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All CS2 Console Commands [Full Counter Strike 2 Cheat List] - GhostCap Gaming (2)

The console in CS2 is a powerful tool that allows players to input specific cs2 commands to modify their in-game experience. Whether you're looking to improve your frames per second (fps), customize your crosshair settings, or even fly around the map, the console has got you covered.

Our team at GhostCap has put together this updated list of commands, sourced from our Github repository. The list is constantly updated to ensure it remains accurate and up-to-date. Check out the repository here:

All CS2 Console Commands [Full Counter Strike 2 Cheat List] - GhostCap Gaming (5)

Why Use Console Commands in CS2?

All CS2 Console Commands [Full Counter Strike 2 Cheat List] - GhostCap Gaming (6)

Imagine being in a heated match, and you notice some stuttering. Simply use the console commands called cq_netgraph 1 and cl_showfps 1 to give you a heads-up display of information about your live fps, making it easier to diagnose issues. Or perhaps you're in a practice session, and you want to use cs2 practice commands to set up specific scenarios. The console is your best friend.

How to Enable and Use the Console Commands

To start using console commands in CS2, you first need to enable the developer console. You can either watch the video above or follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Counter Strike 2
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go to the Game Tab
  4. Look for "Enable Developer Console (~)"
  5. Set it to Yes

You can then open the console at any time using the tilde ~ key.

To enable sv_cheats on the server, set it to 1. However, be aware that clients will receive a notification stating, "[Server] Cheats cannot be enabled on this server," unless they start the game using the -dev option.

When launching the game with the -dev option, clients will see the message "[Developer] SetConVar: sv_cheats = "true"," allowing the server to enable cheats like the "give" command.

Despite this, the client-side will still display sv_cheats as being set to 0.

Counter-Strike 2 Commands Search

Below, you'll find the full list of Counter-Strike 2 commands. However, we recommend using the search function above to quickly find the specific commands you need.

