementary

Willows Unified Willows High


Bridgeville Elementary Bridgeville Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (13)

County District SschoolEureka City Unified Lincoln Elementary

Worthington (Elem)

Klamath-Trinity Unified Hoopa Valley High

Hoopa Valley Elementary

Norton (Jack) Elementary

Weitchpec Elementary

Orick Elementary Orick Elementary

Peninsula Union Elem Peninsula Union Elementary

Rio Dell Elementary Rio Dell Primary

Rio Dell Elementary

Rohnerville Elementary Ambrosini (Norman G.) Elementary

South Bay Elementary South Bay Elementary

Southern Humboldt Unif Miranda Junior High

Osprey Learning Center (Alter)

Johnson (Agnes J.) Elementary


Brawley Elementary Worth (Barbara) Junior High

Oakley (J.W.)

Brawley Union High Brawley High

Desert Valley High (Cont.)

Renaissance (Community Day)

Calexico Unified Calexico High

Moreno (William) Junior High

Calipatria Unified Calipatria High

Smith (Grace) Elementary

Fremont Elementary

Fremont Primary

Central Union High Central High

Southwest High

El Centro Elementary Harding Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

McKinley Elementary

De Anza Elementary

Washington Elementary

King (Martin Luther Jr.) Elementary

Kennedy Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (14)

County District SschoolEl Centro Elementary Wilson Junior High

Desert Garden Elementary

Heber Elementary Heber Elementary

Holtville Unified Holtville Junior High

Holtville High

Finley (Emmett S.) Elementary

Imperial Unified Imperial High

Magnolia Elementary Magnolia Elementary

Meadows Union Elementary Meadows Elementary

San Pasqual Valley Unif San Pasqual Valley High

San Pasqual Valley Elementary

San Pasqual Middle

Seeley Union Elementary Seeley Elementary

Westmorland Union Elem Westmorland Elementary


Big Pine Unified Big Pine Elementary

Big Pine High

Bishop Union Elementary Elm Street Elementary

Death Valley Unified Tecopa-Francis Elementary

Death Valley High Academy

Lone Pine Unified Lo-Inyo Elementary


Arvin Union Elementary Sierra Vista Elementary

Bear Mountain Elementary

Haven Drive Middle

Bakersfield City Elem Longfellow Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Mt. Vernon Elementary

Munsey Elementary

Noble (Myra A.) Elementary

Pioneer Drive Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Sierra Junior High

Voorhies Elementary

Horace Mann Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (15)

County District SschoolBakersfield City Elem Washington Junior High

Williams Elementary

Garza (Ramon) Elementary

Hills (Stella I.) Elementary

Stiern (Walter) Middle


Owens (Bessie E.) Primary (Elem)

Eissler (Henry) Elementary

William Penn Elementary

Wayside Elementary

Compton Junior High

Jefferson Elementary

Curran Junior High

Harris (Caroline) Elementary

Evergreen Elementary

Fremont Elementary

Pauly (Leo G.) Elementary

Sequoia Middle

Nichols (Colonel Howard) Elementary

Frank West Elementary

Emerson Junior High

College Heights Elementary

Casa Loma Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Beardsley Elementary Beardsley Intermediate

North Beardsley Elementary

Beardsley Junior High

Belridge Elementary Belridge Elementary

Buttonwillow Union Elem Buttonwillow Elementary

Delano Joint Union High Delano High

Delano Union Elementary Fremont Elementary

Almond Tree Middle

Terrace Elementary

Del Vista Elementary

Albany Park Elementary

Cecil Avenue Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (16)

County District SschoolDelano Union Elementary Princeton Street Elementary

Valle Vista Elementary

Di Giorgio Elementary Di Giorgio Elementary

Edison Elementary Orangewood Elementary

Edison Senior Elementary

Elk Hills Elementary Elk Hills Elementary

Fairfax Elementary Fairfax Elementary

Virginia Avenue Elementary

General Shafter Elem General Shafter Elementary

Greenfield Union Elem Ollivier (Leon H.) Jr. High

Palla (Raffaello) Elementary

McKee Elementary

Plantation Elementary

Greenfield Junior High

Fairview Elementary

Planz Elementary

Kern Union High Bakersfield High

Kern Valley High

West High

North High

Shafter High

Highland High

Foothill High

South High

East Bakersfield High

Ridgeview High

Arvin High

Kernville Union Elem Wallace (Woodrow W.) Middle

Wallace (Woodrow W.) Elementary

Lamont Elementary Alicante Avenue Elementary

Lamont Elementary

Mountain View Middle

Myrtle Avenue Elementary

Lost Hills Union Elem Lost Hills Elementary

Thomas (A.M.) Middle

Maricopa Unified Maricopa Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (17)

County District SschoolMaricopa Unified Maricopa High

McFarland Unified McFarland Middle

Kern Avenue Elementary

McFarland High

Browning Road Elementary

McFarland Independent (Alter.)

Midway Elementary Midway Elementary

Mojave Unified Mojave Elementary

Ulrich (Robert P.) Elementary

California City Middle

Joshua Middle

Red Rock Elementary

Mountain View High (Cont.)

Muroc Joint Unified Boron Junior-Senior High

Panama Buena Vista Elem Thompson (Fred L.) Junior High

Pond Union Elementary Pond Elementary

Richland-Lerdo Un Elem Richland Primary

Richland Senior Elementary

Richland Intermediate

Semitropic Elementary Semitropic Elementary

Sierra Sands Unified Monroe (James) Middle

Pierce Elementary

South Fork Union Elem South Fork Elementary

Southern Kern Unified Rosamond High

Rare Earth High (Cont.)

Hamilton Elementary

Rosamond Elementary

Lincoln (Abraham) Alternative

Standard Elementary Wingland Elementary

Standard Elementary

Taft City Elementary Jefferson Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Conley Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Taft Union High Taft Union High

Tehachapi Unified Wells Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (18)

County District SschoolVineland Elementary Sunset Elementary

Vineland Elementary

Wasco Union Elementary Palm Avenue Elementary

Clemens (Karl F.) Elementary

Jefferson (Thomas) Middle

Wasco Union High Wasco High


Armona Union Elementary Parkview Middle

Armona Elementary

Central Union Elementary Central Elementary

Stratford Elementary

Corcoran Joint Unified Corcoran High

Mark Twain Elementary

Fremont (John C.) Elementary

John Muir Middle

Delta View Elementary Delta View Elementary

Hanford Elementary Kennedy (John F.) Junior High

Jefferson Elementary

Richmond (Lee) Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Wilson (Woodrow) Junior High

King (Martin Luther Jr) Elementary

Washington (George) Elementary

Monroe Elementary

Hanford Jt. Un. High Hanford High

Hanford West High

Lakeside Union Elem Lakeside Elementary

Lemoore Union Elementary Lemoore Elementary

Engvall (P.W.) Elementary

Liberty Middle

Meadow Lane Elementary

Lemoore Union High Jamison (Donald C.) High (Cont.)

Lemoore High

Yokuts High (Cont.)

Reef-Sunset Unified Kettleman City Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (19)

County District SschoolReef-Sunset Unified Reef Sunset Middle

Avenal Elementary

Avenal High


Kelseyville Unified Kelseyville Primary

Gard Street Elementary

Konocti Unified Pomo Elementary

Lower Lake Elementary

Oak Hill Middle

East Lake Elementary

Lewis (Richard H.) Alternative

Lower Lake High

Burns Valley Elementary

Lakeport Unified Terrace Elementary

Lucerne Elementary Lucerne Elementary

Middletown Unified Cannon (Minnie) Elementary

Upper Lake Union Elem Upper Lake Middle

Upper Lake Elementary

Upper Lake Union High Upper Lake High


Fort Sage Unified Fort Sage Middle

Herlong High

Sierra Primary

Shaffer Union Elementary Shaffer Elementary

Westwood Unified Fletcher Walker Elementary

Los Angeles

ABC Unified Burbank (Luther) Elementary

Juarez (Benito) Elementary

Fedde (Pharis F.) Middle

Niemes (John H.) Elementary

Artesia High

Melbourne (Ella P.) Elementary

Hawaiian Elementary

Furgeson (Venn W.) Elementary

Willow Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (20)

County District SschoolABC Unified Aloha Elementary

Gahr (Richard) High

Haskell (Pliny Fisk) Middle

Ross (Faye) Middle

Alhambra City Elementary Fremont Elementary

Emery Park Elementary

Granada Elementary

Park Elementary

Northrup (William) Elementary

Antelope Valley High Antelope Valley High

Palmdale High

Littlerock High

Lancaster High

Highland High

Arcadia Unified Rancho Learning Center (Alter.)

Azusa Unified Center Middle

Powell (W. R.) Elementary

Hodge (Victor F.) Elementary

Slauson Intermediate

Paramount Elementary

Mountain View Elementary

Dalton (Henry) Elementary

Foothill Middle

Gladstone High

Azusa High

Magnolia Elementary

Ellington (Alice M.) Elementary

Gladstone Street Elementary

Baldwin Park Unified Bursch (Charles) Elementary

Elwin Elementary

Baldwin Park High

Sierra Vista High

Vineland Elementary

Central Elementary

Jones (Charles D.) Junior High

Walnut Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (21)

County District SschoolBaldwin Park Unified Tracy Elementary

Pleasant View Elementary

Olive Middle

Holland (Jerry D.) Middle

Kenmore Elementary

Geddes (Ernest R.) Elementary

Foster Elementary

Santa Fe Elementary

Deanza Elementary

Heath (Margaret) Elementary

Sierra Vista Junior High

Bassett Unified Julian (Don) Elementary

Vanwig (J. E.) Elementary

Torch Middle

Sunkist Elementary

Bassett Senior High

Edgewood Academy (Elem)

Erwin (Thomas E.) Elementary

Bellflower Unified Jefferson (Thomas) Elementary

Pyle (Ernie) Elementary

Washington Elementary

Williams (Craig) Elementary

Ramona Elementary

Mayfair High

Bellflower High

Woodruff (Frank E.) Elementary

Las Flores Elementary

Baxter (Albert) Elementary

Bonita Unified Ekstrand (Fred) Elementary

Burbank Unified McKinley (William) Elementary

Providencia Elementary

Centinela Valley High Leuzinger High

Hawthorne High

Lawndale High

Charter Oak Unified Badillo Elementary

Claremont Unified Vista del Valle Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (22)

County District SschoolCompton Unified Kennedy (Robert F.) Elementary

Longfellow Elementary

Mayo Elementary

Rosecrans Elementary

Kelly Elementary

Caldwell Street Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Foster Elementary

McNair (Ronald E.) Elementary

Bursch Elementary

Dominguez High

Tibby Elementary

Laurel Street Elementary

Bunche Middle

Compton High

Enterprise Middle

Dickison Elementary

Centennial High

Davis Middle

Walton Middle

Roosevelt Middle

Willowbrook Middle

Lincoln Elementary

Vanguard Learning Center

Washington Elementary

King (Martin Luther) Elementar

Carver Elementary

Anderson Elementary

Bunche (Ralph) Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Willard (Frances) Elementary

Whaley Middle

Emerson Elementary

Covina-Valley Unified Merwin Elementary

Workman Avenue Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (23)

County District SschoolCovina-Valley Unified Traweek Intermediate

Las Palmas Intermediate

Lark Ellen Elementary

Cypress Elementary

Covina Elementary

Manzanita Elementary

Covina High

Valencia Elementary

Northview High

Culver City Unified La Ballona Elementary

Downey Unified Old River Elementary

West Middle

South Middle

Carpenter Elementary

Downey High

Warren High

Duarte Unified Maxwell Elementary

Duarte High

Northview Intermediate

Valley View Elementary

Andres Duarte Elementary

Beardslee Elementary

East Whittier City Elem East Whittier Middle

Evergreen Elementary

Ceres Elementary

Hillview Middle

La Colima Elementary

Laurel Elementary

Mulberry Elementary

Eastside Union Elem Cole (Gifford C.) Middle

Tierra Bonita South Elementary

Tierra Bonita North Elementary

Eastside Elementary

El Monte City Elementary Cherrylee Elementary

Durfee Elementary

Gidley Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (24)

County District SschoolEl Monte City Elementary Shirpser Elementary

Rio Vista Elementary

Columbia Elementary

Legore Elementary

Thompson (Byron E.)

Loma Elementary

Wilkerson Elementary

Wright Elementary

Potrero Elementary

Norwood Elementary

New Lexington Elementary

Mulhall Elementary

Cortada Elementary

Rio Hondo Elementary

El Monte Union High Rosemead High

Arroyo High

El Monte High

Mountain View High

South El Monte High

El Rancho Unified El Rancho High

North Park Middle

Meller (Mary E.) Elementary

Valencia Elementary

Selby Grove Elementary

Rivera Elementary

Pio Pico Elementary

Magee (Lawrence T.) Elementary

Rivera Middle

Durfee Elementary

Birney (Alice M.) Elementary

Rio Vista Elementary

Obregon (Eugene A.) Elementary

Burke (Osburn) Middle

El Segundo Unified Arena High (Cont.)