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ent_ungrabcmdsv, cheatun-grabs all objects
ent_vcollide_wireframecmdsv, cheatDisplays the interpolated vcollide wireframe pm am entity. Arguments
ent_viewoffsetcmdsv, cheatDisplays the eye position for the given entity(ies) in red. Arguments
entity_log_load_unserialize0sv, cl, rep, cheatOutput unserialization of entities on map load. 0 - off, 1 - client/server, 2 - server, 3 - client
entity_lump_listcmdList all known entity lumps
entity_lump_spewcmdDump the contents of an entity lump
entityreportcmdsvReports all extant entities. Optional 2nd arg is a substring of a classname that the list will be filtered by.
entitysummarycmdsvSummarizes (by class) all extant entities. Optional 2nd arg is a substring of a classname that the list will be filtered by.
entscmdsvList server entities, sorted by spawn group
escapecmdclientcmd_can_executeEscape key pressed.
execcmdnorecordExecute a cfg file
exec_asynccmdcheat, norecordExecute a cfg file over time
execifexistscmdnorecordExecute a cfg file if file exists
explodecmdsv, cheatKills the player with explosive damage
explodevectorcmdsv, cheatKills a player applying an explosive force. Usage
fadeincmdsv, cheatfadein {time r g b}
fadeoutcmdsv, cheatfadeout {time r g b}
ff_damage_bullet_penetration0sv, cl, rep, releaseIf friendly fire is off, this will scale the penetration power and damage a bullet does when penetrating another friendly player
ff_damage_decoy_explosionfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseEnables or disables team damage from decoy detonation
ff_damage_reduction_bullets0.33sv, cl, rep, releaseHow much to reduce damage done to teammates when shot. Range is from 0 - 1 (with 1 being damage equal to what is done to an enemy)
ff_damage_reduction_grenade0.85sv, cl, rep, releaseHow much to reduce damage done to teammates by a thrown grenade. Range is from 0 - 1 (with 1 being damage equal to what is done to an enemy)
ff_damage_reduction_grenade_self1sv, cl, rep, releaseHow much to damage a player does to himself with his own grenade. Range is from 0 - 1 (with 1 being damage equal to what is done to an enemy)
ff_damage_reduction_other0.4sv, cl, rep, releaseHow much to reduce damage done to teammates by things other than bullets and grenades. Range is from 0 - 1 (with 1 being damage equal to what is done to an enemy)
findcmdFind concommands with the specified string in their name/help text.
findflagscmdFind concommands by flags.
firetargetcmdsv, cheat
firstpersoncmdcl, execute_per_tickSwitch to firstperson camera.
fish_debugfalsecl, cheatShow debug info for fish
fish_dormantfalsesv, rep, cheatTurns off interactive fish behavior. Fish become immobile and unresponsive.
fog_color-1.000000 -1.000000 -1.000000cl, cheat
fog_colorskybox-1.000000 -1.000000 -1.000000cl, cheat
fog_enabletruecl, cheatEnable fog
fog_enableskyboxtruecl, cheat
fog_end-1cl, cheat
fog_endskybox-1cl, cheat
fog_hdrcolorscale-1cl, cheat
fog_hdrcolorscaleskybox-1cl, cheat
fog_maxdensity-1cl, cheat
fog_maxdensityskybox-1cl, cheat
fog_override0cl, cheatOverrides the map's fog settings (-1 populates fog_ vars with map's values)
fog_override_colorcmdcheatSets the fog color override
fog_override_enablefalsecheatUse fog_override convars instead of world fog data
fog_start-1cl, cheat
fog_startskybox-1cl, cheat
fov_cs_debug0cl, cheatSets the view fov if cheats are on.
fov_desired75cl, a, userSets the base field-of-view.
fp_tracecmdToggle field path tracing to file
fps_max0a, releaseFrame rate limiter. 0=no limit. Does not apply to dedicated server.
fps_max_tools120aAdditional frame rate limit while in tools mode and a window other than the game window has focus. Note that fps_max still applies, this only allows the maximum frame rate for tools mode to be lower. 0=no tools specific limit.
fps_max_ui120aFrame rate limiter while the game UI is displayed. 0=no limit. Does not apply to dedicated server.
fs_clear_open_duplicate_timescmdClear the list of files that have been opened.
fs_dump_open_duplicate_timescmdSet fs_report_long_reads 1 before loading to use this. Prints a list of files that were opened more than once and ~how long was spent reading from them.
func_break_max_pieces15sv, a, rep
g_debug_angularsensorfalsesv, cheat
g_debug_constraint_soundsfalsesv, cheatEnable debug printing about constraint sounds.
g_debug_ragdoll_visualizefalsecl, cheat
game_aliascmdreleaseSet the configuration of game type and mode based on game alias like 'deathmatch'.
game_mode1sv, cl, rep, releaseThe current game mode (based on game type). See GameModes.txt.
game_type0sv, cl, rep, releaseThe current game type. See GameModes.txt.
gameinstructor_dump_open_lessonscmdcl, cheatGives a list of all currently open lessons.
gameinstructor_dump_run_lesson_countscmdcl, cheatGives a list of lessons that been completed or shown
gameinstructor_enabletruecl, a, releaseDisplay in game lessons that teach new players.
gameinstructor_find_errorsfalsecl, cheatSet to 1 and the game instructor will run EVERY scripted command to uncover errors.
gameinstructor_reload_lessonscmdclShuts down all open lessons and reloads them from the script file.
gameinstructor_teach_lessoncmdclForce a specific lesson to be triggered
gameinstructor_verbose0cl, cheatSet to 1 for standard debugging or 2 (in combo with gameinstructor_verbose_lesson) to show update actions.
gameinstructor_verbose_lesson0cl, cheatDisplay more verbose information for lessons have this name.
gameui_activatecmdShows the game UI
gameui_allowescapecmdEscape key allowed to hide game UI
gameui_allowescapetoshowcmdEscape key allowed to show game UI
gameui_hidecmdHides the game UI
gameui_preventescapecmdEscape key doesn't hide game UI
gameui_preventescapetoshowcmdEscape key doesn't show game UI
getposcmdcldump position and angles to the console
getpos_exactcmdcldump origin and angles to the console
givecmdsv, vconsole_fuzzyGive item to player. Arguments
givecurrentammocmdsv, cheatGive a supply of ammo for current weapon..
gl_clear_grayfalsecl, cheatClear the back buffer to gray every frame.
gl_clear_randomcolorfalsecl, cheatClear the back buffer to random colors every frame. Helps spot open seams in geometry.
global_setcmdsv, cheatglobal_set
glow_outline_width6cl, cheatWidth of glow outline effect in screen space.
glow_use_tolerance0.85cl, rep, cheat
godcmdsv, cheatToggle by default, or 0 to disable and 1 to enable. Player becomes invulnerable.
gotv_theater_container0cl, releaseEnables GOTV theater mode for the specified container, setting it to 'live' will play top live matches
grepcmdgrep line for pattern, print out matching lines only
groupscmdsvShow status of all spawn groups.
handforce_inner1sv, cl, rep, cheat
handforce_outer8sv, cl, rep, cheat
handforce_scale1.5sv, cl, rep, cheat
headforce_inner8sv, cl, rep, cheat
headforce_outer16sv, cl, rep, cheat
headforce_strength10sv, cl, rep, cheat
healthshot_allow_use_at_fulltruesv, cl, rep, release
healthshot_health50sv, cl, rep, release
healthshot_healthboost_damage_multiplier1sv, rep, release
healthshot_healthboost_speed_multiplier1sv, cl, rep, release
healthshot_healthboost_time0sv, cl, rep, release
helpcmdFind help about a convar/concommand.
hideconsolecmdnorecordHide the console.
hidehud0cl, cheatbitmask
hideoverviewmapcmdclHides the overview map
hideradarcmdclHides HUD radar
hint_panel_fadein0.3sv, cl, rep, cheat
hint_panel_fadeout0.3sv, cl, rep, cheat
host_framerate0releaseSet to lock per-frame time elapse.
host_timescale1rep, cheatPrescale the clock by this amount.
host_timescale_deccmdcheatDecrement the timescale by one step
host_timescale_inccmdcheatIncrement the timescale by one step
host_workshop_collectioncmdsvHost a workshop map collection as a mapgroup
host_workshop_mapcmdsvGet the latest version of the map and host it on this server.
host_writeconfigcmdSaves out the user config values.
hostage_debug0sv, cheatShow hostage AI debug information
hostage_is_silentfalsesv, cheatWhen set, the hostage won't play any code driven response rules lines
hostfilehost.txtsv, releaseThe HOST file to load.
hostip-1062731516releaseHost game server ip
hostnamestar @STRreleaseHostname for server.
hostname_in_client_statusfalsereleaseShow server hostname in client status.
hostport27015releaseHost game server port
hud_fastswitch0cl, a
hud_reloadschemecmdclReloads hud layout and animation scripts.
hud_scaling1cl, aScales hud elements
hud_showtargetidtruecl, a, per_userEnables display of target names
hurtmecmdsv, cheatHurts the player. Arguments
iccmdclinterp entity count
ik_debug_chain_to_filter_by0sv, cl, rep, cheat
ik_enabletruecheatEnable IK.
ik_hinge_debug_bone_index-1sv, cl, rep, cheat
ime_hkl_infocmdnorecordSpew IME HKL info.
ime_infocmdnorecordSpew IME info.
ime_supported_infocmdnorecordSpew IME Supported info.
imgui_set_selectioncmdsv, cheatSets ImGui selection
imgui_set_status_textcmdsv, cheatSets ImGui header status text
impulsecmdclTriggers impulse command
incrementvarcmdnorecordIncrement specified convar value.
inferno_child_spawn_interval_multiplier0.1sv, cheatAmount spawn interval increases for each child
inferno_child_spawn_max_depth4sv, rep, release
inferno_damage40sv, cheatDamage per second
inferno_debugfalsesv, cheat
inferno_dlight_spacing200cl, cheatInferno dlights are at least this far apart
inferno_flame_lifetime7sv, rep, releaseAverage lifetime of each flame in seconds
inferno_flame_spacing42sv, cheatMinimum distance between separate flame spawns
inferno_forward_reduction_factor0.9sv, cheat
inferno_friendly_fire_duration6sv, cheatFor this long, FF is credited back to the thrower.
inferno_initial_spawn_interval0.02sv, cheatTime between spawning flames for first fire
inferno_max_child_spawn_interval0.5sv, cheatLargest time interval for child flame spawning
inferno_max_flames16sv, rep, releaseMaximum number of flames that can be created
inferno_per_flame_spawn_duration3sv, cheatDuration each new flame will attempt to spawn new flames
inferno_scorch_decalsfalsesv, cheat
inferno_smoke_volume_density0.1sv, cheat
inferno_spawn_angle45sv, cheatAngular change from parent
inferno_surface_offset20sv, cheat
inferno_velocity_decay_factor0.2sv, cheat
inferno_velocity_factor0.003sv, cheat
inferno_velocity_normal_factor0sv, cheat
input_button_code_is_scan_codetrueaBind keys based on keyboard position instead of key name
input_filter_relative_analog_inputsfalsecl, a
input_forceuser-1cheatForce user input to this split screen player.
instant_replay_goto_tickcmdGoto a direct timestamp of the replay
instant_replay_goto_tick_relativecmdGoto a direct timestamp of the replay
instant_replay_livecmdIf in replay, jumps back to live
instant_replay_pausecmdPauses instant replay.
instant_replay_resumecmdResumes instant replay.
instant_replay_skipcmdNumber of seconds to skip back to instant replay from current position
instant_replay_skip_livecmdNumber of seconds to skip back to instant replay from live
instant_replay_timescalecmdSets instant replay speed.
instant_replay_togglepausecmdToggles instant replay.
invnextcmdcl, server_can_execute
invnextselectcmdcl, server_can_execute
invprevcmdcl, server_can_execute
invprevselectcmdcl, server_can_execute
ip0releaseOverrides IP for multihomed hosts
iv_debugcmdclSpew interpolated var info for entity.
iv_debugbone0releaseDebug bone name for interpolation spew of CAnimationState.
iv_interpcmdclSpew interpolated var info for entity.
iv_offcmdclTurn off all interpolation variable spew.
iv_oncmdclSpew both interpolated var debug info and history for entity.
joy_advancedfalsecl, a
joy_advaxisr0cl, a
joy_advaxisu0cl, a
joy_advaxisv0cl, a
joy_advaxisx0cl, a
joy_advaxisy0cl, a
joy_advaxisz0cl, a
joy_axisbutton_threshold0.3aAnalog axis range before a button press is registered.
joy_axisr_deadzone0.15a, per_user
joy_axisr_relativefalsea, per_user
joy_axisu_deadzone0.15a, per_user
joy_axisu_relativefalsea, per_user
joy_axisv_deadzone0.15a, per_user
joy_axisv_relativefalsea, per_user
joy_axisx_deadzone0.15a, per_user
joy_axisx_relativefalsea, per_user
joy_axisy_deadzone0.15a, per_user
joy_axisy_relativefalsea, per_user
joy_axisz_deadzone0.15a, per_user
joy_axisz_relativefalsea, per_user
joy_circle_correct_mode1cl, a, per_user
joy_circle_correct_mode_vehicle2cl, a, per_user
joy_forward_sensitivity1cl, a, per_user
joy_movement_stickfalsecl, a, per_userWhich stick controls movement (0 is left stick)
joy_namejoystickcl, a
joy_pitch_sensitivity3cl, a, per_user
joy_pitchsensitivity1cl, a, per_user
joy_response_look0cl, a, per_user
joy_response_move9cl, a, per_user
joy_side_sensitivity1cl, a, per_user
joy_sidesensitivity1cl, a
joy_wingmanwarrior_centerhackfalseaWingman warrior centering hack.
joy_wingmanwarrior_turnhackfalseaWingman warrior hack related to turn axes.
joy_yaw_sensitivity3cl, a, per_user
joy_yawsensitivity-1cl, a, per_user
joystickfalsecl, aTrue if the joystick is enabled, false otherwise.
jpeg_screenshotcmdTake a jpeg screenshot
key_findbindingcmdFind key bound to specified command string.
key_listboundkeyscmdList bound keys with bindings.
key_updatelayoutcmdUpdates game keyboard layout to current windows keyboard setting.
kickcmdnorecordKick a player by name.
kickidcmdnorecordKick a player by userid or uniqueid, with a message.
kickid_hltvcmdnorecordKick a player by userid or uniqueid, with a message.
killcmdsv, cheatKills the player with generic damage
killvectorcmdsv, cheatKills a player applying force. Usage
labelled_debug_helper_arc_segments20sv, cl, rep, cheat
labelled_debug_helper_enabledtruesv, cl, rep, cheat
labelled_debug_helper_scale1sv, cl, rep, cheat
labelled_debug_helper_show_positionfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat
labelled_debug_helper_show_texttruesv, cl, rep, cheat
labelled_debug_helper_skeleton_show_bone_namestruesv, cl, rep, cheat
lastinvcmdcl, server_can_execute
launch_warmup_mapcmdcl, norecord, clientcmd_can_executeLaunches warmup map
lb_show_light_fog_clipmap_cb_costfalsecheatShow cost of lights in fog clipmap constant buffer. yellow = 1 cost, red = 6 cost
lightquery_debug_direct_lightingtruesv, cl, rep, cheat
lightquery_debug_indirect_lightingtruesv, cl, rep, cheat
lightquery_debug_indirect_lighting_fast0sv, cl, rep, cheat0 = standard sampling, 1 = fast sampling, 2 = ultra-fast sampling
listdemocmdList demo file contents.
listidcmdLists banned users.
listipcmdList IP addresses on the ban list.
listissuescmdsvList all the issues that can be voted on.
listRecentNPCSpeechcmdsv, norecordDisplays a list of the last 5 lines of speech from NPCs.
loadcmdnorecord, vconsole_fuzzyUsage
lobby_default_privacy_bits20cl, a, releaseLobby default permissions (0
lockMoveControllerRetfalsecl, a
logcmdEnables logging to file, console, and udp < on
log_colorcmdnorecordSet the color of a logging channel.
log_dumpchannelscmdnorecordDumps information about all logging channels.
log_flagscmdnorecordSet the flags on a logging channel.
log_levelcmdnorecordSet the spew level of a logging channel.
log_verbositycmdnorecordSet the verbosity of a logging channel.
logic_npc_counter_debugfalsesv, rep, cheat
loop_dumpcmdPrint the listeners of the current loop mode
lrucache_flushcmdFlushes the specified cache
lrucache_reset_statscmdResets stats for the specified CUtlLRUCaches (or all if none specified)
lrucache_set_sizecmdSets the specified cache to the specified size
lrucache_statscmdSpews information about all CUtlLRUCaches
m_pitch0.022cl, a, per_userMouse pitch factor.
m_yaw0.022cl, a, per_userMouse yaw factor.
mapcmdvconsole_fuzzy, vconsole_set_focusmap
map_enable_background_mapscmdcl, cheatEnables/disables portrait background maps
map_setbombradiuscmdsv, cheatSets the bomb radius for the map.
map_showbombradiuscmdsv, cheatShows bomb radius from the center of each bomb site and planted bomb.
map_showspawnpointscmdsvShows player spawn points (red=invalid). Optionally pass in the duration.
mapgroupcmdsv, norecordSpecify a map group
mapoverview_allow_client_drawfalsecl, releaseAllow a client to draw on the map overview
mapoverview_icon_scale1cl, a, releaseSets the icon scale multiplier for the overview map. Valid values are 0.5 to 3.0.
mapscmdDisplays list of maps.
markup_group_ent_bboxcmdsv, cheatmarkup_group_ent_bbox <markup_group name> -> toggle ent_bbox for all members of the named markup group
markup_group_ent_textcmdsv, cheatmarkup_group_ent_text <markup_group name> -> toggle ent_text for all members of the named markup group
markup_group_spewcmdsv, cheatSpew all current markup groups and their members
mat_clearshadercachecmdClears the shader cache used for dynamic shader compile.
mat_colcorrection_forceentitiesclientsidefalsecl, cheatForces color correction entities to be updated on the client
mat_disable_dynamic_shader_compilecmdReloads all shaders from vcs files until the next time mat_reloadshaders is called
mat_disable_normal_mappingfalsecl, cheat
mat_overdraw0cheatVisualize overdraw
mat_overdraw_color0.075000 0.150000 0.300000cheat
mat_print_dead_materialscmdPrint loaded materials that have no valid layers due to not supporting any of the modes in
mat_print_error_materialscmdPrint loaded materials that are using the error shader or material.
mat_print_expensive_materialscmdPrint materials sorted by cost heuristic
mat_print_material_infocmdPrint info about a specific material
mat_print_materialscmdPrint loaded materials. Takes an optional substring as an argument.
mat_print_materials_last_framecmdPrint materials used last frame
mat_print_materials_unusedcmdPrint materials that have never been used
mat_print_modescmdPrint supported rendering modes.
mat_print_shader_infocmdPrint detailed info about a single shader. Takes a shader name (hero.vfx) as an argument.
mat_print_shader_qualitycmdPrint current shader quality setting
mat_print_shaderscmdPrint loaded shaders. Takes a substring as an argument.
mat_print_texturescmdPrint loaded textures in alphabetical order. Takes an optional substring as an argument.
mat_print_textures_sizecmdPrint loaded textures in ascending size order. Takes an optional substring as an argument.
mat_print_textures_size_in_memorycmdPrint loaded textures in ascending size order as they are in memory. Takes an optional substring as an argument.
mat_reinitmaterialscmdReinitializes all loaded materials, reloading their shaders.
mat_reloadmaterialscmdReloads all materials. Takes an optional substring as an argument.
mat_reloadshaderscmdReloads all shaders. Takes optional substrings of shader names to recompile as arguments.
mat_reset_material_costscmdReset material cost heuristic
mat_set_shader_qualitycmdForce shader quality setting (valid values are 0 or 1)
mat_shading_complexityfalsecheatVisualize shading complexity
mat_shading_complexity_color1.000000 0.500000 0.250000cheat
mat_tonemap_csgo_force_average_lum_min-1cheatOverride. Old default was 3.0
mat_tonemap_csgo_force_percent_bright_pixels-1cheatOverride. Old value was 1.0
mat_tonemap_csgo_force_percent_target-1cheatOverride. Old default was 45.
mat_tonemap_force_average_lum_min-1cheatOverride. Old default was 3.0
mat_tonemap_force_percent_bright_pixels-1cheatOverride. Old value was 1.0
mat_tonemap_force_percent_target-1cheatOverride. Old default was 45.
mat_wireframe0cheat0=Off, 1=Surface Wireframe, 2=Transparent Wireframe
mem_compactcmdCompacts the heap
mem_dumpcmdDump memory stats to text file or .
memorycmdPrint memory stats.
menuselectcmdcl, clientcmd_can_executemenuselect
mesh_calculate_curvature_smooth_invertfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat
mesh_calculate_curvature_smooth_pass_count3sv, cl, rep, cheat
mesh_calculate_curvature_smooth_weight1sv, cl, rep, cheat
mm_csgo_community_search_players_min3a, releaseWhen performing CSGO community matchmaking look for servers with at least so many human players
mm_datacenter_debugprintcmdShows information retrieved from data center
mm_debugprintcmdShow debug information about current matchmaking session
mm_dedicated_force_servers0releaseComma delimited list of ip
mm_dedicated_search_maxping150aLongest preferred ping to dedicated servers for games
mm_queue_show_statscmdcl, clientcmd_can_executeDisplay global server stats
mm_server_search_lan_ports27015,27016,27017,27018,27019,27020a, releasePorts to scan during LAN games discovery. Also used to discover and correctly connect to dedicated LAN servers behind NATs.
model_default_preview_sequence_name0sv, cl, a, rep
model_dump_convert_infocmdsv, cl, linkedPrint model load-time conversion info
molotov_throw_detonate_time2sv, cl, rep, release
motdfilemotd.txtsv, releaseThe MOTD file to load.
mouse_invertyfalsecl, a
movie_fixwavecmdFixup corrupted .wav file if engine crashed during startmovie/endmovie, etc.
mp_afterroundmoney0sv, cl, rep, releaseamount of money awared to every player after each round
mp_anyone_can_pickup_c4falsesv, cl, rep, releaseIf set, everyone can pick up the c4, not just Ts.
mp_autokicktruesv, rep, releaseKick idle/team-killing/team-damaging players
mp_autoteambalancetruesv, nf, release
mp_backup_restore_list_filescmdsv, releaseLists recent backup round files matching the prefix, most recent files first, accepts a numeric parameter to limit the number of files displayed
mp_backup_restore_load_autopausetruesv, releaseWhether to automatically pause the match after restoring round data from backup
mp_backup_restore_load_filecmdsv, releaseLoads player cash, KDA, scores and team scores; resets to the next round after the backup
mp_backup_round_autotruesv, releaseIf enabled will keep in-memory backups to handle reconnecting players even if the backup files aren't written to disk
mp_backup_round_filebackupsv, releaseIf set then server will save all played rounds information to files filename_date_time_team1_team2_mapname_roundnum_score1_score2.txt
mp_backup_round_file_lastbackup_round00.txtsv, releaseEvery time a backup file is written the value of this convar gets updated to hold the name of the backup file.
mp_backup_round_file_pattern%prefix%_round%round%.txtsv, releaseIf set then server will save all played rounds information to files named by this pattern, e.g.'%prefix%%date%%time%%team1%%team2%_%map%round%round%score%score1%%score2%.txt'
mp_bot_ai_bt0sv, releaseUse the specified behavior tree file to drive the bot behavior.
mp_bot_ai_bt_clear_cachecmdsv, releaseClears the cache for behavior tree files.
mp_buy_allow_grenadestruesv, cl, rep, releaseWhether players can purchase grenades from the buy menu or not.
mp_buy_allow_guns255sv, cl, rep, releaseWhether players can purchase guns
mp_buy_anywhere0sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseWhen set, players can buy anywhere, not only in buyzones. 0 = default. 1 = both teams. 2 = Terrorists. 3 = Counter-Terrorists.
mp_buy_during_immunity0sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseWhen set, players can buy when immune, ignoring buytime. 0 = default. 1 = both teams. 2 = Terrorists. 3 = Counter-Terrorists.
mp_buytime20sv, cl, rep, releaseHow many seconds after round start players can buy items for.
mp_c4_cannot_be_defusedfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseIf set, the planted c4 cannot be defused.
mp_c4timer40sv, cl, nf, rep, releasehow long from when the C4 is armed until it blows
mp_competitive_endofmatch_extra_time15sv, releaseAfter a competitive match finishes rematch voting extra time is given for rankings.
mp_consecutive_loss_aversion1sv, rep, releaseHow loss streak is affected with round win
mp_consecutive_loss_max4sv, rep, release
mp_coop_force_join_ctfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseIf set, real players will auto join CT on join.
mp_coopmission_bot_difficulty_offset0sv, rep, releaseThe difficulty offset modifier for bots during coop missions.
mp_coopmission_mission_number0sv, cl, rep, releaseWhich mission the map should run after it loads.
mp_coopterrorhunt_kill_add_time10sv, cl, rep, releaseThe number of seconds added to the clock when players get a kill.
mp_coopterrorhunt_num_enemies20sv, cl, rep, releaseThe number of enemies CTs have to hunt and kill.
mp_ct_default_grenades0sv, cl, rep, releaseThe default grenades that the CTs will spawn with. To give multiple grenades, separate each weapon class with a space like this
mp_ct_default_meleeweapon_knifesv, cl, rep, releaseThe default melee weapon that the CTs will spawn with. Even if this is blank, a knife will be given. To give a taser, it should look like this
mp_ct_default_primary0sv, cl, rep, releaseThe default primary (rifle) weapon that the CTs will spawn with
mp_ct_default_secondaryweapon_hkp2000sv, cl, rep, releaseThe default secondary (pistol) weapon that the CTs will spawn with
mp_damage_headshot_onlyfalsesv, rep, releaseDetermines whether non-headshot hits do any damage.
mp_damage_scale_ct_body1sv, rep, releaseScales the damage a CT player takes by this much when they take damage in the body. (1 == 100%, 0.5 == 50%)
mp_damage_scale_ct_head1sv, rep, releaseScales the damage a CT player takes by this much when they take damage in the head (1 == 100%, 0.5 == 50%). REMEMBER! headshots do 4x the damage of the body before this scaler is applied.