Garvey Elementary Sanchez (George I.) Elementary

Bitely (Arlene) Elem.

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (25)

County District SschoolGarvey Elementary Temple (Roger W.) Intermediate

Duff (Margaret) Elementary

Willard (Frances E.) Elementary

Marshall(John) Elementary

Garvey (Richard) Intermediate

Rice (Eldridge) Elementary

Glendale Unified Glendale Senior High

Hoover (Herbert) Senior High

Columbus Elementary

Mann (Horace) Elementary

Cerritos Elementary

Marshall (John) Elementary

Muir (John) Elementary

Roosevelt (Theodore) Middle

Jefferson (Thomas) Elementary

Edison (Thomas) Elementary

Glendora Unified Whitcomb Continuation High

Gorman Elementary Gorman Middle

Gorman Elementary

Hacienda la Puente Unif Sierra Vista Middle

Wing Lane Elementary

Grandview Elementary

Workman Elementary

Temple Academy

Sunset Elementary

Sparks Elementary

Shadybend Elementary

Nelson Elementary

California Elementary

La Puente High

Workman (William) High

Sparks Middle

Baldwin Academy (Elem)

Lassalette Elementary

Valinda School of Academics

Palm Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (26)

County District SschoolHacienda la Puente Unif Fairgrove Academy (K-8)

Bixby Elementary

Del Valle Elementary

Glenelder Elementary

Kwis Elementary

Opportunities for Learning-Hacienda La P

Hawthorne Elementary Hawthorne Middle

Ramona Elementary

Eucalyptus Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Washington Elementary

Williams Elementary

York Elementary

Zela Davis Elementary

Prairie Vista Middle

Yukon Middle

Inglewood Unified Oak Street Elementary

Centinela Elementary

Monroe (Albert F.) Junior High

Woodworth (Clyde) Elementary

Crozier (George W.) Junior High

Inglewood High

Morningside High

La Tijera Elementary

Worthington Elementary

Lane (Warren) Elementary

Keppel Union Elementary Lake Los Angeles Elementary

Antelope Elementary

Almondale Middle

Pearblossom Elementary

Alpine Elementary

Gibson (Daisy) Elementary

Lancaster Elementary Lincoln Elementary

Lancaster Elementary

Piute Intermediate

Mariposa Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (27)

County District SschoolLancaster Elementary Northrop (Jack) Elementary

Monte Vista Elementary

Joshua Elementary

Desert View Elementary

El Dorado Elementary

Linda Verde Elementary

Cory (Nancy) Elementary

Sierra Elementary

Sunnydale Elementary

Park View Intermediate

Lawndale Elementary Green (William) Elementary

Anderson (William) Elementary

Mitchell (Billy) Elementary

Addams (Jane) Elementary

Roosevelt (F.D.) Elementary

Rogers (Will) Middle

Lennox Elementary Felton Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Moffett Elementary

Whelan Elementary

Lennox Middle

Buford Elementary

Little Lake City Elem Lakeland Elementary

Cresson Elementary

Jersey Avenue Elementary

Lake Center Elementary

Orr (William W.) Elementary

Studebaker Elementary

Paddison Elementary

Lakeside Elementary

Lakeview Elementary

Long Beach Unified Lincoln Elementary

Franklin Middle

Stephens Middle

Lindbergh Middle

Jefferson Leadership Academies

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (28)

County District SschoolLong Beach Unified Hamilton Middle

Demille Middle

Whittier Elementary

Webster Elementary

Tucker Elementary

Hudson Elementary

Butler (Mary) Elementary

Monroe Elementary

Hill Middle

Garfield Elementary

Jordan High

Savannah Academy (Grade 9)

Cabrillo (Juan Rodriguez) High

Barton Elementary

Burbank Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Edison Elementary

Macarthur Elementary

Grant Elementary

Harte Elementary

Keller Elementary

King Elementary

Lee Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Burnett Elementary

Avalon (K-12)

Constellation Community Middle (Char)

Robinson (Jackie) Elementary

Marshall Middle

Hoover Middle

Willard Elementary

Tincher Elementary

Sutter Elementary

International Elementary

Stevenson Elementary

Washington Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (29)

County District SschoolLong Beach Unified Signal Hill Elementary

Riley Elementary

Powell (Colin L.) Academy for Success

Lafayette Elementary

Emerson Elementary

Lakewood High

Millikan Senior High

Wilson High

Addams Elementary

Bixby Elementary

Bryant Elementary

Burcham Elementary

Carver Elementary

Cleveland Elementary

Gompers Elementary

Muir Elementary

Holmes Elementary

Mann Elementary

Henry Elementary

Los Angeles Co. Off/Educ Soledad Enrichment Action (Charter)

Los Angeles Unified Hubbard Street Elementary

Harrison Street Elementary

Hart Street Elementary

Hawaiian Avenue Elementary

Hazeltine Avenue Elementary

Heliotrope Avenue Elementary

Herrick Avenue Elementary

Hillcrest Drive Elementary

Hillside Elementary

Holmes Avenue Elementary

Hoover Street Elementary

Haddon Avenue Elementary

Humphreys Avenue Elementary

Huntington Drive Elementary

Hyde Park Blvd. Elementary

Kittridge Street Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (30)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified La Salle Avenue Elementary

Lanai Road Elementary

Langdon Avenue Elementary

Lankershim Elementary

Latona Avenue Elementary

Leapwood Avenue Elementary

Hooper Avenue Elementary

Gault Street Elementary

Fletcher Drive Elementary

Florence Avenue Elementary

Ford Boulevard Elementary

Forty-Ninth Street Elementary

Forty-Second Street Elementary

Fourth Street Elementary

Fries Avenue Elementary

Fullbright Avenue Elementary

Garden Grove Elementary

Harbor City Elementary

Garvanza Elementary

Hammel Street Elementary

Glassell Park Elementary

Glen Alta Elementary

One Hundred Seventh Street Elementary

Graham Elementary

One Hundred Sixteenth Street Elementary

Grape Street Elementary

Gridley Street Elementary

Griffin Avenue Elementary

Gulf Avenue Elementary

Lillian Street Elementary

Gardena Elementary

Montague Street Elem. (Char)

Liberty Boulevard Elementary

San Fernando Elementary

Ninety-Ninth Street Elementary

Ninety-Fifth Street Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (31)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Ninety-Eighth Street Elementar

Newcastle Elementary

Nevin Avenue Elementary

Nevada Avenue Elementary

Napa Street Elementary

Barrett (Charles W.) Elmentary

Monte Vista Street Elementary

Ninety-Sixth Street Elementary

Miramonte Elementary

Miles Avenue Elementary

Middleton Street Elementary

Micheltorena Street Elementary

Marianna Avenue Elementary

Marvin Elementary

Mayberry Street Elementary

McKinley Avenue Elementary

Melrose Avenue Elementary

Menlo Avenue Elementary

Morningside Elementary

Manhattan Place Elementary

Meyler Street Elementary

Limerick Avenue Elementary

Lockwood Avenue Elementary

Loma Vista Avenue Elementary

Lorena Street Elementary

Loreto Street Elementary

Los Feliz Elementary

Magnolia Avenue Elementary

Malabar Street Elementary

Ninety-Second Street Elementar

Flournoy (Lovelia P.) Elementary

Liggett Street Elementary

One Hundred Eight-Sixth St. Elementary

One Hundred Eighteenth Street

One Hundred Fifty-Third Street

O'Melveny Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (32)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Norwood Street Elementary

Normont Elementary

Normandie Avenue Elementary

Sterry (Nora) Elementary

Noble Avenue Elementary

Ninety-Third Street Elementary

Manchester Avenue Elementary

Hollenbeck Middle

Mulholland (William) Middle

Muir (John) Middle

Mt. Gleason Middle

Bethune (Mary McLeod) Middle

Marina del Rey Middle

Mann (Horace) Junior High

Maclay (Charles) Middle

Rowan Avenue Elementary

Irving (Washington) Middle

Pacoima Middle

Harte (Bret) Prepatory Intermediate

Griffith (David Wark) Middle

Gompers (Samuel) Middle

Fleming (Alexander) Middle

Emerson (Ralph Waldo) Middle

Drew (Charles) Middle

Dana (Richard Henry) Middle

King (Thomas Starr) Middle

Webster (Daniel) Middle

Madison (James) Middle

Le Conte (Joseph) Middle

Gage (Henry T.) Middle

Foshay Learning Center (K-12)

Edison (Thomas A.) Middle

Clay (Henry) Middle

Berendo Middle

Nightingale (Florence) Middle

Wilmington Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (33)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Northridge Middle

Virgil Middle

Van Nuys Middle

Sutter (John A.) Middle

Stevenson (Robert Louis) Middle

South Gate Middle

Sepulveda (Francisco) Middle

San Fernando Middle

Byrd (Richard E.) Middle

Audubon Middle

Twenty-Fourth Street Elementary

Columbus (Christopher) Middle

Victoria Avenue Elementary

Vernon City Elementary

Vermont Avenue Elementary

Vaughn Street Elementary (Char)

Van Nuys Elementary

Van Ness Avenue Elementary

Vine Street Elementary

Union Avenue Elementary

Vinedale Elementary

Twentieth Street Elementary

Tweedy Elementary

Trinity Street Elementary

Toluca Lake Elementary

Weemes (Lenicia B.) Elementary

Tenth Street Elementary

Telfair Avenue Elementary

Sylvan Park Elementary

Valerio Street Elementary

Wilmington Park Elementary

Olive Vista Middle

Burbank (Luther) Middle

Belvedere Middle

Bancroft (Hubert Howe) Middle

Adams (John) Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (34)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Yorkdale Elementary

Woodcrest Elementary

Victory Boulevard Elementary

Wilshire Crest Elementary

Nimitz (Chester W.) Middle

Westminster Avenue Elementary

Western Avenue Elementary

West Vernon Avenue Elementary

West Hollywood Elementary

West Athens Elementary

Weigand Avenue Elementary

Wadsworth Avenue Elementary

Virginia Road Elementary

Winnetka Avenue Elementary

Sharp Avenue Elementary

Soto Street Elementary

San Gabriel Avenue Elementary

San Pedro Street Elementary

King (Martin Luther, Jr) Elementary

Santa Monica Boulevard Elementary

Second Street Elementary

Selma Avenue Elementary

Russell Elementary

Seventy-Fourth Street Elementary

Rosemont Avenue Elementary

Shenandoah Street Elementary

Sheridan Street Elementary

Sierra Park Elementary

Sierra Vista Elementary

Sixth Avenue Elementary

Sixty-Eighth Street Elementary

Sixty-First Street Elementary

Markham (Edwin) Middle

Seventy-Fifth Street Elementary

Purche Avenue Elementary

One Hundred Twelfth Street Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (35)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified One Hundred Twenty-Second Street Elem.

Osceola Street Elementary

Oxnard Street Elementary

Pacoima Elementary

Parmelee Avenue Elementary

Parthenia Street Elementary

Sylmar Elementary

Plummer Elementary

South Park Elementary

Queen Anne Place Elementary

Ranchito Avenue Elementary

Raymond Avenue Elementary

Reseda Elementary

Richland Avenue Elementary

Hamasaki (Morris K) Elementary

Ritter Elementary

Roscoe Elementary

Pinewood Avenue Elementary

Fishburn Avenue Elementary

Sixty-Sixth Street Elementary

San Miguel Elementary

Hughes (Teresa) Elementary

Montara Avenue Elementary

Pio Pico Elementary

Arco Iris Primary Center

Bellevue Avenue Primary Center

Nueva Vista Elementary

Ninth Street Elementary

Maclay Primary Center

Kennedy (Robert F.) Elementary

El Sereno Middle

Curtiss (Glenn Hammond) Middle

Saturn Street Elementary

Miller (Loren) Elementary

Sun Valley Middle

Peary (Robert E.) Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (36)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified One Hundred Thirty-Fifth Street Elem.

Sunrise Elementary

Glenwood Elementary

Stagg Street Elementary

Stanford Avenue Elementary

State Street Elementary

Stonehurst Avenue Elementary

Stoner Avenue Elementary

Strathern Street Elementary

Griffith Joyner (Florence) Elementary

Politi (Leo) Elementary

First Street Elementary

Mt. Vernon Middle

Community Charter Middle

Watts Learning Center (Charter)

Independence Elementary

Gratts (Evelyn Thurman) Elem

San Antonio Elementary

Los Angeles Elementary

Walnut Park Elementary

Esperanza Elementary

Sunny Brae Avenue Elementary

Gledhill Street Elementary

Leland Street Elementary

Chapman Elementary

Colfax Avenue Elementary

Commonwealth Avenue Elementary

Crescent Heights Boulevard Elementary

Dearborn Street Elementary

Denker Avenue Elementary

Dolores Street Elementary

El Oro Way Elementary

Emelita Street Elementary

Catskill Avenue Elementary

Fifty-Fourth Street Elementary

Carthay Center Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (37)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Glenfeliz Boulevard Elementary

Granada Elementary

Halldale Elementary

Hamlin Street Elementary

Harding Street Elementary

Haskell Elementary

Hobart Boulevard Elementary

Knollwood Elementary

Lassen Elementary

Downtown Business High

Eshelman Avenue Elementary

Atwater Avenue Elementary

King/Drew Medical Magnet High

Hamilton (Alexander) Senior Hi

Narbonne (Nathaniel) Senior Hi

North Hollywood Senior High

San Pedro Senior High

University Senior High

Van Nuys Senior High

Venice Senior High

Kennedy (John F.) High

Allesandro Elementary

Chandler Elementary

Annandale Elementary

Lemay Street Elementary

Baldwin Hills Elementary

Bonita Street Elementary

Brainard Avenue Elementary

Broad Avenue Elementary

Buchanan Street Elementary

Cahuenga Elementary

Cantara Street Elementary

Canterbury Avenue Elementary

Capistrano Avenue Elementary

Caroldale Avenue Elementary

Anatola Avenue Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (38)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Arroyo Seco

Laurel Elementary

Westport Heights Elementary

Wilton Place Elementary

Holmes (Oliver Wendell) Middle

White (Stephen M.) Middle

Henry (Patrick) Middle

Parkman (Francis) Middle

Reed (Walter) Middle

Accelerated School

Broadous (Hillery T.) Elementary

Van Deene Avenue Elementary

Fairfax Senior High

Valley View Elementary

Dorsey (Susan Miller) Senior H

Crenshaw Senior High

Carson Senior High

Canoga Park Senior High

Mid City Magnet

Birmingham Senior High

Belmont Senior High

Bell Senior High

Banning (Phineas) Senior High

One Hundred Ninth Street Elementary

Grant Elementary

San Jose Street Elementary

Melvin Avenue Elementary

Monlux (John B.) Elementary

Mountain View Elementary

Multnomah Street Elementary

Palms Elementary

Plainview Avenue Elementary

Playa del Rey Elementary

President Avenue Elementary

Ramona Elementary

Rio Vista Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (39)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Vena Avenue Elementary

Rosewood Avenue Elementary

Carnegie (Andrew) Middle

San Pascual Avenue Elementary

Saticoy Elementary

Shirley Avenue Elementary

Short Avenue Elementary

Sunland Elementary

Tarzana Elementary

Thirty-Second St. USC Performing Arts

Bright (Birdielee V) Elementary

Toland Way Elementary

Towne Avenue Elementary

Rockdale Elementary

Canoga Park Elementary

Braddock Drive Elementary

Coldwater Canyon Avenue Elemen

Cohasset Street Elementary

Clifford Street Elementary

City Terrace Elementary

Cimarron Avenue Elementary

Cienega Elementary

Cheremoya Avenue Elementary

Chase Street Elementary

Charnock Road Elementary

Compton Avenue Elementary

Carson Street Elementary

Corona Avenue Elementary

Camellia Avenue Elementary

Fifty-Ninth Street Elementary

Bushnell Way Elementary

Burbank Boulevard Elementary

Budlong Avenue Elementary

Bryson Avenue Elementary

Brooklyn Avenue Elementary

Brockton Avenue Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (40)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Broadway Elementary

Breed Street Elementary

Century Park Elementary

Millikan (Robert A.) Middle

Fifteenth Street Elementary

Fernangeles Elementary

Fenton Avenue Elementary (Char)

Farmdale Elementary

Fair Avenue Elementary

Euclid Avenue Elementary

Erwin Street Elementary

Elysian Heights Elementary

Elizabeth Learning Center (K-12)

El Sereno Elementary

Coliseum Street Elementary

El Dorado Avenue Elementary

Burton Street Elementary

Dyer Street Elementary

Bradley (Tom) Environmental Science and

Dorris Place Elementary

Dominguez Elementary

Del Amo Elementary

Fifty-Second Street Elementary

Dayton Heights Elementary

Figueroa Street Elementary

Dena (Christopher) Elementary

Plasencia (Betty) Elementary

Eagle Rock Junior-Senior High

Hollywood Senior High

San Fernando Senior High

Roosevelt (Theodore) Senior High

Reseda Senior High

Monroe (James) High

Marshall (John) Senior High

Manual Arts Senior High

Blythe Street Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (41)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Locke (Alain Leroy) Senior Hig

Cabrillo Avenue Elementary

Jordan (David Starr) Senior Hi

South Gate Senior High

Huntington Park Senior High

Los Angeles Senior High

Grant (Ulysses S.) Senior High

Garfield (James A.) Senior High

Gardena Senior High

Owens (Jessie) Opportunity Center

Fremont (John C.) Senior High

Franklin (Benjamin) Senior Hig

Westside Leadership Magnet

Francis (John H.) Polytechnic

Chatsworth Senior High

Cleveland (Grover) High

Jefferson (Thomas) Senior High

Beachy Avenue Elementary

Annalee Avenue Elementary

Aragon Avenue Elementary

Lincoln (Abraham) Senior High

Arlington Heights Elementary

Sylmar Senior High

Arminta Street Elementary

Avalon Gardens Elementary

Bandini Street Elementary

Ann Street Elementary

Bassett Street Elementary

Belvedere Elementary

Middle College High (Alternative)

Verdugo Hills Senior High

Washington (George) Preparatory High

Barton Hill Elementary

Wilson (Woodrow) Senior High

Bertrand Avenue Elementary

Albion Street Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (42)

County District SschoolLos Angeles Unified Aldama Elementary

Alexandria Avenue Elementary

Alta Loma Elementary

Amestoy Elementary

Angeles Mesa Elementary

Westchester Senior High

Los Nietos Elementary Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary

Los Nietos Middle

Aeolian Elementary

Nelson (Ada S.) Elementary

Lynwood Unified Twain (Mark) Elementary

Lynwood High

Abbott (Janie P.) Elementary

Lindbergh Elementary

Rogers (Will) Elementary

Wilson Elementary

Hosler Middle

Lynwood Middle

Agnes Elementary

Washington Elementary

Lugo Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Monrovia Unified Monrovia High

Plymouth Elementary

Wild Rose Elementary

Bradoaks Elementary

Monroe Elementary

Santa Fe Middle

Montebello Unified Eastmont Intermediate

Schurr High

Montebello High

Bell Gardens Elementary

Chavez (Cesar E.) Elementary

Gascon (Joseph A.) Elementary

Bandini Elementary

Bella Vista Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (43)

County District SschoolMontebello Unified Macy Intermediate

La Merced Elementary

Rosewood Park Elementary

Suva Elementary

Bell Gardens High

Bell Gardens Intermediate

La Merced Intermediate

Suva Intermediate

Laguna Nueva Elementary

Montebello Intermediate

Wilcox Elementary

Mountain View Elem La Primaria Elementary

Twin Lakes Elementary

Madrid (Alfred S.) Middle

Payne (Willard F.) Elementary

Parkview Elementary

Monte Vista Elementary

Miramonte Elementary

Maxson Elementary

Cogswell Elementary

Kranz (Charles T.) Intermediat

Baker Elementary

Voorhis (Jerry) Elementary

Newhall Elementary Newhall Elementary

Norwalk-La Mirada Unif Nuffer (John H.) Elementary

Chavez (Cesar) Elementary

Waite (Nettie L.) Middle

Sanchez (Arturo) Elementary

Moffitt (Thomas B.) Elementary

Huerta (Dolores) Elementary

La Pluma Elementary

Foster Road Elementary

New River Elementary

Hargitt (Cora) Middle

Dolland (John) Elementary

Norwalk High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (44)

County District SschoolNorwalk-La Mirada Unif Glenn (John H.) High

Dulles (John Foster) Elementary

Johnston (D. D.) Elementary

Hutchinson (Arlie F.) Middle

Glazier (Anna M.) Elementary

La Mirada High

Edmondson (Earl E.) Elementary

Morrison (Julia B.) Elementary

Los Alisos Middle

Corvallis Middle

Palmdale Elementary Juniper Intermediate

Yucca Elementary

Tumbleweed Elementary

Tamarisk Elementary

Cactus Elementary

Mesa Intermediate

Manzanita Elementary

Desert Rose Elementary

Chaparral Elementary

Palm Tree Hill Elementary

Buena Vista Elementary

Wildflower Elementary

Mesquite Elementary

Quail Valley Elementary

Shadow Hills Intermediate

Cimarron Elementary

Paramount Unified Collins (Captain Raymond) Elem

Paramount Park (Elem)

Orange Avenue (Elem)

Wirtz (Harry) Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Mokler (Major Lynn) Elementary

Keppel (Mark) Elementary

Los Cerritos Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Lakewood Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (45)

County District SschoolParamount Unified Gaines (Wesley) Elementary

Paramount High

Hollydale Elementary

Pasadena Unified Altadena Elementary

Sierra Madre Elementary

Loma Alta Elementary

Longfellow Elementary

Cleveland Elementary

Madison Elementary

San Rafael Elementary

Washington Middle

Burbank Elementary

Eliot Middle

Roosevelt Elementary

Noyes Elementary

Linda Vista Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Jackson Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Pasadena High

Edison Elementary

Webster Elementary

Marshall Fundamental

Blair High

Wilson Middle

Muir High

Field Elementary

Pomona Unified Fremont Middle

Palomares Middle

Vejar Elementary

San Antonio Elementary

Simons Middle

Pueblo Elementary

Emerson Middle

Alcott Elementary

Westmont Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (46)

County District SschoolPomona Unified San Jose Elementary

Harrison Elementary

Allison Elementary

Ganesha Senior High

Marshall (John) Middle

Pomona Senior High

Yorba Elementary

Arroyo Elementary

Mendoza Elementary

Kellogg Polytechnic Elementary

Kingsley Elementary

Lexington Elementary

Madison Elementary

Montvue Elementary

Barfield (C. Joseph) Elementary

Philadelphia Elementary

Washington Elementary

Garey Senior High

Rosemead Elementary Savannah Elementary

Rowland Unified Rorimer Elementary

Northam Elementary

Farjardo Elementary

Giano Intermediate

Yorbita Elementary

Hurley Elementary

Nogales High

La Seda Elementary

Villacorta Elementary

San Gabriel Unified Roosevelt Elementary

South Whittier Elem South Whittier Intermediate

McKibben (Howard J.) Elementary

Lake Marie Elementary

Loma Vista Elementary

Los Altos Elementary

Telechron Elementary

Monte Vista Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (47)

County District SschoolSouth Whittier Elem Carmela (Elementary)

Valle Lindo Elementary New Temple (Elem)

Shively (Dean L.) Elementary

West Covina Unified Merlinda Elementary

Monte Vista Elementary

Orangewood Elementary

Edgewood Middle

Hollencrest Middle

West Covina High

Wescove Elementary

Westside Union Elem Neenach Elementary

Whittier City Elementary Phelan (Daniel) Elementary

Sorensen (Christian) Elementary

Washington (George) Elementary

Edwards (Katherine) Middle

Longfellow Elementary

Hoover (Lou Henry) Elementary

Jackson (Lydia) Elementary

Mill Elementary

Orange Grove Elementary

Dexter (Walter F.) Middle

Andrews (Wallen L.) N.W. Elementary

Lincoln (Abraham) Elementary

West Whittier Elementary

Whittier Union High Pioneer High

Santa Fe High

Whittier High

California High

Wilsona Elementary Vista San Gabriel Elementary

Challenger Middle


Alview-Dairyland Elem Dairyland Elementary

Alview Elementary

Bass Lake Jt. Elementary Bass Lake Elementary

Chowchilla Elementary Fuller (Merle L.) Elementary

Wilson Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (48)

County District SschoolChowchilla Elementary Fairmead Elementary

Chowchilla Union High Chowchilla High

Madera Unified Alpha Elementary

Howard Elementary

Madison Elementary

Eastin-Arcola Elementary

Monroe (James) Elementary

Madera High

Berenda Elementary

Jefferson (Thomas) Middle

La Vina Elementary

Millview Elementary

Sierra Vista Elementary

Dixieland Elementary

Washington (George) Elementary

King (Martin Luther Jr.) Middle

Ripperdan Elementary

Raymond-Knowles Elem Raymond-Knowles Elementary


San Rafael City Elem Gallinas Elementary

Bahia Vista Elementary

San Pedro Elementary

Laurel Dell Elementary

Sausalito Elementary Bayside/King (Martin Luther) (Elem)