mp_damage_scale_t_body1sv, rep, releaseScales the damage a T player takes by this much when they take damage in the body. (1 == 100%, 0.5 == 50%)
mp_damage_scale_t_head1sv, rep, releaseScales the damage a T player takes by this much when they take damage in the head (1 == 100%, 0.5 == 50%). REMEMBER! headshots do 4x the damage of the body before this scaler is applied.
mp_damage_vampiric_amount0sv, rep, releaseIf Set to non-0, will determine the fraction of damage dealt that will be given to attacker.
mp_death_drop_breachchargetruesv, cl, rep, releaseDrop breachcharge on player death
mp_death_drop_c4truesv, cl, rep, releaseWhether c4 is droppable
mp_death_drop_defusertruesv, cl, rep, releaseDrop defuser on player death
mp_death_drop_grenade2sv, cl, rep, releaseWhich grenade to drop on player death
mp_death_drop_gun1sv, cl, rep, releaseWhich gun to drop on player death
mp_death_drop_healthshottruesv, cl, rep, releaseDrop healthshot on player death
mp_death_drop_tasertruesv, cl, rep, releaseDrop taser on player death
mp_deathcam_skippabletruesv, rep, releaseDetermines whether a player can early-out of the deathcam.
mp_debug_timeoutscmdsvPrints time outs to the console for debugging
mp_default_team_winner_no_objective-1sv, cl, rep, releaseIf the map doesn't define an objective (bomb, hostage, etc), the value of this convar will declare the winner when the time runs out in the round.
mp_defuser_allocation0sv, cl, rep, releaseHow to allocate defusers to CTs at start or round
mp_disable_autokickcmdsvPrevents a userid from being auto-kicked
mp_disconnect_kills_botsfalsesv, releaseWhen a bot disconnects, kill them first. Requires mp_disconnect_kills_players.
mp_disconnect_kills_playerstruesv, releaseWhen a player disconnects, kill them first (triggering item drops, stats, etc.)
mp_display_kill_assiststruesv, cl, rep, releaseWhether to display and score player assists
mp_dm_bonus_length_max30sv, rep, releaseMaximum time the bonus time will last (in seconds)
mp_dm_bonus_length_min30sv, rep, releaseMinimum time the bonus time will last (in seconds)
mp_dm_bonus_percent50sv, cl, rep, releasePercent of points additionally awarded when someone gets a kill with the bonus weapon during the bonus period.
mp_dm_bonus_respawnfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseWhen attempting to get the bonus weapon in deathmatch, whether we should respawn you with it or just give it to you directly
mp_dm_bonusweapon_dogtags0sv, cl, rep, releaseAdditional dogtags to drop when making a kill with the bonus weapon
mp_dm_dogtag_score0sv, cl, rep, releasePoints to award for picking up a dogtag in deathmatch.
mp_dm_kill_base_score10sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of base points to award for a kill in deathmatch. Cheaper weapons award 1 or 2 additional points.
mp_dm_teammode0sv, cl, rep, releaseIn deathmatch, enables team DM visuals & scoring (0
mp_dm_teammode_bonus_score1sv, cl, rep, releaseTeam deathmatch victory points to award for kill with bonus weapon
mp_dm_teammode_dogtag_score0sv, cl, rep, releaseTeam deathmatch victory points to award for collecting enemy dogtags
mp_dm_teammode_kill_score1sv, cl, rep, releaseTeam deathmatch victory points to award for enemy kill
mp_dm_time_between_bonus_max40sv, rep, releaseMaximum time a bonus time will start after the round start or after the last bonus (in seconds)
mp_dm_time_between_bonus_min30sv, rep, releaseMinimum time a bonus time will start after the round start or after the last bonus (in seconds)
mp_dogtag_despawn_on_killer_deathtruesv, rep, releaseWhether dogtags should despawn when their killer dies
mp_dogtag_despawn_time120sv, rep, releaseHow many seconds dogtags should stay around before despawning automatically (0 = infinite)
mp_dogtag_pickup_rule0sv, rep, releaseWho is eligible to pick up a dogtag (0 = killer only, 1 = killer's team, 2 = victim's team, 3 = killer & victim's team, 4 = anyone)
mp_dronegun_stopfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseif non-zero, stops AI on all droneguns.
mp_drop_grenade_enabletruesv, releaseAllows players to drop grenades.
mp_drop_knife_enablefalsesv, releaseAllows players to drop knives.
mp_dump_timerscmdsvPrints round timers to the console for debugging
mp_economy_reset_rounds0sv, cl, rep, releaseReset all player money every N rounds (0 for never)
mp_endmatch_votenextleveltime20sv, releaseIf mp_endmatch_votenextmap is set, players have this much time to vote on the next map at match end.
mp_endmatch_votenextmaptruesv, cl, rep, releaseWhether or not players vote for the next map at the end of the match when the final scoreboard comes up
mp_endmatch_votenextmap_keepcurrenttruesv, cl, rep, releaseIf set, keeps the current map in the list of voting options. If not set, the current map will not appear in the list of voting options.
mp_endmatch_votenextmap_wargames_modesarmsracesv, releaseModes available for endmatch voting during War Games. Separate names with spaces.
mp_endmatch_votenextmap_wargames_nummaps3sv, releaseMaximum number of maps to include in endmatch voting during War Games
mp_endmatch_votenextmap_wargames_nummodes1sv, releaseMaximum number of other War Games to include in endmatch voting during War Games
mp_endwarmup_player_count0sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of players required to be connected to end warmup early. 0 to require maximum players for mode.
mp_equipment_reset_rounds0sv, cl, rep, releaseReset all player equipment every N rounds (0 for never)
mp_fists_replace_meleetruesv, releaseIf enabled then when melee weapon is dropped player will have fists, when melee weapon is picked up then fists are unavailable
mp_footsteps_serversidetruesv, releaseMakes the server always play footstep sounds. Clients never calculate footstep sounds locally, instead relying on the server.
mp_force_pick_time15sv, cl, rep, releaseThe amount of time a player has on the team screen to make a selection before being auto-teamed
mp_forcecamera1sv, cl, rep, releaseRestricts spectator modes for dead players
mp_fraglimit0sv, nf, release
mp_free_armor0sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines whether kevlar (1+) and/or helmet (2+) are given automatically.
mp_freezetime15sv, nf, rep, releasehow many seconds to keep players frozen when the round starts
mp_friendlyfiretruesv, cl, nf, rep, releaseAllows team members to injure other members of their team
mp_ggprogressive_healthshot_killcount3sv, cl, rep, releaseGrant healthshots in arms race after n kills
mp_ggprogressive_random_weapon_kills_needed2sv, cl, rep, releaseIf mp_ggprogressive_use_random_weapons is set, this is the number of kills needed with each weapon
mp_ggprogressive_round_restart_delay15sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of seconds to delay before restarting a round after a win in gungame progessive
mp_ggprogressive_use_random_weaponstruesv, cl, rep, releaseIf set, selects random weapons from set categories for the progression order
mp_ggtr_always_upgradefalsesv, cl, rep, releaseAward this many upgrade points every round in demolition mode
mp_ggtr_bomb_defuse_bonus1sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of bonus upgrades to award the CTs when they defuse a gun game bomb
mp_ggtr_bomb_detonation_bonus1sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of bonus upgrades to award the Ts when they detonate a gun game bomb
mp_ggtr_bomb_pts_for_flash4sv, cl, rep, releaseKill points required in a round to get a bonus flash grenade
mp_ggtr_bomb_pts_for_he3sv, cl, rep, releaseKill points required in a round to get a bonus HE grenade
mp_ggtr_bomb_pts_for_molotov5sv, cl, rep, releaseKill points required in a round to get a bonus molotov co*cktail
mp_ggtr_bomb_pts_for_upgrade2sv, cl, rep, releaseKill points required to upgrade a player's weapon
mp_ggtr_bomb_respawn_delay0sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of seconds to delay before making the bomb available to a respawner in gun game
mp_ggtr_end_round_kill_bonus1sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of bonus points awarded in Demolition Mode when knife kill ends round
mp_ggtr_last_weapon_kill_ends_halffalsesv, cl, rep, releaseEnd the half and give a team round point when a player makes a kill using the final weapon
mp_ggtr_num_rounds_autoprogress3sv, cl, rep, releaseUpgrade the player's weapon after this number of rounds without upgrading
mp_give_player_c4truesv, cl, rep, releaseWhether this map should spawn a c4 bomb for a player or not.
mp_global_damage_per_second0sv, rep, releaseIf above 0, deal non-lethal damage to players over time.
mp_guardian_ai_bt_difficulty_adjust_wave_interval1sv, rep, releaseAdjust the guardian bots' difficulty every nth guardian wave when using behavior trees.
mp_guardian_ai_bt_difficulty_cap_beginning_round2sv, rep, releaseStarting this round a difficulty cap will be applied to the bots.
mp_guardian_ai_bt_difficulty_initial_value2sv, rep, releaseStarting difficulty level for the gardian bots.
mp_guardian_ai_bt_difficulty_max_next_level_bots3sv, rep, releaseHow many bots to increase difficulty per wave - this many easier bots will get harder.
mp_guardian_bomb_plant_custom_x_mark_location0sv, cl, rep, releasex,y,z to display an X for the bomb plant in guardian missions with custom bomb plant boundaries.
mp_guardian_bot_money_per_wave800sv, rep, releaseThe amount of money bots get time each wave the players complete. This # is absolute and not additive, the money is set to (this)x(wave#) for each bot on each wave.
mp_guardian_force_collect_hostages_timeout50sv, releaseForce bots to collect hostages after this amount of time if no enemy has been seen.
mp_guardian_give_random_grenades_to_botstruesv, releaseIf set guardian bots will be given grenades at the beginning of the wave.
mp_guardian_loc_string_hud#guardian_mission_type_killssv, cl, rep, releaseLoc string token to use on hud for this mission, otherwise default to kills with weapon.
mp_guardian_loc_weapon0sv, cl, rep, releaseOverride to weapon dialog var applied to UI
mp_guardian_player_dist_max2000sv, rep, releaseThe maximum distance a player is allowed to get from the bombsite before they're killed.
mp_guardian_player_dist_min1300sv, rep, releaseThe distance at which we start to warn a player when they are too far from the guarded bombsite.
mp_guardian_special_kills_needed10sv, rep, releaseThe number of kills needed with a specific weapon.
mp_guardian_special_weapon_neededawpsv, rep, releaseThe weapon that needs to be used to increment the kills needed to complete the mission.
mp_guardian_target_site-1sv, releaseIf set to the index of a bombsite, will cause random spawns to be only created near that site.
mp_halftimetruesv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines whether the match switches sides in a halftime event.
mp_halftime_duration15sv, cl, rep, releaseTarget number of seconds that halftime lasts; shortened if team intros are active
mp_halftime_pausematch0sv, cl, rep, releaseSet to 1 to pause match after halftime countdown elapses. Match must be resumed by vote or admin.
mp_halftime_pausetimer0sv, cl, rep, releaseSet to 1 to stay in halftime indefinitely. Set to 0 to resume the timer.
mp_heavyassaultsuit_aimpunchtruesv, cl, rep, releaseHow much EXTRA aim punch will happen when a player wearing the assault suit gets when shot
mp_heavyassaultsuit_cooldown5sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines cooldown of purchase.
mp_heavyassaultsuit_deploy_timescale0.8sv, cl, rep, releaseHow fast a player wearing the heavy assault suit will draw their weapon (1.0 = normal speed, 0.5 = half speed)
mp_heavyassaultsuit_speed130sv, cl, rep, releaseThe max speed of a player when they are wearing the heavy assault suit
mp_heavybot_damage_reduction_scale1sv, cl, rep, releaseHow much damage should scale when the player wearing the heavy assault suit is shot (1.0 = no change, 0.5 = half damage)
mp_hostages_max2sv, rep, releaseMaximum number of hostages to spawn.
mp_hostages_rescuetime1sv, cl, rep, releaseAdditional time added to round time if a hostage is reached by a CT.
mp_hostages_run_speed_modifier1sv, rep, releaseDefault is 1.0, slow down hostages by setting this to < 1.0.
mp_hostages_spawn_farthestfalsesv, rep, releaseWhen enabled will consistently force the farthest hostages to spawn.
mp_hostages_spawn_force_positions0sv, rep, releaseComma separated list of zero based indices to force spawn positions, e.g. '0,2' or '1,6'
mp_hostages_spawn_force_positions_xyz0sv, rep, releaseComma separated list of xyz locations to force spawn positions, e.g. 'x1 y1 z1,x2 y2 z2'
mp_hostages_spawn_same_every_roundtruesv, rep, release0 = spawn hostages randomly every round, 1 = same spawns for entire match.
mp_hostages_takedamagefalsesv, cl, rep, releaseWhether or not hostages can be hurt.
mp_humanteamanysv, rep, releaseRestricts human players to a single team {any, CT, T}
mp_ignore_round_win_conditionsfalsesv, rep, releaseIgnore conditions which would end the current round
mp_items_prohibited0sv, cl, rep, releaseSet this convar to a comma-delimited list of definition indices of weapons that should be prohibited from use.
mp_join_grace_time0sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of seconds after round start to allow a player to join a game
mp_limitteams2sv, nf, rep, releaseMax # of players 1 team can have over another (0 disables check)
mp_logdetail0sv, releaseLogs attacks. Values are
mp_logdetail_itemsfalsesv, releaseLogs a line any time a player acquires or loses an item.
mp_logdistance_2d250sv, releaseEnables distance logging every so many units
mp_logdistance_sec15sv, releaseEnables distance logging every so many seconds
mp_logloadoutstruesv, releaseEnables distance logging with full loadouts
mp_logmoneyfalsesv, releaseEnables money logging. Values are
mp_match_can_clinchtruesv, cl, rep, releaseCan a team clinch and end the match by being so far ahead that the other team has no way to catching up?
mp_match_end_changelevelfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseAt the end of the match, perform a changelevel even if next map is the same
mp_match_end_restartfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseAt the end of the match, perform a restart instead of loading a new map
mp_match_restart_delay25sv, cl, rep, releaseTime (in seconds) until a match restarts.
mp_max_armor2sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines the highest level of armor allowed to be purchased. (0) None, (1) Kevlar, (2) Helmet
mp_maxmoney16000sv, cl, rep, releasemaximum amount of money allowed in a player's account
mp_maxrounds30sv, cl, nf, rep, releasemax number of rounds to play before server changes maps
mp_min_halftime_duration8.5sv, cl, rep, releaseMinimum number of seconds that halftime lasts even if team intros are active
mp_only_cts_rescue_hostagestruesv, rep, release
mp_overtime_enablefalsesv, cl, rep, releaseIf a match ends in a tie, use overtime rules to determine winner
mp_overtime_halftime_pausetimer0sv, cl, rep, releaseIf set to 1 will set mp_halftime_pausetimer to 1 before every half of overtime. Set mp_halftime_pausetimer to 0 to resume the timer.
mp_overtime_maxrounds6sv, cl, rep, releaseWhen overtime is enabled play additional rounds to determine winner
mp_overtime_startmoney10000sv, cl, rep, releaseMoney assigned to all players at start of every overtime half
mp_pause_matchcmdsvPause the match in the next freeze time
mp_plant_c4_anywherefalsesv, cl, rep, release
mp_playercashawardstruesv, cl, rep, releasePlayers can earn money by performing in-game actions
mp_playerid0sv, cl, rep, releaseControls what information player see in the status bar
mp_playerid_delay0.4sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of seconds to delay showing information in the status bar
mp_playerid_hold0.1sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of seconds to keep showing old information in the status bar
mp_randomspawn0sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines whether players are to spawn. 0 = default; 1 = both teams; 2 = Terrorists; 3 = CTs.
mp_randomspawn_dist0sv, cl, rep, releaseIf using mp_randomspawn, determines whether to test distance when selecting this spot.
mp_randomspawn_losfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseIf using mp_randomspawn, determines whether to test Line of Sight when spawning.
mp_require_gun_use_to_acquirefalsesv, releaseWhether guns must be +used to acquire or default is touch-to-pickup
mp_respawn_immunitytime-1sv, cl, rep, releaseHow many seconds after respawn immunity lasts. Set to negative value to disable warmup immunity.
mp_respawn_on_death_ctfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseWhen set to 1, counter-terrorists will respawn after dying.
mp_respawn_on_death_tfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseWhen set to 1, terrorists will respawn after dying.
mp_respawnwavetime_ct10sv, cl, rep, releaseTime between respawn waves for CTs.
mp_respawnwavetime_t10sv, cl, rep, releaseTime between respawn waves for Terrorists.
mp_restartgame0sv, releaseIf non-zero, game will restart in the specified number of seconds
mp_retake_ct_count4sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of CT's when playing retakes.
mp_retake_ct_loadout_bonus_card#GameUI_Retake_Card_TheAWPortunity,1,1,rifle4sv, cl, rep, releaseCT bonus card for full buy round when playing bomb site retake.
mp_retake_ct_loadout_bonus_card_availability1,2sv, cl, rep, releaseCT bonus card availability pattern for full buy round when playing bomb site retake.
mp_retake_ct_loadout_enemy_card#GameUI_Retake_Card_BehindEnemyLines,1,1,rifle1,grenade2sv, cl, rep, releaseCT enemy card for full buy round when playing bomb site retake.
mp_retake_max_consecutive_rounds_same_target_site2sv, cl, rep, releaseLimit the number of consecutive rounds targeting the same site.
mp_retake_t_count3sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of terrorists when playing retakes.
mp_retake_t_loadout_bonus_card#GameUI_Retake_Card_TheAWPortunity,1,1,rifle4sv, cl, rep, releaseT bonus card for full buy round when playing bomb site retake.
mp_retake_t_loadout_bonus_card_availability1,1,2sv, cl, rep, releaseT bonus card availability pattern for full buy round when playing bomb site retake.
mp_retake_t_loadout_enemy_card#GameUI_Retake_Card_FindersKeepers,1,1,rifle1,grenade2sv, cl, rep, releaseT enemy card for full buy round when playing bomb site retake.
mp_round_restart_delay7sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of seconds to delay before restarting a round after a win
mp_roundtime1.92sv, nf, rep, releaseHow many minutes each round takes.
mp_roundtime_defuse1.92sv, nf, rep, releaseHow many minutes each round of Bomb Defuse takes. If 0 then use mp_roundtime instead.
mp_roundtime_deployment5sv, releaseHow many minutes deployment for coop mission takes.
mp_roundtime_hostage1.92sv, nf, rep, releaseHow many minutes each round of Hostage Rescue takes. If 0 then use mp_roundtime instead.
mp_scrambleteamscmdsvScramble the teams and restart the game
mp_shield_speed_deployed170sv, cl, rep, releaseThe max speed of a player when they have a shield deployed
mp_shield_speed_holstered200sv, cl, rep, releaseThe max speed of a player when they have a shield holstered
mp_shorthanded_cash_bonus_ignore_kickedtruesv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines whether kicked players are included in the assessment for short-handedness
mp_shorthanded_cash_bonus_round_delay2sv, cl, rep, releasenumber of previous rounds that a team needs to have been shorthanded before they are eligible for the short-handed bonus
mp_solid_teammates1sv, cl, rep, releaseHow solid are teammates
mp_spawnprotectiontime5sv, rep, releaseKick players who team-kill within this many seconds of a round restart.
mp_spec_swapplayersidesfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseToggle set the player names and team names to the opposite side in which they are are on the spectator panel.
mp_spectators_max2sv, cl, rep, releaseHow many spectators are allowed in a match.
mp_starting_losses1sv, rep, releaseDetermines what the initial loss streak is.
mp_startmoney800sv, cl, rep, releaseamount of money each player gets when they reset
mp_suicide_penaltytruesv, releasePunish players for suicides
mp_swapteamscmdsvSwap the teams and restart the game
mp_t_default_grenades0sv, cl, rep, releaseThe default grenades that the Ts will spawn with. To give multiple grenades, separate each weapon class with a space like this
mp_t_default_meleeweapon_knifesv, cl, rep, releaseThe default melee weapon that the Ts will spawn with
mp_t_default_primary0sv, cl, rep, releaseThe default primary (rifle) weapon that the Ts will spawn with
mp_t_default_secondaryweapon_glocksv, cl, rep, releaseThe default secondary (pistol) weapon that the Ts will spawn with
mp_tagging_scale1sv, rep, releaseScalar for player tagging modifier when hit. Lower values for greater tagging.
mp_taser_recharge_time-1sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines recharge time for taser. -1 = disabled.
mp_td_dmgtokick300sv, rep, releaseThe damage threshhold players have to exceed in a match to get kicked.
mp_td_dmgtowarn200sv, rep, releaseThe damage threshhold players have to exceed in a match to get warned that they are about to be kicked.
mp_td_spawndmgthreshold50sv, rep, releaseThe damage threshold players have to exceed at the start of the round to be warned/kick.
mp_tdm_healthshot_killcount3sv, cl, rep, releaseGrant healthshots in team deathmatch after n kills
mp_team_intro_time6.5sv, nf, rep, releaseHow many seconds for team intro
mp_team_timeout_max1sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of timeouts each team gets per match.
mp_team_timeout_time60sv, cl, rep, releaseDuration of each timeout.
mp_teamcashawardstruesv, cl, rep, releaseTeams can earn money by performing in-game actions
mp_teamflag_10sv, releaseEnter a country's alpha 2 code to show that flag next to team 1's name in the spectator scoreboard.
mp_teamflag_20sv, releaseEnter a country's alpha 2 code to show that flag next to team 2's name in the spectator scoreboard.
mp_teamlogo_10sv, releaseEnter a team's shorthand image name to display their logo. Images can be found here
mp_teamlogo_20sv, releaseEnter a team's shorthand image name to display their logo. Images can be found here
mp_teammatchstat_10sv, releaseA non-empty string sets first team's match stat.
mp_teammatchstat_20sv, releaseA non-empty string sets second team's match stat.
mp_teammatchstat_cycletime45sv, releaseCycle match stats after so many seconds
mp_teammatchstat_holdtime5sv, releaseDecide on a match stat and hold it additionally for at least so many seconds
mp_teammatchstat_txt0sv, releaseA non-empty string sets the match stat description, e.g. 'Match 2 of 3'.
mp_teammates_are_enemiesfalsesv, cl, nf, rep, releaseWhen set, your teammates act as enemies and all players are valid targets.
mp_teamname_10sv, releaseA non-empty string overrides the first team's name.
mp_teamname_20sv, releaseA non-empty string overrides the second team's name.
mp_teamprediction_pct0sv, releaseA value between 1 and 99 will show predictions in favor of CT team.
mp_teamprediction_txt#SFUIHUD_Spectate_Predictionssv, releaseA value between 1 and 99 will set predictions in favor of first team.
mp_teamscore_10sv, releaseA non-empty string for best-of-N maps won by the first team.
mp_teamscore_20sv, releaseA non-empty string for best-of-N maps won by the second team.
mp_teamscore_max0sv, releaseHow many maps to win the series (bo3 max=2; bo5 max=3; bo7 max=4)
mp_technical_timeout_duration_s120sv, cl, rep, releaseHow many seconds is a full technical timeout?
mp_technical_timeout_per_team1sv, cl, rep, releaseHow many technical timeouts are there per team?
mp_timelimit0sv, cl, nf, rep, releasegame time per map in minutes
mp_tkpunish0sv, rep, releaseWill TK'ers and team damagers be punished in the next round? {0=no, 1=yes}
mp_unpause_matchcmdsvResume the match
mp_use_respawn_waves0sv, cl, rep, releaseWhen set to 1, and that player's team is set to respawn, they will respawn in waves. If set to 2, teams will respawn when the whole team is dead.
mp_verbose_changelevel_spew1sv, cl, rep, release
mp_warmup_endcmdsvEnd warmup immediately.
mp_warmup_offline_enabledfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseWhether or not to do a warmup period at the start of a match in an offline (bot) match.
mp_warmup_online_enabledtruesv, cl, rep, releaseWhether or not to do a warmup period at the start of an online match.
mp_warmup_pausetimer0sv, cl, rep, releaseSet to 1 to stay in warmup indefinitely. Set to 0 to resume the timer.
mp_warmup_startcmdsvStart warmup.
mp_warmuptime300sv, cl, rep, releaseHow long the warmup period lasts. Changing this value resets warmup.
mp_warmuptime_all_players_connected60sv, cl, rep, releaseWarmup time to use when all players have connected. 0 to disable.
mp_weapon_melee_touch_time_after_hit5sv, cheat, release
mp_weapon_next_owner_touch_time1.3sv, cheat, release