North Bay Elementary

Shoreline Unified West Marin Elementary

Tomales High


Mariposa County Unified Lake Don Pedro Elementary

Coulterville-Greeley Elementary


Anderson Valley Unified Anderson Valley Elementary

Arena Union Elementary Arena Elementary

Fort Bragg Unified Redwood Elementary

Gray (Dana) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (49)

County District SschoolLaytonville Unified Laytonville High

Laytonville Elementary

Leggett Valley Unified Leggett Valley High

Leggett Valley Elementary

Manchester Union Elem Manchester Elementary

Round Valley Unified Round Valley Elementary

Round Valley High

Ukiah Unified Zeek (Frank) Elementary

Calpella Elementary

Yokayo Elementary

Redwood Valley Elementary

Ukiah High

Nokomis Elementary

Hopland Elementary

Oak Manor Elementary

Willits Unified Brookside Elementary

Blosser Lane Elementary

Baechtel Grove Middle


Atwater Elementary Mitchell Elementary

Bellevue Elementary

Colburn (Aileen) Elementary

Olaeta (Thomas) Elementary

Heller (Peggy) Elementary

Mitchell Intermediate

Ballico-Cressey Elem Cressey Elementary

Delhi Unified Delhi High

El Capitan Elementary

Delhi Middle

Schendel Elementary

Dos Palos Oro Loma Unif Dos Palos High

Marks (Bernhard) Elementary

Dos Palos Elementary

Bryant Middle

Oro Loma Elementary

El Nido Elementary El Nido Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (50)

County District SschoolGustine Unified Gustine High

Romero Elementary

Gustine Middle

Gustine Elementary

Hilmar Unified Merquin Elementary

Hilmar High

Elim Elementary

Le Grand Elementary Le Grand Elementary

Le Grand High School Le Grand High

Livingston Union Elem Campus Park Elementary

Livingston Middle

Yamato Colony Elementary

Los Banos Unified Miano (R.M.) Elementary

Los Banos Elementary

Westside Union Intermediate

Los Banos Junior High

Los Banos High

Henry Miller Elementary

Charleston Elementary

Merced City Elementary Muir (John) Elementary

Givens (Ada) Elementary

Wright (Charles) Elementary

Fremont Charter

Burbank (Luther) Elementary

Sheehy (Margaret) Elementary

Tenaya Middle

Gracey (Leontine) Elementary

Stowell (Don) Elementary

Reyes (Alicia) Elementary

Chenoweth (Donn B.) Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Hoover (Herbert) Middle

Rivera (Rudolph) Middle

Peterson (Allan) Elementary

Cruickshank (Herbert H.) Middle

Merced Union High Livingston High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (51)

County District SschoolMerced Union High Merced High

Golden Valley High

Atwater High

Plainsburg Union Elem Plainsburg Elementary

Planada Elementary Planada Elementary

Snelling-Merced Falls Snelling-Merced Falls Elementary

Weaver Union Elementary Pioneer Elementary

Weaver Elementary

Winton Elementary Winton Middle

Crookham (Sybil N.) Elementary

Sparkes (Frank) Elementary


Modoc Joint Unified Arlington Elementary

South Fork Elementary

Tulelake Basin Unified Tulelake Basin Elementary


Eastern Sierra Unified Lee Vining High


Alisal Union Elementary Fremont Elementary

Frank Paul Elementary

Bardin Elementary

Alisal Community (Elem)

Chavez (Cesar) Elementary

Barton (Virginia Rocca) Elementary

Bradley Union Elementary Bradley Elementary

Chualar Union Elementary Chualar Elementary

Gonzales Unified Fairview Middle

La Gloria Elementary

Gonzales High

Greenfield Union Elem Oak Avenue Elementary

Greenfield Primary

Vista Verde Middle

Greenfield Elementary

King City Jt. Un. High Greenfield High

King City High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (52)

County District SschoolKing City Union Elem San Lorenzo Elementary

Del Rey Elementary

Santa Lucia Elementary

Monterey Peninsula Unif. Seaside High

Highland Elementary

Manzanita Elementary

Ord Terrace Elementary

King (Martin Luther) Middle

Del Rey Woods Elementary

Marina del Mar Elementary

Larkin (Thomas O.) (Elem)

Fitch (Roger S.) Middle

North Monterey Co Unif Castroville Elementary

Prunedale Elementary

Gambetta (Joseph) Middle

Elkhorn Elementary

North Monterey County High

Moss Landing Middle

Echo Valley Elementary

Salinas City Elementary Boronda Elementary

Los Padres Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Sherwood Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Kammann (Henry F.) Elementary

Loma Vista Elementary

Natividad Elementary

Monterey Park Elementary

El Gabilan Elementary

University Park Elementary

Salinas Union High Alisal High

Alvarez (Everett) High

North Salinas High

El Sausal Middle

Washington Middle

Harden Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (53)

County District SschoolSalinas Union High Salinas High

San Antonio Union Elem San Antonio Elementary

San Ardo Union Elem San Ardo Elementary

San Lucas Union Elem San Lucas Elementary

Santa Rita Union Elem La Joya Elementary

Santa Rita Elementary

Soledad Unified Main Street Middle

San Vicente Elementary

Soledad High

Gabilan Elementary


Calistoga Joint Unified Calistoga Junior-Senior High

Calistoga Elementary

Howell Mountain Elem Howell Mountain Elementary

Napa Valley Unified McPherson Elementary

Shearer Elementary

Bel Aire Park Elementary

Phillips-Edison Charter

Pueblo Vista Elementary

American Canyon Middle


Grass Valley Elementary Scotten (Margaret G.) Elementary

Nevada Joint Union High Sierra Mountain High (Alter)

Ready Springs Union Elem Ready Springs Union Elem. Alter. Educ.(C

Twin Ridges Elementary Grizzly Hill Elementary

Oak Tree Elementary


Anaheim Elementary Palm Lane Elementary

Jefferson (Thomas Ii) (Elem)

Edison Elementary

Revere Elementary

Henry Elementary

Mann Elementary

Guinn Elementary

Key Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (54)

County District SschoolAnaheim Elementary Ross Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Madison Elementary

Gauer Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Price Elementary

Stoddard Elementary

Juarez Elementary

Barton Elementary

Marshall Elementary

Loara Elementary

Sunkist Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Westmont Elementary

Anaheim Union High Anaheim High

Magnolia High

Brookhurst Junior High

Dale Junior High

South Junior High

Sycamore Junior High

Western High

Orangeview Junior High

Savanna High

Katella High

Ball Junior High

Buena Park Elementary Gilbert (Carl E.) Elementary

Beatty (Gordon H.) Elementary

Buena Park Junior High

Whitaker (James A.) Elementary

Pendleton (Mable L.) Elementar

Capistrano Unified Las Palmas Elementary

San Juan Elementary

Dana (Richard Henry) Elementar

Centralia Elementary Danbrook Elementary

Centralia Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (55)

County District SschoolFullerton Elementary Richman Elementary

Woodcrest Elementary

Maple Elementary

Orangethorpe Elementary

Pacific Drive Elementary

Nicolas Junior High

Valencia Park Elementary

Fullerton Jt. Un. High Buena Park High

Fullerton High

Garden Grove Unified Doig (Leroy L.) Intermediate

Skylark Elementary

Hazard (R. F.) Elementary

Simmons (Linton T.) Elementary

Heritage Elementary

Russell (Edward) Elementary

Warren (Earl) Elementary

Clinton-Mendenhall Elemtnary

Bryant Elementary

Los Amigos High

Santiago High

Mitchell Elementary

Carrillo (Leo) Elementary

Wakeham Elementary

Fitz (Stephen R.) Intermediate

Rosita Elementary

Riverdale Elementary

Parkview Elementary

Peters (Ocia A.) Intermediate

Morningside Elementary

Carver (Mabel) Elementary

Violette (C. C.) Elementary

Marshall (John) Elementary

Bolsa Grande High

Newhope Elementary

Cook (A. J.) Elementary

Eisenhower (Dwight D.) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (56)

County District SschoolGarden Grove Unified Evans (Ethel M.) Elementary

Crosby (Genevieve M.) Elementary

Walton (Izaak) Intermediate

Irvine (James) Intermediate

Rancho Alamitos High

Huntington Beach City Perry (Joseph R.) Elementary

Huntington Beach High Westminster High

La Habra City Elementary Imperial Middle

Washington Middle

Walnut Elementary

Sierra Vista Elementary

Las Lomas Elementary

Arbolita Elementary

Las Positas Elementary

Magnolia Elementary Walter (Esther L.) Elementary

Maxwell (Mattie Lou) Elementar

Pyles (Robert M.) Elementary

Schweitzer (Albert) Elementary

Baden-Powell Elementary

Salk (Jonas E.) Elementary

Low (Juliette) Elementary

Newport-Mesa Unified Wilson Elementary

Whittier Elementary

College Park Elementary

Estancia High

Rea (Everett A.) Elementary

Costa Mesa High

Adams Elementary

Tewinkle (Charles W.) Middle

Killybrooke Elementary

Davis (Maude B.) Elementary

Pomona Elementary

Ocean View Elementary Oak View Elementary

Sun View Elementary

Westmont Elementary

Orange Unified Orange High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (57)

County District SschoolOrange Unified Esplanade Elementary

Fairhaven Elementary

Jordan Elementary

Prospect Elementary

Sycamore Elementary

West Orange Elementary

Portola Middle

Calif Elementary

Cambridge Elementary

Handy Elementary

Lampson Elementary

Palmyra Elementary

Yorba Middle

Placentia-Yorba Linda Topaz Elementary

Ruby Drive Elementary

Rio Vista Elementary

Tynes (John O.) Elementary

Kraemer Junior High

Morse Avenue Elementary

Valencia High

Santa Ana Unified Garfield Elementary

Carr (Gerald P.) Intermediate

McFadden Intermediate

Willard Intermediate

Spurgeon Intermediate

Franklin Elementary

Remington (Frederick) Elementary

Sepulveda (Jose) Elementary

Kennedy (John F.) Elementary

Pio Pico Elementary

Carver (George Washington) Elementary

Heninger (Martin R.) Elementary

Walker Elementary

King (Martin Luther Jr) Elem

Villa (Raymond A) Fundamental Intermedia

Lathrop Intermediate

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (58)

County District SschoolSanta Ana Unified Santa Ana High

Romero-Cruz (Lydia) Elem

Davis Elementary

Valley High

Century High

Adams Elementary

Saddleback High

Wilson Elementary

Jackson (Andrew) Elementary

Harvey (Carl) Elementary

Diamond Elementary

Edison Elementary

Fremont Elementary

Hoover Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Lowell Elementary

Madison Elementary

Martin Elementary

Monroe Elementary

Monte Vista Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Sierra Intermediate

Washington Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Thorpe (Jim) Fundamental

Savanna Elementary Reid (Twila) Elementary

Tustin Unified Heideman (Robert) Elementary

Thorman (Jeane) Elementary

Lambert (C.C.) Elementary

Beswick (Benjamin F.) Elementary

Currie (A.G.) Middle

Veeh (Marjorie) Elementary

Tustin High

Westminster Elementary Finley Elementary

Willmore Elementary

Fryberger Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (59)

County District SschoolWestminster Elementary Johnson Middle

Schmitt Elementary

Anderson Elementary

Demille Elementary

Meairs Elementary


Auburn Union Elementary Rock Creek Elementary

Tahoe-Truckee Jt. Unified Kings Beach Elementary

Western Placer Unified Lincoln High (Char)

Creekside Oaks Charter Elementary


Plumas Unified Greenville Elementary


Alvord Unified Norte Vista High

Arlanza Elementary

Foothill Elementary

La Granada Elementary

Myra Linn Elementary

Terrace Elementary

Twinhill Elementary

Wells Intermediate

Kennedy (Rosemary) Elementary

Loma Vista Intermediate

Collett Elementary

Orrenmaa (Allan) Elementary

La Sierra High

Valley View Elementary

Banning Unified Banning High

Central Elementary

Hemmerling Elementary

Hoffer Elementary

Coombs (Susan B.) Middle

Nicolet Middle

Cabazon Elementary

Beaumont Unified Stewart (Laura May) Performance (Alt)

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (60)

County District SschoolBeaumont Unified Summit Elementary

Coachella Valley Unified Coachella Valley High

Palm View Elementary

Valley View Elementary

Mecca Elementary

Oasis Elementary

Sea View Elementary

John Kelley Elementary

Westside Elementary

Duke (Bobby G.) Elementary

West Shores High

Cahuilla Desert Academy (Jr. High)

Chavez (Cesar) Elementary

Corona-Norco Unified Parkridge School for the Arts (Elem)