mp_weapon_prev_owner_touch_time1.5sv, cheat, release
mp_weapon_self_inflict_amount0sv, rep, releaseIf Set to non-0, will hurt the attacker by the specified fraction of max damage if they miss.
mp_weapons_allow_heavy-1sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines which team, if any, can purchase Heavy guns. -1 = any; 0 = non; 2 = Ts; 3 = CTs.
mp_weapons_allow_heavyassaultsuitfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines whether heavyassaultsuit is permitted.
mp_weapons_allow_map_placedtruesv, cl, rep, releaseIf this convar is set, when a match starts, the game will not delete weapons placed in the map.
mp_weapons_allow_pistols-1sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines which team, if any, can purchase Pistols. -1 = any; 0 = non; 2 = Ts; 3 = CTs.
mp_weapons_allow_rifles-1sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines which team, if any, can purchase Rifles. -1 = any; 0 = non; 2 = Ts; 3 = CTs.
mp_weapons_allow_smgs-1sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines which team, if any, can purchase SMGs. -1 = any; 0 = non; 2 = Ts; 3 = CTs.
mp_weapons_allow_typecount5sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines how many purchases of each weapon type allowed per player per round (0 to disallow purchasing, -1 to have no limit).
mp_weapons_allow_zeus5sv, cl, rep, releaseDetermines how many Zeus purchases a player can make per round (0 to disallow, -1 to have no limit).
mp_weapons_glow_on_groundfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseIf this convar is set, weapons on the ground will have a glow around them.
mp_weapons_max_gun_purchases_per_weapon_per_match-1sv, cl, rep, releaseMax number of times a player may purchase any weapon per match
mp_win_panel_display_time3sv, cl, rep, releaseThe amount of time to show the win panel between matches / halfs
multvarcmdnorecordMultiply specified convar value.
namestar @STRa, per_user
nav_add_to_selected_setcmdsv, cheatAdd current area to the selected set.
nav_add_to_selected_set_by_idcmdsv, cheatAdd specified area id to the selected set.
nav_avoidcmdsv, cheatToggles the 'avoid this area when possible' flag used by the AI system.
nav_avoid_obstaclestruesv, cheat
nav_begin_deselectingcmdsv, cheatStart continuously removing from the selected set.
nav_begin_drag_deselectingcmdsv, cheatStart dragging a selection area.
nav_begin_drag_selectingcmdsv, cheatStart dragging a selection area.
nav_begin_selectingcmdsv, cheatStart continuously adding to the selected set.
nav_bfs_debug0sv, cheat
nav_check_connectivitycmdsv, cheatChecks to be sure every (or just the marked) nav area can get to every goal area for the map (hostages or bomb site).
nav_clear_attributecmdsv, cheatRemove given nav attribute from all areas in the selected set.
nav_clear_attributescmdsv, cheatClear all nav attributes of selected area.
nav_clear_selected_setcmdsv, cheatClear the selected set.
nav_corner_adjust_adjacent18cheatradius used to raise/lower corners in nearby areas when raising/lowering corners.
nav_curve_altfalsesv, cheat
nav_curve_iter0sv, cheat
nav_curve_lock-1sv, cheat
nav_curve_max_step10sv, cheat
nav_curve_set-1sv, cheat
nav_curve_step0.02sv, cheat
nav_debug_blockedfalsesv, cheat
nav_deletecmdsv, cheatDeletes the currently highlighted Area.
nav_delete_all_hullcmdsv, cheatDeletes all areas with given hull category.
nav_delete_markedcmdsv, cheatDeletes the currently marked Area (if any).
nav_disconnectcmdsv, cheatTo disconnect two Areas, mark an Area, highlight a second Area, then invoke the disconnect command. This will remove all connections between the two Areas.
nav_draw_area_filledtruesv, cheat
nav_draw_area_groundfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_area_ztestfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_attribute_dynamic0sv, cheatDraw all nav areas with this dynamic attribute
nav_draw_attribute_game0sv, cheatDraw all nav areas with this game attribute
nav_draw_blockedtruesv, cheat
nav_draw_blocked_connectionsfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_connected_area_radius1000sv, cheat
nav_draw_connectionsfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_dangerareasfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_externally_createdfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_hidingspotsfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_hull_supportfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_indicesfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_inset_margin0sv, cheat
nav_draw_jump_linksfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_limit300sv, cheatThe maximum number of areas to draw in edit mode
nav_draw_link_alignmentfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_linksfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_markuptruesv, cheat
nav_draw_markup_offset4sv, cheat
nav_draw_meshtruesv, cheat
nav_draw_mesh_gridfalsesv, cheatDraw the mesh's spatial grid structure around the edit cursor position.
nav_draw_mesh_offset1sv, cheatVertical offset for drawing the mesh (useful for flat planes where the mesh is often a fixed offset from the physical ground
nav_draw_should_be_destroyedfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_space_boundsfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_space_flyfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_space_neighborsfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_space_portalsfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_space_swimfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_split_by_nav_link_mgrfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_split_by_obstacle_mgrfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_vert_hotspotsfalsesv, cheat
nav_draw_vertex_normalfalsesv, cheat
nav_edit0sv, cheatSet to one to interactively edit the Navigation Mesh. Set to zero to leave edit mode.
nav_edit_validatefalsesv, cheatValidate navmesh structures.
nav_end_deselectingcmdsv, cheatStop continuously removing from the selected set.
nav_end_drag_deselectingcmdsv, cheatStop dragging a selection area.
nav_end_drag_selectingcmdsv, cheatStop dragging a selection area.
nav_end_selectingcmdsv, cheatStop continuously adding to the selected set.
nav_gen_agent_radius_buffer0.75cheatBuffer to add to agent radius before passing to nav gen
nav_gen_falsefalsecheatAlways false
nav_gen_jump_connection_min_overlap_ratio0.1cheatMinimum edge overlap required for jump connection consideration as a percentage of agent radius
nav_gen_truetruecheatAlways true
nav_genrt_debugfalsesv, cheat
nav_genrt_no_splicefalsesv, cheat
nav_genrt_no_splitfalsesv, cheat
nav_genrt_step-1sv, cheat
nav_lower_drag_volume_maxcmdsv, cheatLower the top of the drag select volume.
nav_lower_drag_volume_mincmdsv, cheatLower the bottom of the drag select volume.
nav_markcmdsv, cheatMarks the Area or Ladder under the cursor for manipulation by subsequent editing commands.
nav_mark_attributecmdsv, cheatSet nav attribute for all areas in the selected set.
nav_max_view_distance0sv, cheatMaximum range for precomputed nav mesh visibility (0 = default 1500 units)
nav_obstacle_genrtfalsesv, cheat
nav_obstacle_validatefalsesv, cheat
nav_obstruction_draw0sv, cheat
nav_obstruction_draw_changefalsesv, cheat
nav_obstruction_draw_dist-1sv, cheat
nav_obstruction_draw_fail_blockfalsesv, cheat
nav_path_debugfalsesv, cheat
nav_path_debug_compute_with_open_goal0sv, cheat
nav_path_draw_areasfalsesv, cheat
nav_path_draw_arrowtruesv, cheat
nav_path_draw_climb_segmentstruesv, cheat
nav_path_draw_connected_areasfalsesv, cheat
nav_path_draw_ground_segmentstruesv, cheat
nav_path_draw_jump_segmentstruesv, cheat
nav_path_draw_ladder_segmentstruesv, cheat
nav_path_draw_link_segmentstruesv, cheat
nav_path_draw_tick0sv, cheat
nav_path_fixup_climb_up_segmentstruesv, cheat
nav_path_fixup_gap_segmentsfalsesv, cheat
nav_path_jump_process_debugfalsesv, cheat
nav_path_optimizetruesv, cheat
nav_path_optimize_portalstruesv, cheat
nav_path_optimizer_debug0sv, cheat
nav_path_record_draw_last_failfalsesv, cheat
nav_path_record_enable1sv, cheat
nav_pathfind_debug_draw0sv, cheat
nav_pathfind_debug_draw_costsfalsesv, cheat
nav_pathfind_debug_draw_errors0sv, cheat
nav_pathfind_debug_draw_total_costsfalsesv, cheat
nav_pathfind_debug_log0sv, cheat
nav_pathfind_inadmissable_heuristic_factor1sv, cheat
nav_potentially_visible_dot_tolerance0.98sv, cheat
nav_precisecmdsv, cheatToggles the 'dont avoid obstacles' flag used by the AI system.
nav_raise_drag_volume_maxcmdsv, cheatRaise the top of the drag select volume.
nav_raise_drag_volume_mincmdsv, cheatRaise the bottom of the drag select volume.
nav_recall_selected_setcmdsv, cheatRe-selects the stored selected set.
nav_remove_from_selected_setcmdsv, cheatRemove current area from the selected set.
nav_select_allow_blockedtruesv, cheatWhen selecting an area under nav_edit, allow area marked as blocked.
nav_select_area_id-1sv, cheatSelect nav area with matching ID.
nav_select_block_id-1sv, cheatSelect nav space block with matching ID.
nav_select_hull0sv, cheatRestrict area selection to areas that can support a hull of the given category
nav_select_radiuscmdsv, cheatAdds all areas in a radius to the selection set
nav_select_with_attributecmdsv, cheatSelects areas with the given attribute.
nav_show_area_connectionstruesv, cheatShow connections to selected area when true
nav_show_area_info_fontConsolassv, cheat
nav_show_area_info_font_size-1sv, cheat
nav_show_area_info_font_voffset-11sv, cheat
nav_show_area_vertstruesv, cheatShow area vertex positions
nav_show_area_water_infotruesv, cheat
nav_show_potentially_visible0cheatShow areas that are potentially visible from the current nav area
nav_smooth_calc_ztruesv, cheat
nav_smooth_constrain_resultstruesv, cheat
nav_smooth_constrain_results_relax0.006sv, cheat
nav_smooth_constrain_spring2sv, cheat
nav_smooth_constrain_spring_relax0.01sv, cheat
nav_smooth_draw_accel0sv, cheat
nav_smooth_draw_boundary0sv, cheat
nav_smooth_draw_calcfalsesv, cheat
nav_smooth_draw_constraint_splinefalsesv, cheat
nav_smooth_draw_constraint_spring0sv, cheat
nav_smooth_draw_speed0sv, cheat
nav_smooth_enabletruesv, cheat
nav_smooth_relaxtruesv, cheat
nav_smooth_relax_use_timestepsfalsesv, cheat
nav_smooth_separating_dist_override0sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_const_override-1sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_factor_deriv0sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_factor_dist0sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_factor_speed0sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_forward_dist_base50sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_forward_dist_time_limit1sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_max_dist36sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_tension_max_override-1sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_timestep_factor_accel100sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_timestep_factor_speed100sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_timestep_max0.5sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_timestep_min0.1sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_yaw_rotation_speed50sv, cheat
nav_smooth_spring_yaw_threshold20sv, cheat
nav_smooth_use_opttruesv, cheat
nav_space_select_dist200sv, cheat
nav_splitcmdsv, cheatTo split an Area into two, align the split line using your cursor and invoke the split command.
nav_split_place_on_groundfalsecheatIf true, nav areas will be placed flush with the ground when split.
nav_split_show_linefalsesv, cheatShow the free split line.
nav_store_selected_setcmdsv, cheatStores the current selected set for later retrieval.
nav_switchcmdsvSwitches to navmesh for the specified spawngroup
nav_test_bfs_lattice_dist_0-1sv, cheat
nav_test_bfs_lattice_dist_1-1sv, cheat
nav_test_bfs_lattice_dist_2-1sv, cheat
nav_test_bfs_lattice_hexfalsesv, cheatDemonstrates searching hexagonal lattice over nav mesh.
nav_test_bfs_lattice_mark2sv, cheat
nav_test_bfs_lattice_simplefalsesv, cheat
nav_test_bfs_lattice_spacing_024sv, cheat
nav_test_bfs_lattice_spacing_148sv, cheat
nav_test_bfs_lattice_spacing_296sv, cheat
nav_test_bfs_simplefalsesv, cheat
nav_test_boundary_zone_circle0sv, cheat
nav_test_boundary_zone_forcefalsesv, cheat
nav_test_boundary_zone_grid_dim90sv, cheat
nav_test_boundary_zone_path0sv, cheat
nav_test_boundary_zone_rays100sv, cheat
nav_test_boundary_zone_rays_margin-1sv, cheat
nav_test_boundary_zone_rays_randomfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_curve_opt0sv, cheat
nav_test_detourfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_find_nearestfalsesv, cheatCalculate the nearest point on the navmesh to the trace point. Uses selection from nav_select_hull.
nav_test_find_nearest_clearfalsesv, cheatCalculate the nearest point on the navmesh to the trace point. Uses selection from nav_select_hull.
nav_test_find_random_connectedfalsesv, cheatDemonstrates finding random points that are connected in the nav mesh to the start point.
nav_test_find_random_connected_dist_max1000sv, cheat
nav_test_find_random_connected_dist_min100sv, cheat
nav_test_find_z0sv, cheat
nav_test_force_npc_repathfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_genrtfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_genrt_placefalsesv, cheat
nav_test_level_hullcmdsv, cheatFind entities that intrude into the nav mesh. List those entities in console output, and display bounding boxes around them for a while.
nav_test_level_hull_movecmdsv, cheat
nav_test_multi_connectionfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_npc_area0sv, cheat
nav_test_npc_collision0sv, cheat
nav_test_npc_collision_show_geometryfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_pathfalsesv, cheatCalculate and draw a path from player/camera position to the test position.
nav_test_path_expansion_search0sv, cheatExtend nav_test_path by doing an expansion search on that path. Convar value defines dist.
nav_test_path_lock_goalfalsesv, cheatLock the pathfinding goal to the current intersection point.
nav_test_path_lock_startfalsesv, cheatLock the pathfinding start to the current intersection point.
nav_test_path_movefalsesv, cheat
nav_test_path_opttruesv, cheatEnable path optimization for nav_edit_path paths.
nav_test_path_opt_transitionsfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_path_returnfalsesv, cheatCalculate a return path from cursor position to the path calculated by nav_test_path.
nav_test_path_space0sv, cheatShould nav_test_path test 3d navigation? 1 = space to space, 2 = multi-modal space/ground
nav_test_path_space_flytruesv, cheatTest flight paths
nav_test_path_space_swimtruesv, cheatTest swim paths
nav_test_ray_spacefalsesv, cheat
nav_test_raysfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_smoothfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_smooth_extern_push0sv, cheat
nav_test_smooth_in_speed120sv, cheat
nav_test_smooth_in_yaw0sv, cheat
nav_test_smooth_path_speed-1sv, cheat
nav_test_smooth_separating_dist-1sv, cheat
nav_test_smooth_spring_const-1sv, cheat
nav_test_smooth_spring_tension_max-1sv, cheat
nav_test_spline0sv, cheat
nav_test_split_obstacle0sv, cheat
nav_test_split_obstacle_dirtyfalsesv, cheat
nav_test_split_obstacle_leavefalsesv, cheat
nav_test_split_obstacle_size30sv, cheat
nav_test_split_obstacle_update_postruesv, cheat
nav_toggle_deselectingcmdsv, cheatStart or stop continuously removing from the selected set.
nav_toggle_in_selected_setcmdsv, cheatRemove current area from the selected set.
nav_toggle_selected_setcmdsv, cheatToggles all areas into/out of the selected set.
nav_toggle_selectingcmdsv, cheatStart or stop continuously adding to the selected set.
nav_unmarkcmdsv, cheatClears the marked Area or Ladder.
nav_validate0cheatLevel of validation for nav system. Higher will be slower.
nav_volume_debug0sv, cheatDraw or print debug information about nav volume queries.
navspace_block_size_max1024sv, cheat
navspace_create_tactial_connectionstruesv, cheat
navspace_create_water_smooth_connectionstruesv, cheat
navspace_create_water_transition_connectionstruesv, cheat
navspace_debug_pathfind-1sv, cheat
navspace_debug_stringpull1sv, cheat
navspace_debug_trace0sv, cheat
navspace_debug_transition_calc0sv, cheat
navspace_draw_cluster-1sv, cheat
navspace_draw_cluster_neighbor-1sv, cheat
navspace_draw_water_changes0sv, cheatDraw changes in water volumes
net_allow_multicasttruea, release
net_captureculldatacmdCaptures low-level data to replay path culling algorithm behavior in controlled unit test environment
net_channelscmdShows net channel info
net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override0cl, release0
net_connections_statscmdPrint detailed network statistics for each network connection
net_fakelagcmdShorthand for 'net_option FakePacketLag_Recv'
net_listallmessagescmdcheatList all registered net messages
net_maxroutable1200a, userRequested max packet size before packets are 'split'.
net_messageinfocmdcheatDisplay info about a message (by classname or id)
net_optioncmdGet or set SteamNetworkingSockets options such as fake packet lag and loss
net_public_adr0releaseFor servers behind NAT/DHCP meant to be exposed to the public internet, this is the public facing ip address string
net_serializedentitymemorycmdSpew CSerializedEntity memory
net_serializedentitymetadatainfocmdSpew CSerializedEntity metadata information
net_showudpfalsereleaseDump UDP packets summary to console
net_showudp_remoteonlytruereleaseDump non-loopback udp only
net_spewcountscmdSpew serializer counts
net_stats_jsoncmdOutput server networking statistics in json format
net_statuscmdShows current network status
net_validatemessagescmdcheatActivates/deactivates net message validation
nextdemocmdPlay next demo in sequence.
nextlevel0sv, nf, releaseIf set to a valid map name, will trigger a changelevel to the specified map at the end of the round
nextmap_print_enabledfalsesv, releaseWhen enabled prints next map to clients
nextmode0sv, nf, rep, releaseSets the game mode to be played when the next level loads
noclipcmdsv, cheatToggle. Player becomes non-solid and flies. Optional argument of 0 or 1 to force enable/disable
noclip_fixuptruesv, cheat
notargetcmdsv, cheatToggle. Player becomes hidden to NPCs.
open_assetcmdOpens an asset in it's primary editor of choice. Specify the full path to the asset from the mod directory.
option_duck_methodfalsecl, a, user, per_userInput toggle control
option_speed_methodfalsecl, a, user, per_userInput toggle control
p2p_listpeerscmdList currently known peers.
p2p_pingcmdclPing a peer.
panorama_debugger_themeLightcl, a
panorama_focus_world_panelsfalsecl, awhen set request key focus when a world panel is enabled
particle_profilecmdProfile particle
particle_profile_spikecmdProfile particle spike
particle_test_attach_attachment0sv, cheatAttachment index for attachment mode
particle_test_attach_modefollow_attachmentsv, cheatPossible Values
particle_test_createcmdsv, cheatCreates the named particle system where the player is looking. Arguments
particle_test_destroycmdsv, cheatDestroys all particle systems matching the specified name. Arguments
particle_test_file0sv, cheatName of the particle system to dynamically spawn
particle_test_startcmdsv, cheatDispatches the test particle system with the parameters specified in particle_test_file, particle_test_attach_mode and particle_test_attach_param on the entity the player is looking at. Arguments
particle_test_stopcmdsv, cheatStops all particle systems on the selected entities. Arguments
particles_multiplier1cheatMultiply # of rendered particles by this for perf testing
password0a, norecord, server_cant_queryCurrent server access password
pathcmdShow the filesystem path.
pausecmdToggle the server pause state.
phys_create_test_character_proxycmdsvCreate test character proxy
phys_debug_drawcmdSet up debug-draw of physics internal state
phys_debug_showdefaultmaterialfalsecheatIf enabled, surfaces with default material are highlighted in physics debug geometry.
phys_dump_intersection_controllercmdsvDump intersection controller status
phys_dynamic_scalingtruesv, cl, rep, cheat
phys_joint_teleporttruesv, cheatTeleport joint anchors if connected to world
phys_length_damping_ratio2sv, cheatSpring damping ratio for length constraint
phys_length_frequency5sv, cheatSpring stiffness for length constraint
phys_listcmdsvList all physics component contents of every entity in the game; -stream [1
phys_mark_debugcmdsv, cheatMark object for debug
phys_shootcmdsv, cheatShoots a phys object.
phys_sleepcmdsvPut all physics in all the worlds to sleep
phys_use_block_solvertruesv, cheatUse block solving for constraint entities
phys_visualize_tracesfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat
phys_wakeupcmdsvWake all physics objects in the Main physics up
physics_add_testcmdsvadd test object
physics_debug_entitycmdsvDumps debug info for an entity
physics_highlight_activecmdsvTurns on the absbox for all active physics objects. 0
physics_remove_testcmdsvremove test object
physics_report_activecmdsvLists all active physics objects -more
pixelvis_debugcmdcheatDump debug info
playcmdserver_can_executePlay a sound.
playcastcmdPlay a broadcast
playdemocmdPlay a recorded demo file (.dem ).
player_botdifflast_s4cl, a, release
player_competitive_maplist_2v2_10_0_DBAEB932mg_de_train,mg_de_lake,mg_de_inferno,mg_de_nuke,mg_de_vertigo,mg_de_shortdust,mg_de_overpasscl, a
player_competitive_maplist_8_10_0_FB803604mg_de_dust2cl, a
player_debug_off_navfalsesv, cheat
player_debug_print_damagefalsesv, cheatWhen true, print amount and type of all damage received by player to console.
player_nevershow_communityservermessage0cl, a, per_user
player_pingcmdsvCreates a ping notification where the player is looking.
player_ping_token_cooldown20sv, cheat, releaseCooldown for how long it takes for a player's ping token to refresh allowing them to ping again (they get 5 tokens).
player_survival_list_10_0_303mg_dz_blacksite,mg_dz_sirocco,mg_dz_vineyard,mg_dz_embercl, a
player_teamplayedlast2cl, a, per_user
player_use_radius80sv, cl, rep, cheat
player_wargames_list2_10_0_DC207394mg_skirmish_armsracecl, a
playsoundscapecmdcl, cheatForces a soundscape to play
playvolcmdPlay a sound at a specified volume.
png_screenshotcmdTake a .png screenshot
pop_var_valuescmdRestore previously pushed convars and config values
print_mapgroupcmdcl, releasePrints the current mapgroup and the contained maps
print_mapgroup_svcmdsv, releasePrints the current mapgroup and the contained maps
print_model_bind_posecmdPrints the bind pose of the specified model. Optionally limits to a particular bone and its parent chain, otherwise prints the entire skeleton.
prop_debugcmdsv, cheatToggle prop debug mode. If on, props will show colorcoded bounding boxes. Red means ignore all damage. White means respond physically to damage but never break. Green maps health in the range of 100 down to 1.
prop_debug_vr_collisionfalsesv, cheatHighlights props based on their collision group
prop_dynamic_createcmdsv, cheatCreates a dynamic prop with a specific .vmdl aimed away from where the player is looking. Arguments
prop_physics_createcmdsv, cheatCreates a physics prop with a specific .vmdl aimed away from where the player is looking. Arguments
push_var_valuescmdSave convars and config values
pvs_debugentity-1sv, releaseVerbose spew for this entity when doing IsInPVS computation.
pvs_flowtype0sv, releaseFlow through spawn groups for vis (0 == default, 1 == always visible, 2 == never visible.
pwatchent-1cl, cheatEntity to watch for prediction system changes.
pwatchvar0cl, cheatEntity variable to watch in prediction system for changes.
quitcmdvconsole_set_focusQuit the game
r_AirboatViewDampenDamp1sv, cl, nf, rep, cheat
r_AirboatViewDampenFreq7sv, cl, nf, rep, cheat
r_AirboatViewZHeight0sv, cl, nf, rep, cheat
r_aoproxy_debugfalsecl, cheat
r_cameraposcmdlinkedPrints out the current camera position + orientation to the console
r_csgo_cubemap_normalizationtruecl, cheat
r_csgo_debug_reflection_rects0cl, cheat
r_csgo_decal_debugfalsecl, cheat
r_csgo_depth_prepasstruecl, cheat
r_csgo_depth_prepass_cull_threshold60cl, cheat
r_csgo_depth_prepass_playerstruecl, cheat
r_csgo_depth_prepass_reflections_largetruecl, cheat
r_csgo_depth_prepass_reflections_smalltruecl, cheat
r_csgo_depth_prepass_skybox_alpha_testedtruecl, cheat
r_csgo_depth_prepass_small_cull_threshold10cl, cheat
r_csgo_depth_prepass_viewmodeltruecl, cheat
r_csgo_directional_lightmapstruecl, cheat
r_csgo_effects_bloomtruecl, cheat
r_csgo_effects_bloom_when_smokedfalsecl, cheat
r_csgo_enable_glowstruecl, cheat
r_csgo_enable_high_precision_lightingtruecl, cheat
r_csgo_enable_outlinestruecl, cheat
r_csgo_enable_tonemappingtruecl, cheat
r_csgo_enable_translucent_screen_spacetruecl, cheat
r_csgo_mboittruecl, cheat
r_csgo_mboit_bias0.000005cl, cheat
r_csgo_mboit_debugfalsecl, cheat
r_csgo_mboit_overestimation0.01cl, cheat
r_csgo_mboit_use_4_momentsfalsecl, cheat
r_csgo_mixed_resolution_color_slicesfalsecl, cheat