Jefferson Elementary

Home Gardens Elementary

Garretson Elementary

Stallings (John) Elementary

Norco Intermediate

Raney (Letha) Intermediate

Riverview Elementary

El Cerrito Elementary

Coronita Elementary

Norco High

Auburndale Intermediate

Desert Center Unified Eagle Mountain Elementary

Desert Sands Unified Jefferson (Thomas) Middle

Johnson (Lyndon B.) Elementary

Wilson (Woodrow) Middle

Roosevelt (Theodore) Elementary

Van Buren (Martin) Elementary

Kennedy (John F.) Elementary

Hoover (Herbert) Elementary

Eisenhower (Dwight) Elementary

Jackson (Andrew) Elementary

Indio High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (61)

County District SschoolDesert Sands Unified Indio Middle

John Adams Elementary

Madison (James) Elementary

Lincoln (Abraham) Elementary

La Quinta Middle

Hemet Unified Winchester Elementary

Hamilton K-12

West Valley High

Hemet Elementary

Ramona Elementary

Whittier Elementary

Santa Fe Middle

Acacia Middle

Fruitvale Elementary

Jurupa Unified Jurupa Middle

Granite Hill Elementary

Jurupa Valley High

Rubidoux High

Ina Arbuckle Elementary

Pacific Avenue Elementary

Pedley Elementary

Rustic Lane Elementary

Troth Street Elementary

West Riverside Elementary

Mission Middle

Sunnyslope Elementary

Van Buren Elementary

Mira Loma Middle

Sky Country Elementary

Glen Avon Elementary

Stone Avenue Elementary

Mission Bell Elementary

Lake Elsinore Unified Elsinore Elementary

Machado Elementary

Hayman (Jean) Elementary

Elsinore Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (62)

County District SschoolLake Elsinore Unified Butterfield Elementary

Menifee Union Elementary Menifee Elementary

Moreno Valley Unified Arnold Heights Elementary

Armada Elementary

Hendrick Ranch Elementary

Sunnymead Middle

Badger Springs Middle

Bear Valley Elementary

Mountain View Middle

Serrano Elementary

Butterfield Elementary

Sunnymead Elementary

Edgemont Elementary

Moreno Valley High

Sunnymeadows Elementary

Landmark Middle

Box Springs Elementary

Cloverdale Elementary

Honey Hollow Elementary

Palm Middle

Moreno Elementary

Midland Elementary

Valley View High

Canyon Springs High

Creekside Elementary

Nuview Union Elementary Nuview Elementary

Valley View Elementary

Palm Springs Unified Cahuilla Elementary

Desert Hot Springs High

Agua Caliente Elementary

Cathedral City Elementary

Vista del Monte Elementary

Coffman (Nellie N.) Middle

Corsini (Julius) Elementary

Lindley (Della S.) Elementary

Desert Springs Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (63)

County District SschoolPalm Springs Unified Two Bunch Palms Elementary

Wenzlaff (Edward L.) Elementary

Palm Springs High

Cielo Vista Elementary

Rancho Mirage Elementary

Cree (Raymond) Middle

Bubbling Wells Elementary

Workman (James) Middle

Cathedral City High

Palo Verde Unified Appleby (Felix J.) Elementary

Palo Verde High

White (Margaret) Elementary

Brown (Ruth) Elementary

Blythe Middle

Perris Elementary Park Avenue Elementary

Good Hope Elementary

Perris Elementary

Palms Elementary

Sanders (Nan) Elementary

Perris Union High Perris High

Pinacate Middle

Riverside Unified Longfellow Elementary

Fremont Elementary

Grant Elementary

Highgrove Elementary

Liberty Elementary

Central Middle

Sierra Middle

Jackson Elementary

Monroe Elementary

Taft (William Howard) Elementary

Chemawa Middle

University Heights Middle

Mountain View Elementary

Arlington High

Magnolia Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (64)

County District SschoolRiverside Unified Madison Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Hyatt Elementary

Highland Elementary

Hawthorne Elementary

Bryant Elementary

Adams Elementary

Ramona High

North (John W.) High

Pachappa Elementary

Romoland Elementary Romoland Elementary

Harvest Valley Elementary

San Jacinto Unified De Anza Elementary

Hyatt Elementary

San Jacinto Elementary

Monte Vista Elementary

North Mountain Middle

San Jacinto Valley Academy (Charter)

San Jacinto Senior High

Park Hill Elementary

Temecula Valley Unified Language Acquisition Magnet Program (LAM

Val Verde Unified Rancho Verde High

Mead Valley Elementary

Rivera (Tomas) Middle

Real (Manuel) Elementary

Vista Verde Middle

Bethune (Mary McLeod) Elementary

Val Verde Elementary


Del Paso Heights Elem Fairbanks Elementary

Del Paso Heights Elementary

North Avenue Elementary

Garden Valley Elementary

Elk Grove Unified Valley High

Mack (Charles E.) Elementary

Kennedy (Samuel) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (65)

County District SschoolElk Grove Unified Prairie Elementary

Jackman (Samuel) Middle

Florin Elementary (Char #27)

Florin Elementary

Rutter (James) Middle

Leimbach (Herman) Elementary

Reith (John) Elementary

Florin High

Elverta Joint Elementary Alpha Intermediate

Folsom-Cordova Unified Riverview Elementary

Williamson Elementary

Rancho Cordova Elementary

Cordova Villa Elementary

Walnutwood High (Alter.)

Mitchell (W. E.) Middle

Cordova High

White Rock Elementary

Mills Middle

Galt Joint Union Elem Valley Oaks Elementary

Fairsite Elementary

Greer (Vernon E.) Middle

Galt Joint Union High Galt High

Grant Joint Union High Highlands High

Rio Linda High

Campos Verdes Alternative Magnet

Don Julio Junior High

Rio Tierra Junior High

King (Martin Luther Jr) Junior High

Grant Union High

Foothill High

Foothill Farms Junior High

Natomas Unified Natomas High

Greene (Leroy F.) Middle

American Lakes Elementary

North Sacramento Elem Hagginwood Elementary

Noralto Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (66)

County District SschoolNorth Sacramento Elem Northwood Elementary

Harmon Johnson Elementary

Smythe (Alethea B.) Elementary

Castori (Michael J.) Elementary

Dos Rios Elementary

Woodlake Elementary

Rio Linda Union Elem Aero Haven Elementary

Kohler Elementary

Vineland Elementary

Larchmont Elementary

Oakdale Elementary

Orchard Elementary

Holmes (Oliver Wendell) Elementary

River Delta Joint Unif Bates Elementary

Clarksburg Elementary

Isleton Elementary

Walnut Grove Elementary

Delta High

Robla Elementary Main Avenue Elementary

Taylor Street Elementary

Bell Avenue Elementary

Glenwood Elementary

Robla Elementary

Sacramento City Unified Bacon (Fern) Middle

Parkway Elementary

Kenny (Keith B.) Elementary

Woodbine Elementary

Goethe (Charles M.) Middle

Still (John H.) Elementary

Wood (Will C.) Junior High

Carson (Kit) Middle

Anderson (Marian) Elementary

Oak Ridge Elementary

Pacific Elementary

Anthony (Susan B.) Elementary

Kemble (Edward) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (67)

County District SschoolSacramento City Unified Hopkins (Mark) Elementary

Tahoe Elementary

Burbank (Luther) High

Johnson (Hiram W.) High

Bowling Green Elementary (Char)

Wire (Clayton B.) Elementary

Baker (Ethel I.) Elementary

Phillips (Ethel) Elementary

Freeport Elementary

Fruit Ridge Elementary

Harkness (H.W.) Elementary

Maple Elementary

Harte (Bret) Elementary

Burnett (Peter) Elementary

Einstein (Albert) Middle

California Middle

Washington Elementary

Lincoln (Abraham) Elementary

Nicholas Elementary

Sacramento High

Bonnheim (Joseph) Elementary

Bidwell (John) Elementary

Smith (Jedediah) Elementary

Warren (Earl) Elementary

Huntington (Collis P.) Elementary

Winn (A.M.) Elementary

Bear Flag Elementary

Twain (Mark) Elementary

Birney (Alice) Elementary

San Juan Unified Visions In Education

Salk (Jonas) Altern. Middle

Whitney Avenue Elementary

Howe Avenue Elementary

Encina High

Dyer-Kelly Elementary

Edison (Thomas)

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (68)

County District SschoolSan Juan Unified Starr King Elementary

Skycrest Elementary

Rogers (Will) Middle

Kingswood Elementary

Greer Elementary

Creekside Elementary

San Juan High

Mesa Verde High

Holst (John) Elementary

San Benito

Aromas/San Juan Unified San Juan Elementary

Anzar High

Aromas Elementary

Hollister School District Fremont Elementary

Calaveras Elementary

Gabilan Hills (Elem)

Cerra Vista Elementary

Rancho San Justo Elementary

Maze Middle

North County Jt Un Elem Spring Grove Elementary

Willow Grove Union Elem Willow Grove Elementary

San Bernardino

Adelanto Elementary Adelanto Elementary

Sheppard (Harry R.) Middle

Desert Trails Elementary

Bradach (Donald F.) Elementary

George (Harold H.) Visual & Perf. Arts(E

Mesa Linda Middle

Apple Valley Unified Apple Valley Middle

Sandia Elementary

Rancho Verde Elementary

Yucca Loma Elementary

Mesquite Elementary

Baker Valley Unified Baker High

Baker Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (69)

County District SschoolBaker Valley Unified Baker Jr. High

Barstow Unified Crestline Elementary

Barstow High

Lenwood Elementary

Montara Elementary

Kennedy Middle

Hinkley Elementary/Middle

Cameron Elementary

Chaffey Joint Union High Montclair High

Ontario High

Chaffey High

Chino Valley Unified El Rancho Elementary

Gird (Richard) Elementary

Walnut Avenue Elementary

Ramona Junior High

Dickson Elementary

Dickey (Levi H.) Elementary

Chino Senior High

Don Antonio Lugo High

Colton Joint Unified Rogers (Paul) Elementary

Harris (Ruth O.) Middle

Birney (Alice) Elementary

Colton Middle

Bloomington Middle

Wilson (Woodrow) Elementary

Grimes (Ruth) Elementary

McKinley (William) Elementary

Lewis (Mary B.) Elementary

Lincoln (Abraham) Elementary

Smith (Gerald A.) Elementary

Crestmore Elementary

Colton High

Bloomington High

Zimmerman (Walter) Elementary

Reche Canyon Elementary

Jurupa Vista Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (70)

County District SschoolColton Joint Unified Grand Terrace Elementary

Grant (Ulysses) Elementary

Terrace Hills Middle

Cooley Ranch Elementary

Cucamonga Elementary Cucamonga Elementary

Rancho Cucamonga Middle

The Ontario Center

Los Amigos Elementary

Fontana Unified Locust Elementary

Kaiser (Henry J.) High

Citrus High (Cont.)

Fontana Miller (A.B.) High

Birch High (Cont.)

Citrus Elementary

Date Elementary

Truman Harry S. Middle

Hemlock Elementary

Almeria Middle

Tokay Elementary

Cypress Elementary

Sequoia Middle

Fontana Middle

Maple Elementary

Fontana High

Juniper Elementary

Jurupa Hills Elementary

Mango Elementary

Live Oak Elementary

Alder Middle

North Tamarind Elementary

Oleander Elementary

Poplar Elementary

West Randall Elementary

Randall Pepper Elementary

South Tamarind Elementary

Redwood Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (71)

County District SschoolFontana Unified Primrose (Virginia) Elementary

Palmetto Elementary

Southridge Middle

Shadow Hills Elementary

Canyon Crest Elementary

Hesperia Unified Eucalyptus Elementary

Topaz Elementary

Joshua Circle Elementary

Cottonwood Elementary

Sultana High

Hesperia High

Mesquite Trails Elementary

Ranchero Middle

Lime Street Elementary

Maple Elementary

Kingston Elementary

Hesperia Junior High

Carmel Elementary

Lucerne Valley Unified Lucerne Valley Elementary

Lucerne Valley High

Lucerne Valley Middle

Morongo Unified Twentynine Palms Junior High

Joshua Tree Elementary

Oasis Elementary

Yucca Valley Elementary

La Contenta Junior High

Landers Elementary

Onaga Elementary

Yucca Mesa Elementary

Needles Unified Chemehuevi Valley Elementary

Needles Middle

Vista Colorado Elementary

Needles Senior High

Ontario-Montclair Elem Sultana Elementary

Oaks Middle

Moreno Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (72)

County District SschoolOntario-Montclair Elem Vernon Middle

Serrano Middle

Ramona Elementary

Central Elementary

Monte Vista Elementary

Vineyard Elementary

Elderberry Elementary

Del Norte Elementary

Deanza Middle

Corona Elementary

Bon View Elementary

Euclid Elementary

Wiltsey (Ray) Middle

Kingsley Elementary

Berlyn Elementary

Lehigh Elementary

Mariposa Elementary

Mission Elementary

Haynes (Richard) Elementary

Arroyo Elementary

Buena Vista Arts-integrated

Edison Elementary

El Camino Elementary

Hawthorne Elementary

Howard Elementary

Vina Danks Middle

Oro Grande Elementary Oro Grande Elementary

Redlands Unified Lugonia Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Victoria Elementary

Rialto Unified Kucera (Ethel) Middle

Simpson (Samuel W.) Elementary

Jehue (William G.) Middle

Garcia (Ernest) Elementary

Morris (Georgia) Elementary

Casey Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (73)

County District SschoolRialto Unified Curtis (Sam V.) Elementary

Kolb Middle

Rialto High

Boyd Elementary

Dunn Elementary

Henry Elementary

Kelley Elementary

Morgan Elementary

Myers Elementary

Preston Elementary

Frisbie Middle

Rialto Middle

Eisenhower Senior High

Bemis Elementary

Trapp Elementary

Dollahan (Helen L.) Elementary

Hughbanks (Elizabeth T.) Elementary

Fitzgerald (Edward) Elementary

Rim of the World Unified Mountain High (Cont.)