r_csgo_mixed_resolution_particles_minmaxfalsecl, cheat
r_csgo_mixed_resolution_particles_scale2cl, cheat
r_csgo_no_shader_resolvefalsecl, cheat
r_csgo_override_global_timetruecl, cheat
r_csgo_postprocess_enabletruecl, cheat
r_csgo_readonly_depth_stencil_enabletruecl, cheat
r_csgo_reflection_min_far_plane5000cl, cheat
r_csgo_render_decalstruecl, cheat
r_csgo_render_decals_on_translucenttruecl, cheat
r_csgo_render_dynamic_objectstruecl, cheat
r_csgo_render_inferno_decalstruecl, cheat
r_csgo_render_opaquetruecl, cheat
r_csgo_render_overlaystruecl, cheat
r_csgo_render_post_bloom_strength-1cl, cheat
r_csgo_render_post_local_contrasttruecl, cheat
r_csgo_render_translucenttruecl, cheat
r_csgo_shadows_debug0cl, cheat
r_csgo_volume_mboit_optimizationtruecl, cheat
r_csgo_water_effectstruecl, cheat
r_csgo_water_refractiontruecl, cheat
r_debug_particle_shadowsfalsecl, cheat
r_debug_precipitationfalsecl, cheatShow precipitation volumes
r_directlightingtruecheatSet to use direct lighting
r_draw_particle_children_with_parents-1cheatDraw particle children with parents (-1=use gameinfo, 0=no, 1=yes)
r_drawblankworldfalsecheatRender blank instead of the game world
r_drawchickenstruecl, cheatRender chickens
r_drawcsplayerstruecl, cheatRender CS players
r_drawdecalstruecheatSet to render decals
r_drawdevvisualizersfalsecl, cheatRender dev visualizers
r_drawpanoramatruecheatEnable the rendering of panorama UI
r_drawparticlestruecheatEnable/disable particle rendering
r_drawropestruecl, cheat
r_drawskyboxtruecheatRender the 2d skybox.
r_drawspritestruecl, cheat
r_drawtracerstruecl, cheat
r_drawviewmodeltruecl, cheatRender view model
r_drawworldtruecheatRender the world.
r_dx11_report_live_objectscmdPrints out live D3D11 objects (requires -dx11debug)
r_entposcmdlinkedMoves the camera position + orientation to the named entity
r_fallback_texture_lod_scale2cheatScale factor for requested texture size (texture streaming) - used for geo that doesn't have a precomputed UV density measure
r_farz-1cl, cheatOverride the far clipping plane. -1 means to use the value in env_fog_controller.
r_flashlightambient0cl, cheat
r_flashlightbacktraceoffset0.4cl, cheat
r_flashlightbrightness1cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightconstant0cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightfar1500cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightfov53cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightladderdist40cl, cheat
r_flashlightlinear100cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightlockpositionfalsecl, cheat
r_flashlightmuzzleflashfov120cl, cheat
r_flashlightnear4cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightnearoffsetscale1cl, cheat
r_flashlightoffsetforward0cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightoffsetright5cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightoffsetup-5cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightquadratic0cl, rep, cheat
r_flashlightshadowatten0.35cl, cheat
r_flashlighttracedistcutoff128cl, cheat
r_flashlighttracedistwatercutoff80cl, cheat
r_flashlightvisualizetracefalsecl, cheat
r_force_engine_render_framecmdForce a single render of the engine viewport.
r_force_no_presentfalsecheatForce the render device to not present frames.
r_freezeparticlesfalsecheatPause particle simulation
r_fullscreen_gamma2.2aScreen Gamma (only in fullscreen modes)
r_gpu_mem_statscmdlinkedDisplay GPU memory usage.
r_incrementlodscalecmdlinkedModifies the LOD scale
r_indirectlightingtruecheatSet to use indirect lighting
r_JeepViewDampenDamp1sv, cl, nf, rep, cheat
r_JeepViewDampenFreq7sv, cl, nf, rep, cheat
r_JeepViewZHeight10sv, cl, nf, rep, cheat
r_light_probe_volume_debug_gridfalsecheatShow LPV debug grid, 0
r_light_probe_volume_debug_grid_albedo128 128 128cheatalbedo for LPV debug grid
r_light_probe_volume_debug_grid_bboxtruecheatShow LPV bounding box when debug grid is on, 0
r_light_probe_volume_debug_grid_metalness0cheatmetalness for LPV debug grid
r_light_probe_volume_debug_grid_roughness0.5cheatroughness for LPV debug grid
r_light_probe_volume_debug_grid_samplesize4cheatsphere radius (world) for LPV debug grid
r_lightmap_setlightmapscheatLightmap set to use, only works on map load
r_mapextents16384cl, cheatSet the max dimension for the map. This determines the far clipping plane
r_muzzleflashbrightness0.4cl, rep, cheat
r_muzzleflashlinear0.05cl, rep, cheat
r_nearz-1cl, cheatOverride the near clipping plane. -1 means use the default.
r_particle_max_draw_distance1000000.000000cheatThe maximum distance that particles will render
r_player_visibility_mode1cl, a, release
r_print_texture_statscmdTexture stats
r_printdecalinfocmdclPrints info about decals currently in the scene
r_refraction_clip_plane_adjust-1cl, cheat
r_render_coordination_statecmdPrints out the current render coordination state.
r_render_world_node_boundsfalsecheatRender world node bounds
r_renderdoc_capture_framecmdlinkedTriggers a RenderDoc capture
r_rendersuntruecheatRender sun lighting
r_replay_post_effect-1cl, cheat
r_setposcmdlinkedMoves the camera position + orientation to the specified position
r_show_ao_proxiesfalsecl, cheat
r_show_hipoly_draw_calls0cheatTransparent wireframe overlay for draw calls with triangle count higher than specified number
r_showdebugoverlaysfalsecheatSet to render debug overlays
r_showdebugrendertargetfalsecheatSet the debug render target to show, 0 == disable
r_showsceneobjectboundsfalsecheatShow scenesystem object bounding boxes
r_showsunshadowdebugrendertargetsfalsecheatSet to render sun shadow render targets
r_showsunshadowdebugsplitvisfalsecheatSet to render sun shadow split visibility debugger
r_size_cull_threshold_shadow0.2cheatThreshold of sun shadow map size percentage below which objects get culled
r_stereo_multiview_instancingfalsecheatUse multiview instancing for stereo rendering.
r_texture_lod_scale1cheatScale factor for requested texture size (texture streaming)
r_textures_evict_allcmdlinkedEvict all resident texture.
r_toggleviewportsizecmdToggles viewport size between small + full window.
r_translucenttruecheatEnable rendering of translucent geometry
r_viewportcmdSlams viewport size to a specified value.
r_worldlodtruecheatSet to enable world LOD
radarvisdistance1000sv, cheatat this distance and beyond you need to be point right at someone to see them
radarvismaxdot0.996sv, cheathow closely you have to point at someone to see them beyond max distance
radarvismethod1sv, cheat0 for traditional method, 1 for more realistic method
radarvispow0.4sv, cheatthe degree to which you can point away from a target, and still see them on radar.
radiocmdclOpens a radio menu
radio1cmdclOpens a radio menu
radio2cmdclOpens a radio menu
radio3cmdclOpens a radio menu
ragdoll_friction_scale0.6sv, cl, rep, cheat
ragdoll_gravity_scale1sv, cl, rep, cheat
ragdoll_lru_debug_removalfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat
ragdoll_lru_min_age10sv, cl, rep, cheat
rangefindercmdsv, cheatMeasures distance along a ray
rate786432a, userMin bytes/sec the host can receive data
ray_benchcmdsvLoad the rays and run the benchmark
rconcmdnorecordIssue an rcon command.
rcon_address0norecord, release, server_cant_queryAddress of remote server if sending unconnected rcon commands (format x.x.x.x
rcon_connected_clients_allowtruerep, releaseAllow clients to use rcon commands on server.
rcon_password0norecord, release, server_cant_queryremote console password.
rebuycmdcl, clientcmd_can_executeAttempt to repurchase items with the order listed in cl_rebuy
recast_mark_overhangtruerep, cheatEnable/disable overhang detection
recast_partitioning0rep, cheat0 = watershed, 1 = monotone, 2 = layers
recordcmdnorecordRecord a demo.
refresh_ui_audio_statecmdcl, cheatRestores audio DSP state for the UI.
regenerate_weapon_skinscmdcl, cheat
reload_modelcmdForce a reload of a vmdl resource
reloadgamecmdcheat, vconsole_set_focusReload the most recent saved game.
remove_weaponcmdsv, cheatRemove a weapon held by the player. Arguments
removeidcmdRemove a user ID from the ban list.
removeipcmdRemove an IP address from the ban list.
repeat_last_console_commandcmdRepeat last console command.
replay_deathcmdsv, cheatstart hltv replay of last death
replay_debug0rep, release
replay_startcmdsv, cheatStart GOTV replay
replay_stopcmdsvstop hltv replay
report_cliententitysimfalsecl, cheatList all clientside simulations and time - will report and turn itself off.
report_clientthinklistfalsecl, cheatList all clientside entities thinking and time - will report and turn itself off.
report_soundpatchcmdsvreports sound patch count
reset_gameconvarscmdcheatReset game convars to default values
resource_leakscmdresource_leaks <resource_name>
resource_listcmdList loaded resources matching a substring
resource_log_allocate_timingcmdLog time spent in Allocate for all resource types
resource_manifest_validate_modulescmdScan all of the loaded modules and validate any resource manifests found
resource_repeated_reloadcmdresource_repeated_reload <resource_name> ( ...)
resource_reset_allocate_timingcmdReset tracked time spent in Allocate (see resource_log_allocate_timing)
respawn_playercmdsv, cheatRespawns the player from death!
restartcmdcheat, vconsole_set_focusPoor man's restart
rpestatscmddump rpe
rr_findrulescmdsvSearch and list rules by substring.
rr_findrules_verbosecmdsvSearch and list rules by substring.
rr_followup_maxdist1800sv, cheat'then ANY' or 'then ALL' response followups will be dispatched only to characters within this distance.
rr_forceconceptcmdsv, cheatfire a response concept directly at a given character. USAGE
rr_reloadresponsesystemscmdsv, cheatReload all response system scripts.
rr_thenany_score_slop0sv, a, cheatWhen computing respondents for a 'THEN ANY' rule, all rule-matching scores within this much of the best score will be considered.
run_perftestcmdcheat, norecordExecute perftest.cfg
safezonex1cl, aThe percentage of the screen width that is considered safe from overscan. Cannot result in a width less than the height.
safezoney1cl, aThe percentage of the screen height that is considered safe from overscan
savecmdsv, norecordSave Game
save_animgraph_recordingcmdsv, cheatSaves all active animgraph recordings to disk
save_clear_subdirectorycmdsv, rep
save_maxarray_spew10sv, releaseMax number of array entries to spew when using SaveRestoreIO spewing.
save_set_subdirectorycmdsv, rep
save_showelapsedtimecmdsvdisplay up-to-date elapsed play time
save_watchclasscmdsvRestrict spew to entities with matching classname
save_watchentitycmdsvRestrict spew to entity index
saycmdsvDisplay player message
say_teamcmdsvDisplay player message to team
sc_dumpworldcmdcheatDump a list of the objects in a sceneworld (Usage
sc_dumpworld3dcmdcheatDump the objects in a sceneworld into a 3d geoview buffer (Usage
sc_force_translation_in_projectionfalsecheatIf enabled, the camera's translation will be included in the projection matrix.
sc_list_extradata_allocationscmdPrints out the overall extra data allocation counts
sc_listworldscmdcheatList all the active sceneworlds
sc_log_submitsfalsecheatLog out display list submits from scenesystem
sc_setclassflagscmdcheatLow level command to set the flags byte associated with an object class. sc_SetClassFlags
sc_showclassescmdcheatList the object class names known by scenesystem
scene_flushcmdsvFlush all .vcds from the cache and reload from disk.
scene_playvcdcmdsv, cheatPlay the given VCD as an instanced scripted scene.
screenmessage_show-1cheatEnable display of console messages on screen. 1 = Enabled, 0 = Disabled, -1 = Enabled if vgui is not present
screenshotcmdTake a screenshot
script_add_debug_filtercmdsv, cheatAdd a filter to the game debug overlay
script_add_watchcmdsv, cheatAdd a watch to the game debug overlay
script_add_watch_patterncmdsv, cheatAdd a watch to the game debug overlay
script_attach_debuggercmdsv, cheatConnect the vscript VM to the script debugger
script_clear_watchescmdsv, cheatClear all watches from the game debug overlay
script_debugcmdsv, cheatToggle the in-game script debug features
script_dump_allcmdsv, cheatDump the state of the VM to the console
script_findcmdsv, cheatFind a key in the VM
script_helpcmdsv, cheatOutput help for script functions
script_help2cmdsvOutput help for script functions suitable for auto-completion
script_reloadcmdsv, cheatReload scripts
script_reload_codecmdsv, cheatExecute a vscript file, replacing existing functions with the functions in the run script
script_reload_entity_codecmdsv, cheatExecute all of this entity's VScripts, replacing existing functions with the functions in the run scripts
script_remove_debug_filtercmdsv, cheatRemove a filter from the game debug overlay
script_remove_watchcmdsv, cheatRemove a watch from the game debug overlay
script_remove_watch_patterncmdsv, cheatRemove a watch from the game debug overlay
script_resurrect_unreachablecmdsv, cheatUse the garbage collector to track down reference cycles
script_trace_disablecmdsv, cheatTurn off a particular trace output by file or function name
script_trace_disable_allcmdsv, cheatTurn off all trace output
script_trace_disable_keycmdsv, cheatTurn off a particular trace output by table/instance
script_trace_enablecmdsv, cheatTurn on a particular trace output by file or function name
script_trace_enable_allcmdsv, cheatTurn on all trace output
script_trace_enable_keycmdsv, cheatTurn on a particular trace output by table/instance
scrubbercmdScrub system off - not a dev build
sdrcmdAn old command that has been renamed to 'net_option'
sensitivity2.64322cl, a, per_userMouse sensitivity.
server_game_timecmdsvGives the game time in seconds (server's curtime)
server_snd_castcmdsv, cheatCasts a ray and starts a sound event where the ray hits. The sound event will retrigger periodically. Usage
servercfgfileserver.cfgsv, release
setangcmdsv, cheatSnap player eyes to specified pitch yaw <roll
setang_exactcmdsv, cheatSnap player eyes and orientation to specified pitch yaw <roll
setinfocmdclientcmd_can_executeAdds a new user info value
setmodelcmdsv, cheatChanges's player's model
setpausecmdSet the pause state of the server.
setposcmdsv, cheatMove player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats).
setpos_exactcmdsv, cheatMove player to an exact specified origin (must have sv_cheats).
setpos_playercmdsv, cheatMove specified player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats).
shakecmdsv, cheatShake the screen.
shake_stopcmdcl, cheatStops all active screen shakes.
shake_testpunchcmdcl, cheatTest a punch-style screen shake.
shatterglass_breakcmdsv, cheat
shatterglass_cleanuptruesv, cl, rep, cheat
shatterglass_cleanup_max150sv, cl, rep, cheat
shatterglass_debugfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat
shatterglass_distorttruesv, cl, rep, cheat
shatterglass_edge_uv_scale0.05sv, cl, rep, cheat
shatterglass_hit_tolerance2sv, cl, rep, cheat
shatterglass_restorecmdsv, cheat
shatterglass_shard_lifetime15sv, cl, rep, cheat
shatterglass_subdiv_size1.5sv, cl, rep, cheat
shatterglass_voronoi_size15sv, cl, rep, cheat
show_loadout_togglecmdcl, clientcmd_can_executeToggles loadout display
show_visibility_boxesfalsecl, cheatEnable or Disable debug display of visibility boxes
showconsolecmdnorecordShow the console.
showtriggerscmdsv, cheatEnable or Disable showing trigger entities
showtriggers_togglecmdsv, cheatDisplays the movement bounding box for the triggers in orange. Some entites will also display entity specific overlays. Arguments
silence_dspfalsecheatWhen on, silences all DSP mixes.
sk_autoaim_mode1sv, cl, a, rep
skel_constraints_enabletruerep, cheat
skeleton_instance_smear_boneflagsfalsesv, cheatSmear boneflags across the model. Costs computation, but tests to make sure your bone flags are consistent.
skill1sv, cl, a, rep, per_userGame skill level.
slot0cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot1cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot10cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot11cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot12cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot13cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot2cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot3cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot4cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot5cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot6cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot7cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot8cmdcl, server_can_execute
slot9cmdcl, server_can_execute
snd_arrangement_startcmdcheatStarts the specified arrangement.
snd_async_flushcmdFlush all unlocked async audio data
snd_async_showmemcmdShow async memory stats
snd_async_showmem_musiccmdShow async memory stats for just non-streamed music
snd_async_showmem_summarycmdShow brief async memory stats
snd_break_on_start_soundevent0sv, cl, rep, cheatUse to debug break on any soundevent that is started matching this name
snd_castcmdcheatCasts a ray and starts a sound event where the ray hits. The sound event will retrigger periodically if cl_snd_cast_retrigger is set. The sound event will clear previous snd_cast events if cl_snd_cast_clear is set. Usage
snd_compare_soundeventscmdcheatCompare the compiled and loaded contents of 2 soundevents.
snd_deathcamera_volume0.2cl, a, releaseVolume of death camera music
snd_foliage_db_loss4sv, cheatfoliage dB loss per 1200 units
snd_front_headphone_positioncmdSpecifies the position (in degrees) of the virtual front left/right headphones.
snd_front_stereo_speaker_positioncmdSpecifies the position (in degrees) of the virtual front left/right speakers.
snd_front_surround_speaker_positioncmdSpecifies the position (in degrees) of the virtual front left/right speakers.
snd_gamevoicevolume1aGame v.o. volume
snd_gamevolume1aGame volume
snd_get_physics_surface_propertiescmdcheatGet physics surface properties for all the materials.
snd_headphone_eq1cl, a, clientcmd_can_executeSelect Headphone EQ Preset
snd_headphone_pan_exponentcmdSpecifies the exponent for the pan xfade from phone to phone if the 'exp' pan law is being used.
snd_headphone_pan_radial_weightcmdApply cos(angle) * weight before pan law
snd_list_deferred_soundeventscmdcheatList all current deferred load soundevents
snd_list_soundeventscmdcheatList all available soundevents
snd_list_soundevents_by_stackcmdcheatList all available soundevents using specified stack name
snd_mainmenu_music_break_time_max0cl, cheatMaximum amount of time to pause between playing main menu music
snd_mainmenu_music_break_time_min0cl, cheatMinimum amount of time to pause between playing main menu music
snd_mapobjective_volume0.434693cl, a, releaseVolume of map objective music
snd_menumusic_volume0.440528cl, a, releaseVolume of main menu music
snd_music_selection1cl, aTracking rotating music for players with no music packs equipped.
snd_musicvolume0aMusic volume
snd_mute_mvp_music_live_playersfalsecl, a, releaseIf set, MVP music is muted if players from both teams are still alive.
snd_mvp_volume0.2cl, a, releaseVolume of round MVP music
snd_new_visualizefalsesv, cheatDisplays soundevent name played at it's 3d position
snd_occlusion_bounces1rep, cheat
snd_occlusion_debugfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat
snd_occlusion_min_wall_thickness4rep, cheat
snd_occlusion_rays4rep, cheat
snd_opvar_set_point_debugfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat
snd_othermusic_volume0.2cl, a, releaseVolume of unclassified music
snd_print_activetrackscmdcheatList all active tracks
snd_print_arrangementscmdcheatList all available sequence arrangments
snd_print_current_mixer_mixgroupcmdGet data related to mix group matching string
snd_print_samplerscmdcheatList all available samplers
snd_print_sequencescmdcheatList all available midi sequences
snd_rear_headphone_positioncmdSpecifies the position (in degrees) of the virtual rear left/right headphones.
snd_rear_stereo_speaker_positioncmdSpecifies the position (in degrees) of the virtual rear left/right speakers.
snd_rear_surround_speaker_positioncmdSpecifies the position (in degrees) of the virtual rear left/right speakers.
snd_refdb60cheatReference dB at snd_refdist
snd_refdist36cheatReference distance for snd_refdb
snd_remove_all_soundeventscmdcheatRemove all soundevents
snd_remove_soundeventcmdcheatRemove the specified soundevent
snd_report_verbose_errorfalsecheatIf set to 1, report more error found when playing sounds.
snd_roundaction_volume0.380879cl, a, releaseVolume of round action music
snd_roundend_volume0.386714cl, a, releaseVolume of round end music
snd_roundstart_volume0.410053cl, a, releaseVolume of round start music
snd_samplers_play_notecmdcheatPlay a note from a specified sampler
snd_samplers_stop_notecmdcheatStop a note from a specified sampler
snd_sequence_set_track_bpmcmdcheatSets the tempo of the specified track
snd_sequence_set_track_transposecmdcheatSets the transposition of the specified track
snd_sequence_stop_all_trackscmdcheatStops all currently playing sequences
snd_sequence_stop_trackcmdcheatStops the specified track
snd_set_physics_surface_propertiescmdcheatSet physics surface properties for materials. Usage
snd_setmixercmdcheatSet named Mixgroup of current mixer to mix vol, mute, solo.
snd_setmixlayercmdcheatSet named Mixgroup of named mix layer to mix vol, mute, solo.
snd_side_surround_speaker_positioncmdSpecifies the position (in degrees) of the virtual rear left/right speakers.
snd_sos_calc_angle_debugfalserep, cheat
snd_sos_flush_operatorscmdcheatFlush and re-parse the sound operator system
snd_sos_get_operator_field_infocmdcheatCurrently gets info for a single operator field
snd_sos_pause_soundeventcmdcheatPause the specified soundevent in the list
snd_sos_print_class_sizescmdcheatPrints the sizes of relevant sos classes.
snd_sos_print_field_name_stringscmdcheatPrints a list of currently cached field name strings
snd_sos_print_groupscmdcheatPrints the current state of the groups system
snd_sos_print_operator_stackcmdcheatPrints a master list of currently exposed variables
snd_sos_print_operator_stack_opeatorcmdcheatPrints an operator from a stack
snd_sos_print_operator_stackscmdcheatPrints a list of currently available stacks
snd_sos_print_operatorscmdcheatPrints a list of currently available operators
snd_sos_print_stack_exec_listcmdcheatPrints the current stack execution list
snd_sos_print_stringscmdcheatPrints a list of currently cached strings
snd_sos_print_tool_propertiescmdcheatPrints the current state of tool properties.
snd_sos_resolve_execute_operatorcmdcheatResolve the inputs and execute one specified operator from a specified stack
snd_sos_set_operator_fieldcmdcheatCurrently sets a single float operator field
snd_sos_set_operator_field_by_guidcmdcheatCurrently sets a single float operator field
snd_sos_show_block_debugfalsecheatSpew data about the list of block entries.
snd_sos_soundevent_profilecmdcheatDump a record of current soundevents and profile data
snd_sos_start_soundeventcmdcheatStarts a specified soundevent
snd_sos_start_soundevent_at_poscmdcheatStarts a specified soundevent at the given position
snd_sos_stop_all_soundeventscmdcheatStops all soundevents currently on the execution list
snd_sos_stop_soundevent_guidcmdcheatStops a specified soundevent
snd_sos_stop_soundevent_indexcmdcheatStops a specified soundevent
snd_sos_unpause_soundeventcmdcheatUnPause the first soundevent in the list
snd_sound_areas_debugfalsecl, rep, cheat
snd_sound_areas_debug_interval0.2cl, rep, cheat
snd_soundevent_clear_deferredcmdcheatClear the list of deferred soundevents for loading.
snd_soundmixer_flushcmdReload soundmixers.txt file.
snd_soundmixer_list_mix_groupscmdList all mix groups to dev console.
snd_soundmixer_list_mix_layerscmdList all mix layers to dev console.
snd_soundmixer_list_mixerscmdList all mixers to dev console.
snd_soundmixer_set_trigger_factorcmdcheatSet named mix layer / mix group, trigger amount.
snd_soundmixer_setmixlayer_amountcmdcheatSet named mix layer mix amount.
snd_steamaudio_ambisonics_order1cheatThe amount of directional detail in the simulated by Steam Audio.
snd_steamaudio_enable_pathingfalsecheatThis variable is checked by soundstack to globally enabling pathing for audio processing.
snd_steamaudio_export_scenecmdcheatExports scene currently used by Steam Audio as a phononscene file.
snd_steamaudio_halton_sequencecmdcheatGenerate Halton Sequence for a given order and number of samples.
snd_steamaudio_ir_duration2cheatThe time delay between a sound being emitted and the last audible reflection in Steam Audio.
snd_steamaudio_load_pathing_datatruecheatIf set, baked pathing data is loaded. Steam Audio Hammer entities can successfully use pathing in this case.
snd_steamaudio_load_reverb_datatruecheatIf set, baked reverb data is loaded. Reset it to zero during an format changes of baked data until all data is updated.
snd_steamaudio_max_convolution_sources4cheatThe maximum number of simultaneous sources that can be modeled by Steam Audio.