Lake Gregory Elementary

San Bernardino City Unif Roberts (E. Neal) Elementary

Del Vallejo Middle

Rio Vista Elementary

Riley Elementary

Vermont Elementary

Warm Springs Elementary

Wilson Elementary

Golden Valley Middle

Arrowview Middle

Curtis Middle

King (Martin Luther Jr) Middle

Emmerton Elementary

Oehl Elementary

Shandin Hills Middle

Serrano Middle

Arrowhead Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (74)

County District SschoolSan Bernardino City Unif Highland Pacific Elementary

Pacific High

Roosevelt Elementary

San Gorgonio High

Cajon High

Barton Elementary

Bradley Elementary

Burbank Elementary

California Elementary

Cole Elementary

Cypress Elementary

Newmark Elementary

San Bernardino High

Davidson Elementary

Muscoy Elementary

Inghram (Howard) Elementary

Mt. Vernon Elementary

Monterey Elementary

Marshall Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Lankershim Elementary

Hunt Elementary

Fairfax Elementary

Parkside Elementary

Ramona-Alessandro Elementary

Del Rosa Elementary

Kendall Elementary

Urbita Elementary

Kimbark Elementary

North Park Elementary

North Verdemont Elementary

Hillside Elementary

Silver Valley Unified Newberry Springs Elementary

Daggett Middle

Yermo Elementary

Lewis Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (75)

County District SschoolSilver Valley Unified Silver Valley High

Snowline Joint Unified Pinon Hills Elementary

Desert View Independent (Altern.)

Phelan Elementary

Trona Joint Unified Trona High

Upland Unified Citrus Elementary

Sierra Vista Elementary

Baldy View Elementary

Upland Elementary

Victor Elementary Puesta del Sol Elementary

Del Rey Elementary

Mojave Vista Elementary

Park View Elementary

Victor Primary (Elem)

Green Tree East Elementary

Victor Valley Union High Excelsior Education Center (Char)

Imogene Garner Hook Junior High

Cobalt Middle

Victor Valley High

Silverado High

Victor Valley Junior High

Yucaipa-Calimesa Unif Yucaipa Elementary

San Diego

Bonsall Union Elementary Banks (Vivian) Charter (Elem)

Cajon Valley Union Elem Ballantyne (John) Elementary

Anza Elementary

Naranca Elementary

Emerald Middle

Cuyamaca Elementary

Cajon Valley Middle

Carlsbad Unified Jefferson Elementary

Chula Vista Elementary Vista Square Elementary YR

Chula Vista Learning Community Charter (

Otay Elementary

Silver Wing Elementary

Feaster-Edison Charter

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (76)

County District SschoolChula Vista Elementary Montgomery (John J.) Elementary

Harborside Elementary

Lauderbach (J. Calvin) Elementary

Valle Lindo Elementary

Mueller (Robert L.) Elementary (Char)

Loma Verde Elementary

Juarez-Lincoln Elementary YR

Rice (Lilian J.) Elementary

Palomar Elementary

Finney (Myrtle S.) Elementary

Castle Park Elementary

Cook (Hazel Goes) Elementary

Rohr (Fred H.) Elementary

Escondido Union Elem Central Elementary

Felicita Elementary

Grant Middle

Lincoln Elementary

Pioneer Elementary

Glen View Elementary

Rose Elementary

Juniper Elementary

Escondido Union High Escondido High

Fallbrook Union Elem Ellis (Maie) Elementary

Live Oak Elementary

Fallbrook Street Elementary

La Paloma Elementary

Frazier (William H.) Elementary

Grossmont Union High El Cajon Valley High

Mount Miguel High

Jamul-Dulzura Union Elem Greater San Diego Academy

La Mesa-Spring Valley La Presa Middle

Spring Valley Elementary

Lakeside Union Elem Lindo Park Elementary

Lemon Grove Elementary Vista la Mesa Elementary

San Miguel Elementary

San Altos Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (77)

County District SschoolLemon Grove Elementary Palm Middle

Lemon Grove Middle

Mt. Vernon Elementary

Mountain Empire Unified Jacumba Elementary

Potrero Elementary

Campo Elementary

Clover Flat Elementary

Mountain Empire Junior High

National Elementary Palmer Way Elementary

El Toyon Elementary

Central Elementary

Otis (John A.) Elementary

Olivewood Elementary

Lincoln Acres Elementary

Oceanside Unified Ditmar Elementary

Laurel Elementary

Libby Elementary

Mission Elementary

Pacifica Elementary

Oceanside High

San Rafael Elementary

King (Martin Luther Jr.) Middle

Jefferson Middle

Lincoln Middle

Palmquist Elementary

San Luis Rey Elementary

South Oceanside Elementary

Del Rio Elementary

San Diego City Unified Parks (Rosa) Elementary

Perkins Elementary

MacDowell (Edward A) Elementary

King (Martin Luther) Elementary

Montgomery Middle

Roosevelt Junior High

Logan Elementary

Clark (Monroe) Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (78)

County District SschoolSan Diego City Unified Marshall Elementary

North Park Elementary


Holly Drive Leadership Academy

Wilson Middle

Burbank Elementary

Lincoln Senior High

Hoover Senior High

Crawford Senior High

Mann Middle

Gompers Secondary

Jackson Elementary

Adams Elementary

Brooklyn Elementary

San Diego Senior High

Chollas Elementary

Darnall E-Campus (Elem Char)

Edison Elementary

Encanto Elementary

Euclid Elementary

Garfield Elementary

Hamilton Elementary

Horton Elementary

Birney Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Kearny Senior High

Madison Senior High

Audubon Elementary

Mission Bay Senior High

Morse Senior High

Angier Elementary

Kroc Middle

Cadman Elementary

Sojourner Truth Learning Academy

O'Farrell Community Charter

Marston Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (79)

County District SschoolSan Diego City Unified Valencia Park Elementary

Rowan Elementary

Paradise Hills Elementary

Carver Elementary

Juarez Elementary

Keiller Middle

Fremont Elementary

Carson Elementary

Crown Point Elementary

Tubman (Harriet) Village Charter

Taft Middle

San Marcos Unified San Marcos Elementary Academy

Dunn (Alvin M.) Elementary

San Ysidro Elementary San Ysidro Middle

Sunset Elementary

La Mirada Elementary

Smythe Elementary

Beyer Elementary

Willow Elementary

South Bay Union Elem Mendoza (Teofilo) School

Pence (Howard) Elementary

Central Elementary

Berry (Godfrey G.) Elementary

Spencer Valley Elem Spencer Valley Elementary

Sweetwater Union High Southwest Junior High

Montgomery Senior High

Chula Vista Junior High

National City Middle

Southwest Senior High

Castle Park Senior High

Sweetwater High

Castle Park Middle

Granger Junior High

Montgomery Middle

Mar Vista Middle

Chula Vista Senior High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (80)

County District SschoolSweetwater Union High Mar Vista Senior High

Vallecitos Elementary Vallecitos Elementary

Valley Center-Pauma Unified Pauma Elementary

Vista Unified Olive Elementary

Palomar High (Indep. Study)

Beaumont Elementary

Bobier Elementary

Crestview Elementary

Grapevine Elementary

Lincoln Middle

Washington Middle

Breeze Hill Elementary

Warner Unified Warner Elementary

San Francisco

San Francisco Unified Davis (Gloria R.) Middle

Benjamin Franklin Middle

Monroe Elementary

Revere (Paul) Elementary

Sanchez Elementary

Malcolm X Academy (Elem)

Starr King Elementary

Luther Burbank Middle

Everett Middle

James Lick Middle

Marshall Elementary

Creative Arts Charter

Muir (John) Elementary

Potrero Hill Middle

Harte (Bret) Elementary

McAteer (J. Eugene) High

Independence High (Alter.)

Balboa High

Life Learning Academy Charter #140

Flynn (Leonard R.) Elementary

O'Connell (John A.) High

Swett (John) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (81)

County District SschoolSan Francisco Unified Cleveland Elementary

Milk (Harvey) Civil Rights Elementary

Edison Charter Academy (Elem) #158

El Dorado Elementary

Fairmount Elementary

Golden Gate Elementary

Chavez (Cesar) Elementary

Mission High

Miraloma Elementary

Ortega (Jose) Elementary

Drew (Charles R.) Elementary

Horace Mann Middle

Aptos Middle

Visitacion Valley Middle

James Denman Middle

Francisco Middle

Treasure Island Elementary

Sheridan Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Serra (Junipero) Elementary

Tenderloin Community

William de Avila Elementary

Hillcrest Elementary

International Studies Academy

Marshall (Thurgood) Academic High

Galileo High

Carmichael (Bessie) Elementary

Webster (Daniel) Elementary

Cobb (William L.) Elementary

Sunnyside Elementary

Twenty-First Century Academy (Elem)

Burton (Phillip & Sala) Academic High

Glen Park Elementary

Guadalupe Elementary

Bryant Elementary

San Joaquin

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (82)

County District SschoolBanta Elementary Banta Elementary

Escalon Unified Farmington Elementary

Van Allen Elementary

Collegeville Elementary

Holt Union Elementary Holt Elementary

Lincoln Unified Village Oaks Elementary

Williams (John R.) Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Knoles (Tully C.) Elementary

Pacific (K-8)

Colonial Heights Elementary

Linden Unified Glenwood Elementary

Linden Elementary

Waverly Elementary

Linden High

Waterloo Elementary

Lodi Unified Parklane Elementary

Creekside Elementary

Sutherland Elementary

Westwood Elementary

Wagner-Holt Elementary

Oakwood Elementary

Lawrence Elementary

Heritage Elementary

Turner Elementary

Morada Middle

Nichols (Leroy) Elementary

Clairmont Elementary

Lodi Middle

Beckman Elementary

University Public School-San Joaquin Cam

Delta Sierra Middle

Woodbridge Middle

Tokay Colony Elementary

Lakewood Elementary

Houston Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (83)

County District SschoolLodi Unified Washington (George) Elementary

Davis Elementary

Bear Creek High

Live Oak Elementary

Tokay High

Manteca Unified French Camp Elementary

Lathrop Elementary

Great Valley Elementary

Cowell (Joshua) Elemen.

Brockman (Stella) Elementary

Hafley (Neil) Elementary

Sequoia Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Golden West Elementary

Manteca High

Heritage Family Academy

New Haven Elementary

New Hope Elementary New Hope Elementary

New Hope Charter

Stockton City Unified Hamilton Middle

Nightingale Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Taft (William Howard) Elementary

Taylor Skills Elementary

Van Buren Elementary

Victory Elementary

Wilson (Woodrow) Elementary

Fremont Middle

Monroe Elementary

Webster Middle

McKinley Elementary

Washington (George) Elementary

Marshall Middle

Cleveland Elementary

Edison Senior High

Franklin Senior High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (84)

County District SschoolStockton City Unified Montezuma Elementary

August Elementary

El Dorado Elementary

Elmwood Elementary

King Elementary

Garfield Elementary

Grant Elementary

Madison Elementary

Grunsky Elementary

Hoover Elementary

Kennedy Elementary

Fillmore Elementary

Adams Elementary

Tyler Skills Elementary

Pulliam Elementary

San Joaquin Elementary

Kohl (Herbert) Open Elementary

Stagg Senior High

Hazelton Elementary

Harrison (William) Elementary

Valenzuela (Richard) Spanish Immersion M

Tracy Joint Unified South Elementary

Delta Island Elementary

Central Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Clover (H. Alfred) Middle

San Luis Obispo

Lucia Mar Unified Grover Beach Elementary

Nipomo Elementary

North Oceano Elementary

Dana Elementary

Paso Robles Joint Unified Brown (Georgia) Elementary

Flamson (George H.) Middle

Bauer/Speck Elementary

Shandon Joint Unified Parkfield Elementary

Shandon High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (85)

County District Sschool

San Mateo

Brisbane Elementary Panorama Elementary

Cabrillo Unified Hatch (Alvin S.) Elementary

Jefferson Elementary Columbus (Christopher) Elementary

Colma Elementary

Pollicita (Thomas R.) Middle

Garden Village Elementary

Anthony (Susan B.) Elementary

Jefferson Union High Jefferson High

La Honda-Pescadero Unif Pescadero High

Laguna Salada Union Elem Westview Elementary

Ravenswood City Elem Forty-Niner Academy

Willow Oaks Elementary

East Palo Alto Charter (Elem)

Menlo Oaks Elementary

School of Wisdom and Knowledge College P

Edison-Brentwood Academy

Chavez (Cesar) Academy (Elem)

Belle Haven Elementary

Edison-McNair Academy

Green Oaks (Kindergarten)

Flood (James) Elementary

Redwood City Elementary Garfield Charter (Elem)

Hawes Elementary

Hoover Elementary

McKinley Institute of Technology

Taft Elementary

Adelante Spanish Immersion (Elem)

Roosevelt Elementary

Ford (Henry) Elementary

Selby Lane Elementary

Gill (John) Elementary

Kennedy (John F.) Middle

San Mateo Union High Capuchino High

San Mateo-Foster City Turnbull Learning Academy

Bayside Middle

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (86)

County District SschoolSan Mateo-Foster City Sunnybrae Elementary

Sequoia Union High Sequoia High

Woodside High

South San Francisco Unif Parkway Heights Middle

Hillside Elementary

Los Cerritos Elementary

Martin Elementary

Spruce Elementary

Sunshine Gardens Elementary

Santa Barbara

Blochman Union Elem Foxen (Benjamin) Elementary

Carpinteria Unified Carpinteria Senior High

Aliso Elementary

Canalino Elementary

Casmalia Elementary Wollam (Winifred) Elementary

Cuyama Joint Unified Cuyama Valley High

Cuyama Elementary

Goleta Union Elementary Isla Vista Elementary

Guadalupe Union Elem. McKenzie (Kermit) Junior High

Buren (Mary) Elementary

Lompoc Unified El Camino Middle

Hapgood (Arthur) Elementary

Ruth (Clarence) Elementary

Fillmore (Leonora) Elementary

Lompoc Middle

Lompoc Senior High

La Canada Elementary

La Honda Elementary

Santa Barbara Elementary Cleveland Elementary

Franklin Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Franklin Intermediate

Harding Elementary

Santa Barbara High La Cumbre Middle

Santa Maria Jt Un High Santa Maria High

Santa Maria-Bonita Elem Bruce (Robert) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (87)

County District SschoolSanta Maria-Bonita Elem Arellanes (Don Juan Bautista) Elementary

Bonita Elementary

Ontiveros (Juan Pacifico) Elementary

Alvin Elementary

El Camino Elementary

Fairlawn Elementary

Fesler (Isaac) Elementary

Oakley (Calvin C.) Elementary

Battles (George Washington) Elementary

Miller (Isaac) Elementary

Tunnell (Martin Luther) Elementary

Adam (William Laird) Elementary

Rice (William) Elementary

Santa Clara

Alum Rock Union Elem Shields (Lester W.) Elementary

Pala Middle

Hubbard (O. S.) Elementary

Goss (Mildred) Elementary

Chavez (Cesar) Elementary

Lyndale Elementary

San Antonio Elementary

Dorsa (A. J.) Elementary

Cureton (Horace) Elementary

Slonaker (Harry) Elementary

Miller (Grandin) Elementary

Meyer (Donald J.) Elementary

Fischer (Clyde L.) Middle

Arbuckle (Clyde) Elementary

Painter (Ben) Elementary

Ryan (Thomas P.) Elementary

Mathson (Lee) Middle

Linda Vista Elementary

McCollam (Millard) Elementary

Cassell (Sylvia) Elementary

Sheppard (William L.) Middle

Rogers (William R.) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (88)

County District SschoolAlum Rock Union Elem George (Joseph) Middle

Ocala Middle

Campbell Union Elem Rosemary Elementary

Campbell Middle

Lynhaven Elementary

East Side Union High Hill (Andrew P.) High

Lick (James) High

Overfelt (William C.) High

Yerba Buena High

Mt. Pleasant High

Oak Grove High

Independence High

Franklin-McKinley Elem Seven Trees Elementary

Shirakawa (George) Sr. (Elementary)

Franklin Elementary

Sylvandale Junior High

Santee Elementary

McKinley Elementary

Los Arboles Elementary

Hillsdale Elementary

Fair (J. Wilbur) Junior High

Kennedy (Robert F.) Elementary

Stonegate Elementary

Windmill Springs Elementary

Meadows (Jeanne R.) Elementary

Gilroy Unified Eliot Elementary

Glen View Elementary

Las Animas Elementary

San Ysidro Elementary

So. Valley School of Science & Global St

Jordan Elementary

Gilroy High

El Roble Elementary

Rucker Elementary

Kelley Rod Elementary

Luther Burbank Elem Luther Burbank Elementary

Page 88 of 102

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (89)

County District SschoolMoreland Elementary Anderson (Leroy) Elementary

Morgan Hill Unified Walsh (P. A.) Elementary

San Martin/Gwinn Elementary

Mountain View Elem Castro (Mariano) Elementary

Mt. Pleasant Elementary Boeger (August) Junior High

Foothill Intermediate

Mt. Pleasant Elementary

Oak Grove Elementary Christopher Elementary

Stipe (Samuel) Elementary

Orchard Elementary Orchard Elementary

San Jose Unified Bachrodt (Walter L.) Elementar

Hoover (Herbert) Middle

Washington Elementary

Olinder (Selma) Elementary

Lowell Elementary

Mann (Horace) Elementary

Hester Elementary

Gardner Elementary

Empire Gardens Elementary

Cory (Benjamin) Elementary

Darling (Anne) Elementary

Almaden Elementary

San Jose High Academy

Liberty High (Alternative)

Grant Elementary

Burnett (Peter) Middle

Muir (John) Middle

Steinbeck Middle

Markham (Edwin) Middle

Trace (Merritt) Elementary

Erikson Elementary

Willow Glen High

Gunderson High

Hammer Elementary (Altern)

Santa Clara Unified Mayne (George) Elementary

Scott Lane Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (90)

County District SschoolSanta Clara Unified Haman (C. W.) Elementary

Santa Cruz

Live Oak Elementary Del Mar Elementary

Pajaro Valley Joint Unif Lakeview Middle

Starlight Elementary

Salsipuedes Elementary

Ohlone Elementary

Hall (E.A.) Middle

Alianza Elementary

Macquiddy (T. S.) Elementary

Soldo (Ann) Elementary

Pajaro Middle

Mintie White Elementary

Hall District Elementary

Freedom Elementary

Calabasas Elementary

Amesti Elementary

Watsonville High

Rolling Hills Middle

Hyde (H. A.) Elementary

Santa Cruz City Elem Branciforte Elementary

Santa Cruz City High Delta Charter

Sojourn Middle Charter

Soquel Elementary Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary


Cascade Union Elementary Verde Vale Elementary

Anderson Middle

Anderson Heights Elementary

Enterprise Elementary Alta Mesa Elementary

Lassen View Elementary

Rother Elementary

Gateway Unified Bass Elementary

Canyon Elementary

Central Valley Intermediate

Deer Creek Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (91)

County District SschoolGateway Unified Buckeye Middle

Toyon Elementary

Buckeye Elementary

Happy Valley Union Elem Happy Valley Primary

Mountain Union Elem Cedar Creek Elementary

Redding Elementary Juniper Academy

Cypress Elementary

Stellar Charter

Bonny View Elementary


Sierra-Plumas Jt. Unified Pliocene Ridge Junior-Senior H


Big Springs Union Elem Big Springs Elementary

Butte Valley Unified Butte Valley High

Butte Valley Elementary

Butte Valley Middle

Butteville Union Elem Butteville Elementary

Delphic Elementary Delphic Elementary

Etna Union High Scott River High (Cont.)

Gazelle Union Elementary Gazelle Elementary

McCloud Union Elementary McCloud Elementary

Montague Elementary Montague Elementary

Siskiyou Union High McCloud High

Weed Union Elementary Weed Elementary

Willow Creek Elementary Willow Creek Elementary


Dixon Unified Silveyville Primary

Dixon High

Anderson (Linford L.) Elementary

Fairfield-Suisun Unified Kyle (Anna) Elementary

Bransford Elementary

Crescent Elementary

Suisun Elementary

Fairview Elementary

Sheldon (E. Ruth) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (92)

County District SschoolFairfield-Suisun Unified Grange Middle

Armijo High

Gordon (Cleo) Elementary

Richardson (H. Glenn) Elementary

Blanc (Amy) Elementary

Crystal Middle

Vacaville Unified Ulatis Elementary

Elm Elementary

Fairmont Elementary

Markham (Edwin) Elementary

Buckingham (Elise P.) Charter

Vallejo City Unified Franklin Middle

Patterson (Grace) Elementary

Mare Island Elementary

Loma Vista Elementary

Vallejo High

Cooper (Johnston) Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Springstowne Middle

Solano Middle

Vallejo Middle

Steffan Manor Elementary

Widenmann (Elsa) Elementary

Highland Elementary

Federal Terrace Elementary

Dan Mini Elementary

Hogan High

Bethel (Jesse M.) High

Farragut (David) Elementary


Bellevue Union Elem Meadow View Elementary

Kawana Elementary

Cotati-Rohnert Park Unif La Fiesta Elementary

Reed (John) Elementary

Geyserville Unified Geyserville Elementary

Healdsburg Unified Fitch Mountain Elementary

Page 92 of 102

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (93)

County District SschoolHealdsburg Unified Foss Creek Elementary

Petaluma City Elementary McKinley Elementary

Roseland Elementary Roseland Elementary

Sheppard Elementary

Santa Rosa Elementary Lehman (Helen M.) Elementary

Brook Hill Elementary

Burbank (Luther) Elementary

Lincoln (Abraham) Elementary

Monroe (James) Elementary

Steele Lane Elementary

Fremont (John) Elementary

Santa Rosa High Allen (Elsie) High

Piner High

Cook (Lawrence) Middle

Hilliard Comstock Middle

Sonoma Valley Unified Flowery Elementary

El Verano Elementary

Windsor Unified Cali Calmecac (Charter #162)


Ceres Unified White (Walter) Elementary

Westport Elementary

Don Pedro Elementary

Carroll Fowler Elementary

Ceres High

Caswell Elementary

Blaker-Kinser Junior High

Chatom Union Elementary Mountain View Middle School

Chatom Elementary

Denair Unified Denair High

Empire Union Elementary Empire Elementary

Capistrano Elementary

Hughson Unified Hughson High

Keyes Union Elementary Keyes Elementary

Keys To Learning Charter

Modesto City Elementary Shackelford Elementary

Kirschen (Harriette) Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (94)

County District SschoolModesto City Elementary Bret Harte Elementary

Tuolumne Elementary

Robertson Road Elementary

Wright (Orville) Elementary

Marshall (James) Elementary

Burbank Elementary

Franklin Elementary

Fairview Elementary

Hanshaw (Evelyn) Middle

Wilson Elementary

Garrison Elementary

El Vista Elementary

Twain (Mark) Jr. High

Modesto City High Modesto High

Newman-Crows Landing Orestimba High

Yolo Jr. High

Von Renner Elementary

Patterson Joint Unified Patterson High

Grayson Charter

Las Palmas Elementary

Rising Sun Elementary

Northmead Elementary

Patterson Junior High

Riverbank Unified California Avenue Elementary

Riverbank High

Cardozo Middle

Rio Altura Elementary

Roberts Ferry Union Elem Roberts Ferry Union Elementary

Salida Union Elementary Dena Boer (Elem)

Stanislaus Union Elem Chrysler (Josephine) Elementar

Muncy (Arleta) Elementary

Eisenhut (George) Elementary

Sylvan Union Elementary Sylvan Elementary

Turlock Joint Elementary Osborn Elementary

Wakefield Elementary

Turlock Junior High

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (95)

County District SschoolTurlock Joint Elementary Crowell Elementary

Cunningham Elementary

Waterford Unified Waterford Elementary

Moon (Richard M.) Elementary


Brittan Elementary Brittan Elementary

Live Oak Unified Live Oak High

Luther Elementary

Encinal Elementary

Live Oak Middle

Meridian Elementary Meridian Elementary

Nuestro Elementary Nuestro Elementary

Yuba City Unified Bridge Street Elementary

King Avenue Elementary

Park Avenue Elementary

Yuba City High

April Lane Elementary

Gray Avenue Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Karperos (Andros) Middle