snd_steamaudio_max_occlusion_samples64cheatThe maximum number of rays that can be traced for volumetric occlusion by Steam Audio.
snd_steamaudio_num_bounces128cheatThe maximum number of times any ray can bounce when using Steam Audio.
snd_steamaudio_num_diffuse_samples2048cheatThe number of directions considered for ray bounce by Steam Audio.
snd_steamaudio_num_rays65536cheatThe number of rays to trace for reflection modeling by Steam Audio.
snd_steamaudio_num_threads2cheatSets the number of threads used for realtime reflection by Steam Audio.
snd_steamaudio_pathing_enablevalidationvisfalsecheatEnable visualization for pathing validation.
snd_steamaudio_pathing_enablevisfalsecheatEnable visualization for pathing.
snd_steamaudio_probes_nearbycmdLoad all the probes from a file and log the nearby probes within the radius.
snd_stereo_speaker_pan_exponentcmdSpecifies the exponent for the pan xfade from speaker to speaker if the 'exp' pan law is being used.
snd_stereo_speaker_pan_radial_weightcmdApply cos(angle) * weight before pan law
snd_surround_speaker_pan_exponentcmdSpecifies the exponent for the pan xfade from speaker to speaker if the 'exp' pan law is being used.
snd_surround_speaker_pan_radial_weightcmdApply cos(angle) * weight before pan law
snd_tensecondwarning_volume0.2cl, a, releaseVolume of ten-second warning music
snd_toolvolume1aVolume of sounds in tools (e.g. Hammer, SFM)
snd_vmidi_flushcmdcheatPurge and reload all vmidi data and files.
snd_vmix_override_mix_decay_time-1cheatIf set > 0, overrides how long the decay time is on all mix graphs (in seconds).
snd_vmix_show_input_updatesfalsecheatIf set to 1, show all incoming updates to vmix inputs.
snd_voipvolume1aVoice volume
sound_device_override0a, releaseID of the sound device to use
soundinfocmdDescribe the current sound device with an active voice list.
soundlistcmdList all known sounds.
soundscape_debugfalsesv, cheatWhen on, draws lines to all env_soundscape entities. Green lines show the active soundscape, red lines show soundscapes that aren't in range, and white lines show soundscapes that are in range, but not the active soundscape.
soundscape_dumpclientcmdcl, cheatDumps the client's soundscape data.
soundscape_fadetime3cl, cheatTime to crossfade sound effects between soundscapes
soundscape_flushcmdsvFlushes the server & client side soundscapes
soundscape_radius_debugfalsecl, cheatPrints current volume of radius sounds
soundsysteminfocmdDescribe the current sound device without an active voice list.
spawn_group_activatecmdsv, cheatActivate specified spawngroup.
spawn_group_listcmdsv, cheatList all spawn groups
spawn_group_loadcmdsv, cheatLoad named spawn group.
spawn_group_unloadcmdsv, cheatUnload named spawn group.
spec_centerchasecamfalsecl, aLooks at the target player's center, instead of his eye position, in chase came mode
spec_dz_group_teamstruecl, releaseIf set, will group players into their teams for spectating, if 0, spectating numbers will be the default individual players
spec_freeze_deathanim_time0.8sv, cl, rep, releaseThe time that the death cam will spend watching the player's ragdoll before going into the freeze death cam.
spec_freeze_time2sv, cl, rep, releaseTime spend frozen in observer freeze cam.
spec_freeze_time_lock1sv, cl, rep, releaseTime players are prevented from skipping the freeze cam
spec_freeze_traveltime0.3sv, cl, rep, releaseTime taken to zoom in to frame a target in observer freeze cam.
spec_glow_decay_time2cl, releaseTime to decay glow from 1.0 to spec_glow_silent_factor after spec_glow_full_time.
spec_glow_full_time1cl, releaseNoisy players stay at full brightness for this long.
spec_glow_silent_factor0.6cl, releaseLurking player xray glow scaling.
spec_glow_spike_factor1.2cl, releaseNoisy player xray glow scaling (pop when noise is made). Make >1 to add a 'spike' to noise-making players
spec_glow_spike_time0cl, releaseTime for noisy player glow 'spike' to show that they made noise very recently.
spec_hide_playersfalsecl, release, clientcmd_can_executeToggle the visibility of scoreboard players.
spec_poscmdcldump position and angles to the console
spec_replay_autostarttruecl, aAuto-start Killer Replay when available
spec_replay_botfalsesv, releaseEnable Spectator Hltv Replay when killed by bot
spec_replay_enable0rep, releaseEnable Killer Replay, requires hltv server running (0
spec_replay_leadup_time5.3438rep, releaseReplay time in seconds before the highlighted event
spec_replay_message_time9.5rep, releaseHow long to show the message about Killer Replay after death. The best setting is a bit shorter than spec_replay_autostart_delay + spec_replay_leadup_time + spec_replay_winddown_time
spec_replay_on_deathfalserep, releaseWhen > 0, sets the mode whereas players see delayed replay, and are segregated into a domain of chat and voice separate from the alive players
spec_replay_rate_base1rep, releaseBase time scale of Killer Replay.Experimental.
spec_replay_rate_limit3rep, releaseMinimum allowable pause between replay requests in seconds
spec_replay_round_delay0sv, releaseRound can be delayed by this much due to someone watching a replay; must be at least 3-4 seconds, otherwise the last replay will always be interrupted by round start, assuming normal pause between round_end and round_start events (7 seconds) and freezecam delay (2 seconds) and 7.4 second full replay (5.4 second pre-death and ~2 seconds post-death) and replay in/out switching (up to a second)
spec_replay_winddown_time2sv, releaseThe trailing time, in seconds, of replay past the event, including fade-out
spec_show_xray1cl, a, releaseIf set to 1, you can see player outlines and name IDs through walls - who you can see depends on your team and mode
spec_usenumberkeys_nobindstruecl, aIf set to 1, map voting and spectator view use the raw number keys instead of the weapon binds (slot1, slot2, etc).
spec_xray_dropped_defusekitsfalsecl, releaseWhether to X-ray dropped defuse kits.
spec_xray_dropped_unoccludedfalsecl, releaseWhether to always X-ray dropped c4 and defuse kits.
spew_fontscmdSpew information about font manager fonts
ss_addcmdAdds a splitscreen user.
ss_removecmdRemoves a splitscreen user.
startdemoscmdPlay demos in demo sequence.
startmoviecmdnorecordStart recording movie frames.
statscmdPrints server performance variables
stats_printcmdPrints out perf statistics to the console, clears perf history
stats_print_gpucmdPrints out GPU perf statistics to the console. Requires stats_display > 0, and stats_collect_gpu = true. Optional argument of CSV filename
statuscmdPrint connection status
status_jsoncmdPrint status in JSON format
steam_controller_hapticstruecl, release
stopcmdFinish recording demo.
stopdemoscmdStop looping demos (current demo will complete).
stopsoundscapecmdcl, cheatStops all soundscape processing and fades current looping sounds
subclass_changecmdsv, cheat, vconsole_fuzzyChanges the subclass of the given entity. Arguments
subclass_createcmdsv, cheat, vconsole_fuzzyCreates an entity of the given subclass where the player is looking.
surfacepropcmdsv, cheatReports the surface properties at the cursor
survival_check_num_possible_final_zonecmdsvprint out a number of all possible final zone
sv_accelerate5.5sv, cl, nf, rep, release
sv_accelerate_debug_speedfalsesv, cl, nf, rep, release
sv_accelerate_use_weapon_speedtruesv, cl, nf, rep, release
sv_air_max_horizontal_parachute_speed240sv, cl, rep, release
sv_air_max_wishspeed30sv, cl, rep, release
sv_air_pushaway_dist0sv, cl, rep, release
sv_airaccelerate12sv, cl, nf, rep, release
sv_airaccelerate_parachute2.6sv, cl, rep, release
sv_airaccelerate_rappel2.2sv, cl, rep, release
sv_allchattruesv, nf, releasePlayers can receive all other players' text chat, no death restrictions
sv_allow_thirdpersonfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseAllows the server set players in third person mode without the client slamming it back (if cheats are on, all clients can set thirdperson without this convar being set)
sv_allow_votestruesv, releaseAllow voting?
sv_alltalkfalsesv, nf, releasePlayers can hear all other players' voice communication, no team restrictions
sv_alternateticksfalsesp, releaseIf set, server only simulates entities on even numbered ticks.
sv_arms_race_vote_to_restart_disallowed_after0sv, rep, releaseArms Race gun level after which vote to restart is disallowed
sv_auto_adjust_bot_difficultytruesv, releaseAdjust the difficulty of bots each round based on contribution score.
sv_auto_full_alltalk_during_warmup_half_endfalsesv, releaseWhen enabled will automatically turn on full all talk mode in warmup, at halftime and at the end of the match
sv_autobunnyhoppingtruesv, cl, rep, releasePlayers automatically re-jump while holding jump button
sv_autobuyammofalsesv, nf, rep, releaseEnable automatic ammo purchase when inside buy zones during buy periods
sv_autoexec_mapname_cfgfalsesv, releaseExecute a mapname cfg file on the server automatically in custom game modes that require it.
sv_banid_enabledtruereleaseWhether server supports banid command
sv_bot_buy_decoy_weight1sv, releaseGiven a bot will buy a grenade, controls the odds of the grenade type. Proportional to all other sv_bot_buy_*_weight convars.
sv_bot_buy_flash_weight1sv, releaseGiven a bot will buy a grenade, controls the odds of the grenade type. Proportional to all other sv_bot_buy_*_weight convars.
sv_bot_buy_grenade_chance33sv, releaseChance bots will buy a grenade with leftover money (after prim, sec and armor). Input as percent (0-100.0)
sv_bot_buy_hegrenade_weight6sv, releaseGiven a bot will buy a grenade, controls the odds of the grenade type. Proportional to all other sv_bot_buy_*_weight convars.
sv_bot_buy_molotov_weight1sv, releaseGiven a bot will buy a grenade, controls the odds of the grenade type. Proportional to all other sv_bot_buy_*_weight convars.
sv_bot_buy_smoke_weight1sv, releaseGiven a bot will buy a grenade, controls the odds of the grenade type. Proportional to all other sv_bot_buy_*_weight convars.
sv_bots_get_easier_each_win0sv, releaseIf > 0, some # of bots will lower thier difficulty each time they win. The argument defines how many will lower their difficulty each time.
sv_bots_get_harder_after_each_wave0sv, releaseIf > 0, some # of bots will raise thier difficulty each time CTs beat a Guardian wave. The argument defines how many will raise their difficulty each time
sv_bounce0sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseBounce multiplier for when physically simulated objects collide with other objects.
sv_breachcharge_arm_delay0.3sv, release
sv_breachcharge_delay_max0.8sv, release
sv_breachcharge_delay_min0sv, release
sv_breachcharge_distance_max1200sv, release
sv_breachcharge_distance_min600sv, release
sv_breachcharge_fuse_max1sv, release
sv_breachcharge_fuse_min0.7sv, release
sv_bumpmine_arm_delay0.3sv, release
sv_bumpmine_detonate_delay0.25sv, release
sv_buy_status_override-1sv, rep, releaseOverride for buy status map info. 0 = everyone can buy, 1 = ct only, 2 = t only 3 = nobody
sv_chat_proximity-1sv, cl, rep, release
sv_cheatstruenf, rep, releaseAllow cheats on server
sv_clientratescmdShow client rates.
sv_clockcorrection_msecs30sv, releaseThe server tries to keep each player's m_nTickBase withing this many msecs of the server absolute tickcount
sv_cluster0releaseData center cluster this server lives in.
sv_competitive_minspectruesv, cl, nf, rep, releaseEnable to force certain client convars to minimum/maximum values to help prevent competitive advantages.
sv_cs_player_speed_has_hostage200sv, cl, rep, release
sv_damage_print_enable1sv, cl, rep, release0
sv_deadtalktruesv, cl, nf, rep, releaseDead players can speak (voice, text) to the living
sv_debug_overlays_bandwidth65536releaseBroadcast server debug overlays traffic
sv_debug_overlays_broadcastfalsenf, cheat, releaseBroadcast server debug overlays
sv_dev_simulate_gcdowncmdsvTurn on/off simulated GC communications failure (GC is down in a way that we know it is down)
sv_disable_immunity_alphafalsesv, cl, rep, releaseIf set, clients won't slam the player model render settings each frame for immunity [mod authors use this]
sv_disable_observer_interpolationfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseDisallow interpolating between observer targets on this server.
sv_disable_radar0sv, cl, rep, release0
sv_disconnected_player_data_hold_time60sv, cl, rep, releaseDuration, in seconds, to hold onto the data of disconnected players, for scoreboard display.
sv_dz_cash_bundle_size50sv, rep, releaseSize of a cash bundle
sv_dz_cash_mega_bundle_size13sv, rep, releaseSize of a mega cash bundle
sv_dz_contractkill_reward10sv, rep, releaseCash bundles to award for a successful contract kill
sv_dz_enable_respawntruesv, cl, rep, release
sv_dz_enable_respawn_solosfalsesv, cl, rep, release
sv_dz_exploration_payment_amount2sv, rep, releaseNumber of cash bundles to award for exploring a new sector
sv_dz_exploration_payment_amount_bonus2sv, rep, releaseNumber of BONUS cash bundles to award for exploring (if the player has the item/upgrade)
sv_dz_force_zonefalsesv, cl, rep, cheat
sv_dz_hostage_rescue_reward18sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of cash bundles to award for rescuing a hostage
sv_dz_jointeam_allowedfalsesv, releaseWhether non-server admins are allowed to use the dz_jointeam command
sv_dz_parachute_reusetruesv, rep, release
sv_dz_player_max_health120sv, release
sv_dz_player_spawn_armor0sv, release
sv_dz_player_spawn_health120sv, release
sv_dz_show_enemy_name_scope_range800sv, release
sv_dz_squad_wipe_reward2sv, cl, rep, releaseNumber of cash bundles to award for eliminating a squad
sv_dz_team_count1sv, cl, rep, releaseMax players allowed per team
sv_dz_warmup_tablettruesv, release
sv_dz_zone_bombdrop_money_reward15sv, cl, rep, releaseHow many money stacks players are rewarded each danger zone wave
sv_dz_zone_bombdrop_money_reward_bonus5sv, cl, rep, releaseHow many bonus money stacks players are rewarded each danger zone wave when they have the bonus item
sv_dz_zone_damagetruesv, cheat, release
sv_dz_zone_hex_radius2200sv, cl, rep, release
sv_enable_alternate_baselines1releaseAllow alternate baseline system, set to 2 for debugging spew.
sv_enable_delta_packingtruereleaseWhen enabled, this allows for entity packing to use the property changes for building up the data. This is many times faster, but can be disabled for error checking.
sv_enablebunnyhoppingtruesv, cl, rep, releaseAllow player speed to exceed maximum running speed
sv_ent_showonlyhitbox-1sv, cheat
sv_ents_write_alarm0releasePrint callstack every time CNetworkGameServerBase
sv_exojump_jumpbonus_forward0.4sv, cl, rep, releaseExoJump forwards velocity bonus when duck jumping
sv_exojump_jumpbonus_up0.58sv, cl, rep, releaseExoJump upwards bonus when holding the jump button
sv_exostaminajumpcost0.04sv, cl, rep, releaseStamina penalty for jumping with exo legs
sv_exostaminalandcost0.015sv, cl, rep, releaseStamina penalty for landing with exo legs
sv_extract_ammo_from_dropped_weaponsfalsesv, cl, rep, release
sv_fade_player_visibility_farzfalsesv, cl, rep, release
sv_falldamage_exojump_multiplier0.4sv, cl, rep, releaseExoJump fall damage multiplier
sv_falldamage_scale1sv, cl, rep, release
sv_falldamage_to_below_player_multiplier1sv, cl, rep, releaseScale damage when distributed across two players
sv_falldamage_to_below_player_ratio0sv, cl, rep, releaseLanding on a another player's head gives them this ratio of the damage.
sv_force_reflectionsfalsesv, cl, rep, release
sv_friction5.2sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseWorld friction.
sv_full_alltalkfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseAny player (including Spectator team) can speak to any other player
sv_fullupdatecmdForce a full update for all clients.
sv_game_mode_convarscmdsvDisplay the values of the convars for the current game_mode.
sv_game_mode_flags0sv, releaseDedicated server game mode flags to run
sv_gameinstructor_disablefalsesv, cl, rep, releaseForce all clients to disable their game instructors.
sv_ggprogressive_autosniper_firsttruesv, releaseShould auto snipers go first or regular snipers?
sv_ggprogressive_shotgun_lasttruesv, releaseShould auto snipers go first or regular snipers?
sv_ghostcaptruesv, releaseShows on player join if a player has the copy tables cheat enabled.
sv_grassburnfalsesv, cl, rep, release
sv_gravity800sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseWorld gravity.
sv_grenade_trajectory_prac_pipreviewfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseShows grenade trajectory practice picture-in-picture preview.
sv_grenade_trajectory_prac_trailtime0sv, cl, rep, releaseShows grenade trajectory practice visualization for this number of seconds.
sv_grenade_trajectory_time_spectator4sv, cl, rep, releaseLength of time grenade trajectory remains visible as a spectator.
sv_guardian_extra_equipment_ct0sv, releaseExtra starting equipment for CT players in guardian modes
sv_guardian_extra_equipment_t0sv, releaseExtra starting equipment for Terrorist players in guardian modes
sv_guardian_health_refresh_per_wave50sv, releaseHealth given to survivors per wave in guardian mode.
sv_guardian_heavy_allfalsesv, release
sv_guardian_heavy_count0sv, release
sv_guardian_max_wave_for_heavy0sv, release
sv_guardian_min_wave_for_heavy0sv, release
sv_guardian_refresh_ammo_for_items_on_waves0sv, releaseList of additional weapons to refill ammo on waves.
sv_guardian_reset_c4_every_wavefalsesv, release
sv_guardian_respawn_health50sv, releaseStarting health of guardian players when respawned.
sv_guardian_spawn_health_ct100sv, releaseStarting health in guardian modes.
sv_guardian_spawn_health_t100sv, releaseStarting health in guardian modes.
sv_guardian_starting_equipment_humans0sv, releaseExtra starting equipment for human players in guardian modes
sv_health_approach_enabledtruesv, rep, release
sv_health_approach_speed10sv, rep, release
sv_hegrenade_damage_multiplier1sv, rep, release
sv_hegrenade_radius_multiplier1sv, rep, release
sv_hibernate_postgame_delay5release# of seconds to wait after final client leaves before hibernating.
sv_hibernate_when_emptytruereleasePuts the server into extremely low CPU usage mode when no clients connected
sv_hide_roundtime_until_seconds0sv, cl, rep, release
sv_highlight_distance500sv, cl, rep, release
sv_highlight_duration3.5sv, cl, rep, release
sv_holiday_mode0sv, cl, rep, release0 = OFF, 1 = Halloween, 2 = Winter
sv_ignoregrenaderadiofalsesv, releaseTurn off Fire in the hole messages
sv_infinite_ammo0sv, cl, rep, cheat, releasePlayer's active weapon will never run out of ammo
sv_invites_only_mainmenufalsesv, cl, rep, releaseIf turned on, will ignore all invites when user is playing a match
sv_jump_impulse301.993sv, cl, rep, releaseInitial upward velocity for player jumps; sqrt(2gravityheight).
sv_jump_impulse_exojump_multiplier1.05sv, cl, rep, releaseExoJump impulse multiplier
sv_kick_ban_duration15sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseHow long should a kick ban from the server should last (in minutes)
sv_kick_players_with_cooldown1sv, rep, release(0
sv_knife_attack_extend_from_player_aabb0sv, cl, rep, release
sv_ladder_scale_speed0.78sv, cl, rep, releaseScale top speed on ladders
sv_ladder_slack_z_mult0.026sv, cl, rep, cheatDifference in Z increases toward the middle of the slack ladder.
sv_lagcompensationforcerestoretruesv, cheatDon't test validity of a lag comp restore, just do it.
sv_lanfalsereleaseServer is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )
sv_lightquery_debugfalsesv, cheat
sv_load_forced_client_names_filecmdsv, releaseLoads a file containing SteamID64 names for clients
sv_load_random_client_names_filecmdsv, releaseLoads a file containing random name words for clients
sv_log_onefilefalseaLog server information to only one file.
sv_logbansfalseaLog server bans in the server logs.
sv_logblocksfalsereleaseIf true when log when a query is blocked (can cause very large log files)
sv_logechotrueaEcho log information to the console.
sv_logfilefalseaLog server information in the log file.
sv_logflushfalseaFlush the log file to disk on each write (slow).
sv_logsdirlogsaFolder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.
sv_mapvetopickvote_mapsde_anubis,de_inferno,de_mirage,de_vertigo,de_overpass,de_nuke,de_ancientsv, releaseWhich maps are used for map veto pick sequence
sv_matchend_drops_enabledtruesv, releaseRewards gameplay time is always accumulated for players, but drops at the end of the match can be prevented
sv_matchpause_auto_5v5falsesv, cl, rep, releaseWhen enabled will automatically pause the match at next freeze time if less than 5 players are connected on each team.
sv_max_allowed_net_graph1sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseDetermines max allowed net_graph value for clients.
sv_max_queries_sec3releaseMaximum queries per second to respond to from a single IP address.
sv_max_queries_sec_global60releaseMaximum queries per second to respond to from anywhere.
sv_max_queries_window30releaseWindow over which to average queries per second averages.
sv_maxrate0rep, releaseMax bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited
sv_maxspeed320sv, cl, nf, rep, release
sv_maxunlag1sv, releaseMaximum lag compensation in seconds
sv_maxupdaterate60sv, cl, rep, releaseMaximum updates per second that the server will allow
sv_maxvelocity3500sv, cl, rep, releaseMaximum speed any ballistically moving object is allowed to attain per axis.
sv_memlimit0cheat, releaseIf set, whenever a game ends, if the total memory used by the server is greater than this # of megabytes, the server will exit.
sv_metaduplicationcmdcheatCheck serializer meta for duplication, add verbose to command for full spew
sv_min_jump_landing_sound260sv, cl, rep, release
sv_minrate98304rep, releaseMin bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited
sv_minupdaterate10sv, cl, rep, releaseMinimum updates per second that the server will allow
sv_networkvar_perfieldtrackingtruereleaseTrack individual field offset changes, rather than a single dirty flag for the whole entity.
sv_networkvar_validatefalsereleaseValidate each StateChanged against known offsets.
sv_noclipaccelerate5sv, cl, a, nf, rep
sv_noclipduringpausefalsesv, cl, rep, cheatIf cheats are enabled, then you can noclip with the game paused (for doing screenshots, etc.).
sv_noclipfriction4sv, cl, a, nf, repFriction during noclip move.
sv_noclipspeed1200sv, cl, a, nf, rep
sv_outofammo_indicatorfalsesv, cl, rep, release
sv_packstatscmdreleaseShow entity packing stats, pass 'clear' as argument to reset counts.
sv_parallel_packentities2releaseSet to 1 to use threaded snapshot sending on listen servers, 2 for dedicated servers.
sv_parallel_sendsnapshot2releaseSet to 1 to use threading snapshot sending on listen servers, 2 for dedicated servers.
sv_party_modefalsesv, cl, rep, releaseParty!!
sv_password0prot, nf, norecord, releaseServer password for entry into multiplayer games
sv_pausable0releaseIs the server pausable.
sv_pause_on_console_openfalsea1 = Pause the game when pressing ~ to open the console. CTRL+~ opens the console without pause.
sv_phys_debug_callback_entitiesfalsesv, cheatPrint all entities that get touch callbacks. Each entity is printed only once.
sv_phys_enabledtruesv, cheatEnable all physics simulation
sv_phys_sleep_enabletruesv, cheatEnable sleeping for dynamic physics bodies.
sv_phys_stop_at_collision0sv, cheat
sv_player_parachute_velocity-200sv, rep, release
sv_prime_accounts_onlyfalsesv, releaseWhen this setting is enabled only prime users can connect to this game server.
sv_purecmdShow user data.
sv_pure_kick_clientstruereleaseIf set to 1, the server will kick clients with mismatching files. Otherwise, it will issue a warning to the client.
sv_pure_trace0releaseIf set to 1, the server will print a message whenever a client is verifying a CRC for a file.
sv_pushaway_hostage_force20000sv, rep, cheatHow hard the hostage is pushed away from physics objects (falls off with inverse square of distance).
sv_pushaway_max_hostage_force1000sv, rep, cheatMaximum of how hard the hostage is pushed away from physics objects.
sv_pvs_max_distance0rep, releaseif set, adds a maximum range to PVS/PAS checks
sv_querycache_statscmdsvDisplay status of the query cache (client only)
sv_radio_throttle_window10sv, releaseThe number of seconds before radio command tokens refresh.
sv_ragdoll_lru_debugfalsesv, rep, cheat
sv_record_item_time_datafalsesv, releaseTurn on recording of per player item time data into the server log.
sv_regeneration_force_onfalsesv, cheatCheat to test regenerative health systems
sv_region-1releaseThe region of the world to report this server in.
sv_rethrow_last_grenadecmdsv, cheatEmit the last grenade thrown on the server.
sv_search_team_keypublicreleaseWhen initiating team search, set this key to match with known opponents team
sv_server_graphic10sv, cl, rep, releaseA 360x60 (<16kb) image file in /csgo/ that will be displayed to spectators.
sv_server_graphic20sv, cl, rep, releaseA 220x45 (<16kb) image file in /csgo/ that will be displayed to spectators.