Corning Union Elementary Olive View Elementary

Maywood Intermediate

Rancho Tehema Elementary

Corning Union High Corning High

Gerber Union Elementary Gerber Elementary

Los Molinos Unified Los Molinos High

Los Molinos Elementary

Manton Joint Union Elem. Manton Elementary

Plum Valley Elementary Plum Valley Elementary

Red Bluff Union Elem Metteer (William M.) Elementary

Bidwell Elementary

Jackson Heights Elementary

Vista Middle


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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (96)

County District SschoolLewiston Elementary Lewiston Elementary

Mountain Valley Unified Hayfork Valley Elementary


Allensworth Elementary Allensworth Elementary

Alpaugh Unified Alpaugh Junior-Senior High

Alpaugh Elementary

Alta Vista Elementary Alta Vista Elementary

Burton Elementary Burton Elementary

Burton Middle

Oak Grove Elementary

Citrus South Tule Elem Citrus South Tule Elementary

Cutler-Orosi Joint Unif Cutler Elementary

El Monte Elementary

Palm Elementary

Golden Valley Elementary

Orosi High

Dinuba Unified Wilson Elementary

Washington Intermediate

Jefferson Elementary

Dinuba High

Roosevelt Elementary

Grand View Elementary

Ducor Union Elementary Ducor Union Elementary

Earlimart Elementary Earlimart Elementary

Earlimart Middle

Exeter Union Elementary Rocky Hill Elementary

Wilson Middle

Exeter Union High Exeter High

Farmersville Unified Farmersville High

Snowden (George L.) Elementary

Hester (J. E.) Elementary

Farmersville Junior High

Hope Elementary Hope Elementary

Hot Springs Elementary Hot Springs Elementary

Kings River Union Elem Kings River Elementary

Liberty Elementary Liberty Elementary

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California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (97)

County District SschoolLindsay Unified Garvey (Steve) Junior High

Lincoln Elementary

Washington Elementary

Jefferson Elementary

Lindsay Senior High

Monson-Sultana Elem Monson-Sultana Elementary

Oak Valley Union Elem Oak Valley Elementary

Outside Creek Elementary Outside Creek Elementary

Palo Verde Union Elem Palo Verde Elementary

Pixley Union Elementary Pixley Elementary

Pleasant View Elementary Pleasant View Elementary

Porterville Unified Pioneer Intermediate

Granite Hills High

Monache High

Porterville High

Bartlett Intermediate

Olive Street Elementary

Vandalia Elementary

West Putnam Elementary

Monte Vista Elementary

John J. Doyle Elementary

Roche Elementary

Los Robles Elementary

Westfield Elementary

Richgrove Elementary Richgrove Elementary

Rockford Elementary Rockford Elementary

Sequoia Union Elementary Sequoia Elementary

Stone Corral Elementary Stone Corral Elementary

Strathmore Union Elem Strathmore Elementary

Strathmore Middle

Strathmore Union High Strathmore High

Sundale Union Elementary Sundale Elementary

Sunnyside Union Elem Sunnyside Elementary

Terra Bella Union Elem Terra Bella Elementary

Smith (Carl) Middle

Tipton Elementary Tipton Elementary

Page 97 of 102

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (98)

County District SschoolTraver Joint Elementary Traver Elementary

Tulare City Elementary Tulare City Community Day

Mulcahy Middle

Maple Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary

Cypress Elementary

Live Oak Middle

Lincoln Elementary

Wilson Elementary

Heritage Elementary

Tulare Joint Union High Tulare Western High

Visalia Unified Washington Elementary

Charter Alternatives Academy

Sequoia High (Cont.)

Crowley Elementary

Elbow Elementary

Fairview Elementary

Highland Elementary

Houston Elementary

Ivanhoe Elementary

Mineral King Elementary

Willow Glen Elementary

Union Elementary

Charter Oak (Char)

Goshen Elementary

Redwood High

La Joya Middle

Mt. Whitney High

Green Acres Middle

Divisadero Middle

Elbow Creek Elementary

Golden West High

Golden Oak Elementary

Valley Oak Middle

Veva Blunt Elementary

Crestwood Elementary

Page 98 of 102

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (99)

County District SschoolVisalia Unified Mountain View Elementary

Waukena Joint Union Elem Waukena Joint Union Elementary

Woodlake Union Elem Woodlake Valley Middle

White (Francis J.) Learning Center (Elem

Castle Rock Elementary

Woodlake Union High Woodlake High

Woodville Elementary Woodville Elementary


Big Oak Flat-Grvlnd Unif Pedro (Don) High

Chinese Camp Elementary Chinese Camp Elementary

Twain Harte-Long Barn Twain Harte Elementary


Briggs Elementary Briggs Elementary

Olivelands Elementary

Conejo Valley Unified Conejo Elementary

Park Oaks Elementary

Manzanita Elementary

Fillmore Unified Fillmore Senior High

Fillmore Middle

San Cayetano Elementary

Sespe Elementary

Piru Elementary

Hueneme Elementary Larsen (Ansgar) Elementary

Hathaway (Julien) Elementary

Williams (Fred) Elementary

Hueneme Elementary

Parkview Elementary

Bard (Richard) Elementary

Sunkist Elementary

Blackstock (Charles) Junior High

Green (E. O.) Junior High

Moorpark Unified Peach Hill Elementary

Ocean View Elementary Ocean View Jr High

Oxnard Elementary Brekke (Norman R.) Elementary

Frank (Robert J.) Intermediate

Page 99 of 102

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (100)

County District SschoolOxnard Elementary Nueva Vista Intermediate

Sierra Linda Elementary

McKinna Elementary

Chavez (Cesar E.) Elementary

Haydock (Richard B.) Intermediate

Harrington Elementary

Elm Street Elementary

Driffill Elementary

Curren Elementary

Kamala Elementary

Marina West Elementary

Rose Avenue Elementary

Ritchen (Emilie) Elementary

Lemonwood Elementary

Fremont Intermediate

McAuliffe (Christa) Elementary

Oxnard Union High Channel Islands High

Hueneme High

Oxnard High

Rio Mesa High

Pleasant Valley Elem El Descanso Elementary

El Rancho Structured Elementary

Rio Elementary Rio del Valle Elementary

Rio Plaza Elementary

Rio Real Elementary

Rio Lindo Elementary

El Rio Elementary

Santa Paula Elementary Webster (Barbara) Elementary

Glen City Elementary

Thille (Grace S.) Elementary

McKevett Elementary

Isbell Middle

Bedell (Thelma B.) Elementary

Blanchard Elementary

Santa Paula Union High Santa Paula High

Simi Valley Unified Berylwood Elementary

Page 100 of 102

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (101)

County District SschoolSimi Valley Unified Crestview Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Park View Elementary

Somis Union Elementary Somis Elementary

Ventura Unified De Anza Middle

Foster (E.P.) Elementary

Will Rogers Elementary

Saticoy Elementary


Esparto Unified Esparto High

Esparto Middle

Esparto Elementary

Washington Unified Elkhorn Village Elementary

Evergreen Elementary

Westfield Village Elementary

Golden State Middle

West Sacramento School for Independent S

River City Senior High

Norman (Alyce) Elementary

Bryte Elementary

Winters Joint Unified Winters High

Waggoner Elementary

Winters Middle

Woodland Joint Unified Whitehead (T.L.) Elementary

Woodland Prairie Elementary

Freeman Elementary

Beamer Elementary

Dingle Elementary

Tafoya (Ramon S.) Elementary

Maxwell (Rhoda) Elementary

Lee Junior High

Willow Spring Elementary


Marysville Joint Unified Alicia Intermediate

Cedar Lane Elementary

Page 101 of 102

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (102)

County District SschoolMarysville Joint Unified Ella Elementary

Linda Elementary

Yuba Gardens Intermediate

Lindhurst High

McKenney (Anna) Intermediate

Arboga Elementary

Johnson Park Elementary

Covillaud Elementary

Olivehurst Elementary

Kynoch Elementary

Yuba Feather Elementary

Wheatland Elementary Wheatland Elementary

Wheatland Union High Academy for Career Education Charter

Page 102 of 102

California Low Performing Schools - [PDF Document] (2024)


How will the CA dashboard impact your teaching practice? ›

Explore information about your local school and district.

The California School Dashboard provides parents and educators with meaningful information on school and district progress so they can participate in decisions to improve student learning.

What is differentiated assistance CA? ›

Differentiated Assistance is a process by which the California Department of Education (CDE) identifies Local Education Agencies (LEAs) that are struggling to meet performance targets on the CA School Dashboard, particularly for student groups such as English learners, low-income students, and foster youth.

What is the California Ed Code for alternative schools? ›

The goals of alternative schools and programs of choice, as outlined in EC Section 58500, are the following: Maximize the opportunity for students to develop the positive values of self-reliance, initiative, kindness, spontaneity, resourcefulness, courage, creativity, responsibility, and joy.

How do I get my school records in California? ›

To obtain records from:
  1. A California public school (K-12), contact the school directly. ...
  2. A private school (K-12), contact the school directly. ...
  3. To obtain a transcript from the California Youth Authority, an individual must contact the school directly.
Apr 25, 2024

Is dashboard still relevant? ›

Traditional dashboards removed the complexity of data for businesspeople. But creating them still demanded technical specialization. These static, legacy dashboards remain common today despite lacking modern flexibility and intelligence.

What do the colors mean on the CA dashboard? ›

Local educational agencies and schools receive one of five color-coded performance levels on the state indicators. From highest to lowest, the five performance levels are: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

What is an example of a differentiated assessment? ›

An example of differentiated assessment could be a take-home test, which gives students more time to complete the task than in the classroom. Educators can also consider self-assessment, learning journals, and digital tools as an alternate assessment strategy.

What is differentiation for students with IEP? ›

Differentiation can be incorporated into an IEP by providing differentiated instruction, which may include adjusting the difficulty level in assignments, adapting instruction to appeal to different learning styles and abilities, or providing small group instruction.

What is the difference between SDI and differentiation? ›

Specially designed instruction vs.

On the other hand, SDI meets the unique needs of an individual student by adapting the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction. Differentiated instruction supports students' success across subject areas and grade levels.

What is a 504 in California schools? ›

Students with a disability that significantly impacts their ability to learn may be eligible for a 504 plan. These plans provide accommodations to help make the learning process smoother and more effective.

What is Section 234 of the California education Code? ›

(a) This article shall be known, and may be cited, as the Safe Place to Learn Act. (b) It is the policy of the State of California to ensure that all local educational agencies continue to work to reduce discrimination, harassment, violence, intimidation, and bullying.

What is LCAP in California schools? ›

The LCAP is a tool for local educational agencies to set goals, plan actions, and leverage resources to meet those goals to improve student outcomes. This page provides resources to support the planning, implementation and evaluation of an LCAP.

How long do schools keep IEP records in California? ›

Each school district shall maintain indefinitely all mandatory permanent pupil records or an exact copy thereof for every pupil who was enrolled in a school program within said district.

How to request a school records sample letter? ›

Model Letter

I am writing to schedule a time to come and review all of my child's records. My son/daughter, (child's name), is in the (___) grade at (name of school), in (teacher's name) class. I will also need copies of some or all of these records. Please let me know where and when I can come in to see the records.

Can students record teachers in California? ›

The use by any person, including a student, of any electronic listening or recording device in any classroom without the prior consent of the instructor is prohibited, except as necessary to provide reasonable auxiliary aids and academic adjustments to disabled students.

What is the purpose of the California school dashboard? ›

(Dashboard) is a powerful online tool that displays the performance of local educational agencies (LEAs), schools, and student groups on a set of state and local measures to assist in identifying strengths, challenges, and areas in need of improvement.

What is the impact of having a dashboard? ›

Impact Dashboards aid in decision-making by providing a concise and current view of key performance indicators, enabling stakeholders to identify areas of success and those needing improvement, and to allocate resources effectively.

What are the benefits of program dashboard? ›

10 Benefits of Dashboards for Monitoring Progress and Outcomes in Programs
  • Real-Time Insights. ...
  • Data Visualization. ...
  • Customization. ...
  • Performance Measurement. ...
  • Efficiency. ...
  • Data Integration. ...
  • Transparency. ...
  • Identifying Trends and Patterns.
Nov 16, 2023

Why is a learning dashboard important? ›

Learning analytics dashboards play a crucial role in education by allowing educators and students to track learning progress and performance metrics. They provide real-time analytics and interactive visualizations, enabling students to monitor their own progress and make data-driven decisions.

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