sv_server_verify_blood_on_playertruesv, cl, rep, cheat
sv_shield_bash_damage_to_nonplayer30sv, cl, rep, release
sv_shield_bash_damage_to_players90sv, cl, rep, release
sv_shield_explosive_damage_cap99sv, cl, rep, release
sv_shield_explosive_damage_crouch_bonus10sv, cl, rep, release
sv_shield_explosive_damage_mindist30sv, cl, rep, release
sv_shield_explosive_damage_mult4sv, cl, rep, release
sv_shield_explosive_damage_scale0.5sv, cl, rep, release
sv_shield_hitpoints850sv, cl, rep, release
sv_show_ragdoll_playernamesfalsecl, rep, release
sv_show_team_equipment_force_onfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseForce on if not prohibited
sv_show_team_equipment_prohibitfalsesv, cl, nf, rep, releaseDetermines whether +cl_show_team_equipment is prohibited.
sv_show_voip_indicator_for_enemiesfalsesv, rep, releaseMakes it so the voip icon is shown over enemies as well as allies when they are talking
sv_showbullethits0sv, cl, rep, release1=show hits and near misses, 2=show hits only
sv_showhitregistration0sv, cl, rep, cheatDisplay lag_compensated hitboxes. 0 = off, 1 = server only, 2 = client only, 3 = both server and client
sv_showimpacts0sv, cl, rep, releaseShows client (red) and server (blue) bullet impact point (1=both, 2=client-only, 3=server-only)
sv_showimpacts_penetration0sv, cl, rep, releaseShows extra data when bullets penetrate. (use sv_showimpacts_time to increase time shown)
sv_showimpacts_time4sv, cl, rep, releaseDuration bullet impact indicators remain before disappearing
sv_showtagscmdDescribe current gametags.
sv_shutdowncmdSets the server to shutdown when all games have completed
sv_skel_constraints_enablefalserep, cheat
sv_skirmish_id0sv, cl, rep, releaseDedicated server skirmish id to run
sv_skynamesky_urb01sv, cl, a, repCurrent name of the skybox texture
sv_snapshot_unlimitedfalserep, releaseFor debugging, don't throw away old snapshots so that if you break in debugger (on remote client or server) it won't require an uncompressed update to resume. You may run out of memory of course...
sv_soundscape_printdebuginfocmdsv, cheatprint soundscapes
sv_spawn_afk_bomb_drop_time15sv, rep, releasePlayers that have never moved since they spawned will drop the bomb after this amount of time.
sv_spawn_rappel_min_duration8sv, rep, release
sv_spawn_rappel_min_duration_with_chute2.5sv, rep, release
sv_spec_hear1sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseDetermines who spectators can hear
sv_spec_use_tournament_content_standardsfalsesv, cl, rep, release
sv_specaccelerate5sv, cl, a, nf, rep
sv_specnocliptruesv, cl, a, nf, rep
sv_specspeed1200sv, cl, a, nf, rep
sv_spewmetacmdcheatSpew serializer meta
sv_staminajumpcost0.08sv, cl, rep, releaseStamina penalty for jumping
sv_staminalandcost0.05sv, cl, rep, releaseStamina penalty for landing
sv_staminamax80sv, cl, rep, releaseMaximum stamina penalty
sv_staminarecoveryrate60sv, cl, rep, releaseRate at which stamina recovers (units/sec)
sv_steamgroup0nf, releaseThe ID of the steam group that this server belongs to. You can find your group's ID on the admin profile page in the steam community.
sv_steamgroup_exclusivefalsereleaseIf set, only members of Steam group will be able to join the server when it's empty, public people will be able to join the server only if it has players.
sv_stopspeed80sv, cl, nf, rep, releaseMinimum stopping speed when on ground.
sv_stressbotsfalsereleaseIf set to 1, the server calculates data and fills packets to bots. Used for perf testing.
sv_tablet_show_path_to_nearest_resqfalsesv, cl, rep, release
sv_tags0nf, releaseServer tags. Used to provide extra information to clients when they're browsing for servers. Separate tags with a comma.
sv_talk_after_dying_time0sv, cl, rep, releaseThe number of seconds a player can continue talking after dying as if they were still alive
sv_talk_enemy_deadfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseDead players can hear all dead enemy communication (voice, chat)
sv_talk_enemy_livingfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseLiving players can hear all living enemy communication (voice, chat)
sv_teamid_overheadtruesv, cl, nf, rep, releaseShows teamID over player's heads. 0 = off, 1 = on
sv_teamid_overhead_always_prohibitfalsesv, cl, nf, rep, releaseDetermines whether cl_teamid_overhead_always is prohibited.
sv_teamid_overhead_maxdist0sv, cl, rep, releaseIf >0, server will override cl_teamid_overhead_maxdist
sv_teamid_overhead_maxdist_spec0sv, cl, rep, releaseIf >0, server will override cl_teamid_overhead_maxdist_spec
sv_timebetweenducks0.4sv, cl, rep, releaseMinimum time before recognizing consecutive duck key
sv_tripwirefire_trace_length180sv, release
sv_turning_inaccuracy_angle_min4sv, cl, rep, cheat, release
sv_turning_inaccuracy_decay0.8sv, cl, rep, cheat, release
sv_turning_inaccuracy_enabledfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat, release
sv_unlockedchapters1aHighest unlocked game chapter.
sv_update_animgraph_movement_in_finishtruesv, cl, rep, cheatWhether we should update animgraph movement in FinishMove.
sv_usercmd_queue_spew_threshold10sv, releaseSpew warning if command queue has grown above this many backlogged commands.
sv_versus_screen_scene_id0sv, releaseDetermines which scene is used for the versus screen.
sv_visiblemaxplayers-1releaseOverrides the max players reported to prospective clients
sv_voice_proximity-1sv, cl, rep, release
sv_voicecodecvaudio_speexreleaseSpecifies which voice codec DLL to use in a game. Set to the name of the DLL without the extension.
sv_voiceenabletruea, nf, release
sv_vote_allow_in_warmupfalsesv, releaseAllow voting during warmup?
sv_vote_allow_spectatorsfalsesv, releaseAllow spectators to initiate votes?
sv_vote_command_delay2sv, releaseHow long after a vote passes until the action happens
sv_vote_count_spectator_votesfalsesv, releaseAllow spectators to vote on issues?
sv_vote_creation_timer120sv, releaseHow often someone can individually call a vote.
sv_vote_disallow_kick_on_match_pointfalsesv, releaseDisallow vote kicking on the match point round.
sv_vote_failure_timer300sv, releaseA vote that fails cannot be re-submitted for this long
sv_vote_issue_kick_allowedtruesv, nf, rep, releaseCan people hold votes to kick players from the server?
sv_vote_issue_loadbackup_allowedtruesv, nf, rep, releaseCan people hold votes to load match from backup?
sv_vote_issue_loadbackup_spec_authoritativefalsesv, releaseWhen enabled, admins load match from backup without players vote
sv_vote_issue_loadbackup_spec_onlyfalsesv, nf, rep, releaseWhen enabled, only admins load match from backup
sv_vote_issue_loadbackup_spec_safetruesv, releaseWhen enabled, admins load match from backup in safe time of the round only
sv_vote_issue_pause_match_spec_onlyfalsesv, nf, rep, releaseWhen enabled, only admins start technical pause
sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowedfalsesv, releaseCan people hold votes to restart the game?
sv_vote_kick_ban_duration15sv, nf, rep, releaseHow long should a kick vote ban someone from the server? (in minutes)
sv_vote_quorum_ratio0.501sv, releaseThe minimum ratio of players needed to vote on an issue to resolve it.
sv_vote_timer_duration15sv, releaseHow long to allow voting on an issue
sv_vote_to_changelevel_before_match_pointfalsesv, rep, releaseRestricts vote to change level to rounds prior to match point (default 0, vote is never disallowed)
sv_warmup_to_freezetime_delay4sv, cl, rep, releaseDelay between end of warmup and start of match.
sv_watchtransmit-2sv, releaseWatch NetworkStateChanged info for this entity index.
sv_wateraccelerate10sv, cl, nf, rep, release
sv_waterfriction1sv, cl, nf, rep, release
sv_weapon_encumbrance_per_item0.85sv, cl, rep, release
sv_weapon_encumbrance_scale0sv, cl, rep, release
sv_weapon_require_use_grace_period1sv, release
sv_workshop_allow_other_mapstruesv, releaseWhen hosting a workshop collection, users can play other workshop map on this server when it is empty and then mapcycle into this server collection.
sys_infocmdPrint system information to the console
sys_minidumpspewlines2000releaseLines of crash dump console spew to keep.
tablet_c4_dist_max3000sv, cl, rep, release
tablet_c4_dist_min400sv, cl, rep, release
teammenucmdcl, server_can_executeShow team selection window
telemetry_messagecmdsv, cheatPlace a message in the telemetry timeline
telemetry_toggle_timespancmdsv, cheatStarts/stops a timespan with an ever increasing name.
tenfoot_matchcmdcl, linked[prefix]
tenfoot_pickle_dictionariescmdcl, linkedcompiles daisy wheel input dictionaries to more performant form
tenfoot_pickle_single_dictionarycmdcl, linked[language] compiles one daisy wheel input dictionary
tenfoot_text_hotspotscmdcl, linkedfind text autosuggest hot spots
Test_CheckpointcmdIndicate to a test script that a checkpoint has been reached
Test_CreateEntitycmdsv, cheat
test_dispatcheffectcmdsv, cheatTest a clientside dispatch effect. Usage
Test_EHandlecmdsv, cheat
test_entity_blockercmdsv, cheatTest command that drops an entity blocker out in front of the player.
Test_ExitProcesscmdcheatTest_ExitProcess - immediately kill the process.
test_list_entitiescmdsv, cheattest-list entities
Test_LoopcmdTest_Loop - loop back to the specified loop start point unconditionally.
Test_LoopCountcmdTest_LoopCount - loop back to the specified loop start point the specified # of times.
Test_LoopForNumSecondscmdTest_LoopForNumSeconds - loop back to the specified start point for the specified # of seconds.
Test_RandomChancecmdTest_RandomChance <percent chance, 0-100> <token2...> - Roll the dice and maybe run the command following the percentage chance.
Test_RandomPlayerPositioncmdsv, cheat
Test_StartLoopcmdTest_StartLoop - Denote the start of a loop. Really just defines a named point you can jump to.
Test_StartScriptcmdStart a test script running..
think_limit10sv, cl, rep, releaseMaximum think time in milliseconds, warning is printed if this is exceeded.
thirdpersoncmdcl, cheat, execute_per_tickSwitch to thirdperson camera.
thirdperson_lockcamerafalsecl, rep, cheat
thirdperson_mayamodecmdcl, cheatSwitch to thirdperson Maya-like camera controls.
thirdpersonshouldercmdclSwitch to thirdperson-shoulder camera.
timedemocmdPlay a demo and report performance info.
timedemoquitcmdPlay a demo, report performance info, and then exit
timeleftcmdsvprints the time remaining in the match
togglecmdnorecordToggles specified convar value on and off.
toggleconsolecmdnorecordShow/hide the console.
tr_do_reducetruerep, cheat
tr_epsilon_t_junction0.01rep, cheat
tr_max_acceptable_edge_length10000rep, cheat
tr_openedge_penalty10rep, cheat
traceattackcmdsvtraceattack damage hitgroup
trusted_launch0cl, aTrusted launch status
tv_advertise_watchablefalseprot, nf, norecord, releaseGOTV advertises the match as watchable via game UI, clients watching via UI will not need to type password
tv_allow_autorecording_index-1sv, releaseWhen >=0 restricts autorecording only to the specified TV index
tv_allow_camera_man_overridefalsereleaseAllows cameraman_override to have effect. When this is set, the primary interactive caster will have all the relevant fields present in all network packets, in every snapshot. This allows the secondary cameraman (-interactivecaster that connects to a tv port) to override those fields some seconds later regardless of whether they changed originally or not.
tv_allow_camera_man_steamid0sv, releaseAllows tournament production cameraman to run csgo.exe -interactivecaster on SteamID 7650123456XXX and be the camera man.
tv_allow_camera_man_steamid20sv, releaseAllows tournament production tv cameraman to run csgo.exe -interactivecaster on SteamID 7650123456XXX and be the tv camera man.
tv_allow_static_shotstruesv, releaseAuto director uses fixed level cameras for shots
tv_autorecordfalsereleaseAutomatically records all games as SourceTV demos.
tv_autoretrytruereleaseRelay proxies retry connection after network timeout
tv_broadcastfalsereleaseAutomatically broadcasts all games as GOTV demos through Steam.
tv_broadcast1falsereleaseAutomatically broadcasts all games as GOTV[1] demos through Steam.
tv_broadcast_keyframe_interval3releaseThe frequency, in seconds, of sending keyframes and delta fragments to the broadcast relay server
tv_broadcast_keyframe_interval13releaseThe frequency, in seconds, of sending keyframes and delta fragments to the broadcast1 relay server
tv_broadcast_max_requests20releaseMax number of broadcast http requests in flight. If there is a network issue, the requests may start piling up, degrading server performance. If more than the specified number of requests are in flight, the new requests are dropped.
tv_broadcast_max_requests120releaseMax number of broadcast1 http requests in flight. If there is a network issue, the requests may start piling up, degrading server performance. If more than the specified number of requests are in flight, the new requests are dropped.
tv_broadcast_resendcmdresend broadcast data to broadcast relay
tv_broadcast_startup_resend_interval10releaseThe interval, in seconds, of re-sending startup data to the broadcast relay server (useful in case relay crashes, restarts or startup data http request fails)
tv_broadcast_statuscmdPrint out broadcast status
tv_chatgroupsize0releaseSet the default chat group size
tv_chattimelimit0.2releaseLimits spectators to chat only every n seconds
tv_clientscmdShows list of connected SourceTV clients.
tv_debug0releaseSourceTV debug info.
tv_delay105sv, releaseSourceTV broadcast delay in seconds
tv_delaymapchangetruesv, releaseDelays map change until broadcast is complete
tv_deltacache2releaseEnable delta entity bit stream cache
tv_dispatchmode1releaseDispatch clients to relay proxies
tv_enablefalsenf, releaseActivates SourceTV on server.
tv_enable1falsenf, releaseActivates SourceTV[1] on server.
tv_enable_delta_framestruereleaseIndicates whether or not the tv should use delta frames for storage of intermediate frames. This takes more CPU but significantly less memory.
tv_listen_voice_indices0cl, userBitfield of playerslots to listen to voice messages from when connected to SourceTV, default is none
tv_listen_voice_indices_h0cl, userHigh 32 bits of bitfield of playerslots to listen to voice messages from when connected to SourceTV, default is none
tv_maxclients128releaseMaximum client number on SourceTV server.
tv_maxclients_relayreserved0releaseThis number of relay client connections are reserved for SourceTV relays.
tv_maxrate0releaseMax SourceTV spectator bandwidth rate allowed, 0 == unlimited
tv_memcmdhltv memory statistics. Use with 'ent 10' (dump entity 10 memory usage) or 'top 8' (dump top 8 memory users) or 'class' CWorld (dump CWorld class)
tv_msgcmdsvSend a screen message to all clients.
tv_nameSourceTVreleaseSourceTV host name
tv_nochatfalsea, userDon't receive chat messages from other SourceTV spectators
tv_overridemasterfalsereleaseOverrides the SourceTV master root address.
tv_password0prot, nf, norecord, releaseSourceTV password for all clients
tv_playcast_delay_resync0releaseTo alleviate intermittent network connectivity problems, this is the number of seconds to wait before actually re-syncing the stream after failure
tv_playcast_retry_timeout12releaseIn case of intermittent network problems, how long should playcast retry fragment retrieval before resorting to resync
tv_port27020releaseHost SourceTV port
tv_recordcmdStarts SourceTV demo recording.
tv_relaycmdConnect to SourceTV server and relay broadcast.
tv_relaypassword0prot, nf, norecord, releaseSourceTV password for relay proxies
tv_relayradiofalsesv, releaseRelay team radio commands to TV
tv_relayvoicetruereleaseRelay voice data
tv_retrycmdReconnects the SourceTV relay proxy.
tv_show_allchattruesv, release
tv_snapshotrate20rep, releaseSnapshots broadcast per second
tv_snapshotrate132releaseSnapshots broadcast per second, GOTV[1]
tv_spectator_port_offset0cl, release
tv_statuscmdShow SourceTV server status.
tv_stopcmdStops the SourceTV broadcast.
tv_stoprecordcmdStops SourceTV demo recording.
tv_time_remainingcmdsv, releasePrint remaining tv broadcast time
tv_timeout20releaseSourceTV connection timeout in seconds.
tv_titleSourceTVreleaseSet title for SourceTV spectator UI
tv_transmitallfalserep, releaseTransmit all entities (not only director view)
ui_deepstats_radio_heat_figurine0cl, a, release
ui_deepstats_radio_heat_tab0cl, a, release
ui_deepstats_radio_heat_team0cl, a, release
ui_deepstats_toplevel_mode0cl, a, release
ui_inventorysettings_recently_acknowledged0cl, a, release
ui_lobby_draft_enabledfalsecl, release
ui_mainmenu_bkgnd_movie_94408AE3dust2cl, a, releaseMain menu background movie
ui_nearbylobbies_filter3competitivecl, a, release
ui_news_last_read_link0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_custom_presetmg_de_dust2cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_directchallengekeySCA6R-G3PG-S23GT-VQ6Qcl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_listen_casual0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_listen_competitive32cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_listen_cooperative0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_listen_deathmatch32cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_listen_scrimcomp2v20cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_listen_skirmish0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_listen_survival0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_official_casual0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_official_competitive16cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_official_cooperative0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_official_deathmatch32cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_official_scrimcomp2v20cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_official_skirmish0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_flags_official_survival0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_maps_listen_casualmg_de_dust2cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_maps_listen_competitivemg_de_dust2cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_maps_listen_deathmatchmg_de_dust2cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_maps_listen_scrimcomp2v2mg_de_infernocl, a, release
ui_playsettings_maps_listen_skirmishmg_skirmish_armsracecl, a, release
ui_playsettings_maps_official_casualmg_dust247cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_maps_official_deathmatchmg_dust247cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_maps_workshop0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_mode_listencompetitivecl, a, release
ui_playsettings_mode_official_v20competitivecl, a, release
ui_playsettings_prime1cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_survival_solo0cl, a, release
ui_playsettings_warmup_map_namede_miragecl, a, release
ui_popup_weaponupdate_version2303cl, a, release
ui_setting_advertiseforhire_auto1cl, a, releaseWhether users will automatically advertise for invites (0
ui_setting_advertiseforhire_auto_last/competitivecl, a, releaseWhich game mode users last used to advertise for invites
ui_show_subscription_alert0cl, a, release
ui_show_unlock_competitive_alert0cl, a, release
ui_steam_overlay_notification_positionbottomleftcl, aSteam overlay notification position
ui_steam_overlay_notification_position_horz0cl, aSteam overlay notification position horizontal offset
ui_steam_overlay_notification_position_vert0cl, aSteam overlay notification position vertical offset
ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_ctmeleecl, a, release
ui_vanitysetting_loadoutslot_tsmg0cl, a, release
ui_vanitysetting_teamctcl, a, release
unbindcmdreleaseUnbind a key.
unbindallcmdreleaseUnbind all keys.
unpausecmdClear the pause state of the server.
UpdateBinarySizescmdDumps the binary sizes to use for the game in loadaddress.vpc
url_executecmdclExecutes url-based commands, used for incoming commands from url-based launches when the game's already running.
userscmdShow user info for players on server.
vconsole_rcon_server_details0norecord, release, server_cant_querywhen non-empty allows for easy vconsole connection to the dedicated server.
view_punch_decay18sv, cl, rep, cheat, releaseDecay factor exponent for view punch
viewmodel_always_onfalsecl, cheatForce the view model to draw, even when in 3rd person
viewmodel_fov60cl, aViewmodel FOV
viewmodel_offset_randomizefalsecl, cheatrandomly change viewmodel offsets to visualize range
viewmodel_offset_x1cl, aviewmodel_offset_x
viewmodel_offset_y1cl, aviewmodel_offset_y
viewmodel_offset_z-1cl, aviewmodel_offset_z
viewmodel_presetpos1cl, a1
violence_abloodtrueaDraw alien blood
violence_agibstrueaShow alien gib entities
violence_hbloodtrueaDraw human blood
violence_hgibstrueaShow human gib entities
vis_debug_currentclustercmdShow the current cluster number
vis_debug_drawclustercmdAdd cluster # to visualization, (-1) to clear
vis_debug_dumpvisibleclusterscmdShow the list of visible clusters
vis_debug_find_loscmdFind or clear the vis LOS to here
vis_debug_lockcmdLock vis LOS origin to current
vis_debug_record_startcmdRecord a path to debug vis
vis_debug_record_stopcmdRecord a path to debug vis
vis_debug_showcmdShow/hide the vis debug visualization
vis_debug_spherecmdDraw clusters in a sphere of radius around the camera
vis_debug_sunclusterscmdShowing clusters for sun/csm rendering. Red (full sun csm & lighting), Orange (no viewmodel sun or csm), Green (no sun at all)
vis_debug_traceloscmdTrace rays and check vis from the current camera
vis_forcefalsesv, cheat
vismon_poll_frequency0.5sv, cheat
vismon_trace_limit12sv, cheat
vmem_dumpcmdDump memory stats to log.
vmix_debug_listcmdDebug dump the list of available vmix graphs
vmix_inputcmdcheatSet an input mix value
vmix_outputcmdcheatDump main graph control output values
voice_always_sample_micfalseaFor systems experiencing a hang/stall when using voice chat.
voice_modenabletruecl, a, clientcmd_can_executeEnable/disable voice in this mod.
voice_modenable_togglecmdclToggle the voice_modenable convar.
voice_mutecmdMute a specific Steam user
voice_player_speaking_delay_threshold0.5sv, cheat
voice_reset_mutelistcmdReset all mute information for all players who were ever muted.
voice_scale0.6cl, a, releaseVolume of incoming VOIP
voice_show_mutecmdShow whether current players are muted.
voice_threshold4000cl, a
voice_unmutecmdUnmute a specific Steam user, orallto unmute all connected players.
voice_vox0cl, a, per_userVoice chat uses a vox-style always on
volume1aSound volume
vphys2_friction_factor1cheatChange global friction factor
vphys2_restitution_factor1cheatChange global restitution factor
vprof_dump_counterscmdDump vprof counters to the console
vprof_generate_reportcmdGenerate a report to the console.
vprof_generate_report_budgetcmdGenerate a report to the console based on budget group.
vprof_generate_report_hierarchycmdGenerate a report to the console.
vprof_offcmdDisable vprof
vprof_oncmdEnable vprof
vprof_remote_startcmdRequest a VProf data stream from the remote server (requires authentication)
vprof_remote_stopcmdStop an existing remote VProf data request
vprof_resetcmdReset the stats in VProf profiler
vprof_reset_peakscmdReset just the peak time in VProf profiler
vprof_vtracecmdToggle whether vprof data is sent to VTrace
vtunecmdControls VTune's sampling.
weapon_accuracy_forcespread0sv, cl, rep, releaseForce spread to the specified value.
weapon_accuracy_nospreadfalsesv, cl, rep, releaseDisable weapon inaccuracy spread
weapon_accuracy_reset_on_deployfalsesv, cl, rep, cheat, releaseOn deploy, forcibly reset weapon accuracy to zero.
weapon_accuracy_shotgun_spread_patternstruesv, cl, rep, release
weapon_air_spread_scale1sv, cl, rep, releaseScale factor for jumping inaccuracy, set to 0 to make jumping accuracy equal to standing
weapon_auto_cleanup_time0sv, cl, rep, releaseIf set to non-zero, weapons will delete themselves after the specified time (in seconds) if no players are near.
weapon_debug_spread_gap0.67cl, cheat, per_user
weapon_debug_spread_show0cl, cheat, per_userEnables display of weapon accuracy; 1
weapon_max_before_cleanup0sv, cl, rep, releaseIf set to non-zero, will remove the oldest dropped weapon to maintain the specified number of dropped weapons in the world.
weapon_near_empty_soundtruesv, cl, rep, cheat
weapon_reticle_knife_showtruesv, cl, rep, releaseWhen enabled will show knife reticle on clients. Used for game modes requiring target id display when holding a knife.
weapon_sound_falloff_multiplier1sv, cl, rep, cheat, releaseScaling for falloff of weapon firing sounds
world_dump_loaded_worldscmdDump all of the worlds that we know about
world_layer_listcmdList all world layers
world_layer_set_visiblecmdShow or hide the specified world layer
writeidcmdWrites a list of permanently-banned user IDs to file.
writeipcmdSave the ban list to file.
writekeybindingscmdreleaseSaves current key bindings to disk.
zoom_sensitivity_ratio1cl, a, per_userAdditional mouse sensitivity scale factor applied when FOV is zoomed in.

What are commands in Counter Strike 2?

Commands in Counter-Strike 2 are text-based instructions that players, server administrators, or developers can input into the game's console to execute various actions, modify settings, or access different features.

These commands can help fine-tune the gameplay experience, configure the server, or assist in debugging and testing game elements.

Commands can be categorized into several types, including:

  1. General commands: These commands are used for general gameplay settings, such as adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse, enabling voice chat, or toggling the display of the HUD.
  2. Server commands: Server administrators can use these commands to manage and configure their servers, such as setting the maximum number of players, changing the map, or enabling specific game modes.
  3. Developer commands: These commands are primarily used by developers for debugging and testing purposes. They might include features like spawning objects, toggling the visibility of hitboxes, or displaying information on the game's performance.
  4. Cheat commands: Cheat commands, typically accessible only when sv_cheats is enabled, allow players to modify the game in ways that give them an unfair advantage, such as giving themselves weapons, increasing their movement speed, or becoming invulnerable.

Note that using cheat commands on public servers is usually not allowed and can lead to being banned or penalized. Always use them responsibly and with the consent of other players, preferably in private matches or when testing the game's mechanics.

Customizing Your Gameplay Experience

The beauty of console commands in CS2 lies in the customization they offer. Want a different crosshair? Use the crosshair settings commands. Need to remove all fps restrictions for a smoother experience? There's a command for that. Want to restart the game quickly? Just input the right command.

For those looking to dive deeper into the world of cs2 console commands, check out our guide on GhostCap, where we've compiled a comprehensive console command list for Counter-Strike 2. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player, there's always something new to learn.


The developer’s console in Counter-Strike 2 is an invaluable tool for players looking to enhance their gameplay experience. From adjusting fps to customizing in-game elements, the range of possibilities is vast. So, the next time you're in a CS2 match, remember that the power of the console is just a keystroke away.


When we started playing online games with our friends, we knew we needed a good game server. But finding one that delivered what gaming communities need was harder than we thought. That's why we decided to start our own game server network.


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How to Enable and Use the Console Commands

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What are commands in Counter Strike 2?

Customizing Your Gameplay Experience

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All CS2 Console Commands [Full Counter Strike 2 Cheat List] - GhostCap Gaming (2024)


How to enable cheats on CS2? ›

How to enable cheats on a Counter Strike 2 server
  1. Log in to the BisectHosting Games panel.
  2. Stop the server.
  3. Go to the Files tab.
  4. Find the following directory: /home/container/game/csgo/cfg .
  5. Open the server. cfg file.
  6. Enter the following in a new line: sv_cheats "true" .
  7. Press the Save Content button.
  8. Start the server.

How to have AimBot in CS2 command? ›

How to Activate AimBot Cheats With a Console. At first, you have to activate the cheat mode with the command sv_cheats 1. Next, you need to use the command ent_fire! picker addoutput "modelscale 0".

How to get unlimited time in CS2? ›

What is the command for infinite round time in CS2? To open the in-game console, press the (~) key on your keyboard. Then, enter the command “mp_roundtime_defuse 60” to set an infinite round length. For other map types, you can use “mp_roundtime 60” and “mp_roundtime_hostage 60“.

Do commands work in CS2? ›

Just like in CS:GO, you can use the CS2 console to input console commands that enable you to view vital stats like FPS, or modify a practice lobby to your liking.

What is the God command in CS2? ›

God mode is a CS2 console command that enables players to take unlimited damage without dying. It can be used when training on a practice map or playing around with friends on a private server. God mode has changed in CS2, with the old CS:GO command no longer working. Now, the Buddha command is used to enable god mode.

How to get wall hacks in CS2 console? ›

What is the console command for CS2 wallhack?
  1. Activate Console: Hit the ~ key to open up the console. ...
  2. Enable Cheats: Type in sv_cheats 1 to let the game know you're about to bend some rules.
  3. See Through Walls: Enter r_drawOtherModels 2 and suddenly, you can see everyone, everywhere.
Mar 4, 2024

Can aimbot be detected? ›

Not a single game or anti-cheat can detect aim-bots.

How to get infinite money in CS2? ›

CS2 Money Command: Step-By-Step
  1. In-game, open the console using the (~) key.
  2. Enter the command 'mp_maxmoney 65535'. ...
  3. Enter the commands 'mp_startmoney 65535' and 'mp_afterroundmoney 65535'. ...
  4. Optional: enter the commands 'mp_buytime 60000' and 'mp_buy_anywhere 1'. ...
  5. Restart the game for changes to take effect.
Nov 25, 2023

Does CS2 have anti cheat? ›

Wallhacks are notoriously harder to detect, and may not be solved with these latest CS2 anti-cheat changes. With Valve seemingly resistant to using a more intrusive anti-cheat like FACEIT has, it's always going to be tougher to solve.

Do console commands save CS2? ›

Autoexec files in CS2 are the files that save all your personalized settings and commands. When you start Counter-Strike 2, the game automatically applies these settings. This way, players don't have to enter the same settings manually every time they start the game.

How to use codes in CS2? ›

If you're wondering how to use a CS2 crosshair code, it's incredibly simple.
  1. Open the CS2 settings by clicking on the cog symbol in the main menu screen.
  2. Navigate to the 'Game' tab and then 'Crosshair'.
  3. On the preview image, click 'Share and import'.
  4. Paste the code into the window that appears and click 'Import'.
Feb 29, 2024

How do I enable testing cheats? ›

Press Shift-Ctrl-C all at the same time. 3. Enter testingcheats on or testingcheats true, press enter. -- Once this is enabled, it should show you a message in the cheat console that the cheats are enabled.

Why can't I open the console in CS2? ›

From the main menu click on “Settings”. From the game settings select the “Game tab”. Find Enable Developer Console' and switch it to “Yes”. You should now be able to open the console by pressing the ~ key.

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